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The Eroteric Odyssey: Chapter 11: More than Meets the Eye, Part 2

by PokeStorm

PokeStorm Dimrill is learning about his past from his Aunt Cassie when he finds out ... Ugh I hate leaving cliff hangers. But you'll have to read it for yourself so I don't spoil it.
More than Meets the Eye, Part 2

So there I was, sitting in my hotel room, along with Mark, Jenny, and my Aunt Cassie, learning that my father was the leader of Team Moon. As far as I knew, Team Moon's objective was to become rich beyond their wildest dreams. But Aunt Cassie was telling me that they wanted to enslave all the Pokemon and control the world.

"So what happened that day? When my father found out about me?" I asked Aunt Cassie.

She had tears flowing down her cheeks, so when she tried to speak, nothing came out. I didn't really know how to feel at this point. I gave her a long meaningful embrace, and she returned it for a long time. Should I be mad at her for hiding this information from me all this time? Should I be happy about my innocence? So we sat there in silence.

Finally she spoke one word, a name rather: "Lyra," she said.

I was confused. "Lyra?" I asked. "As in Lyra Gold? What does she have to do with this?"

Aunt Cassie sat up and sniffled. "We should go talk to her about that night. She could tell you better than I could."

I suddenly became very eager. Honestly I was a little too eager to know what happened, so I asked her, "Where can we find Lyra?"

Jenny spoke up. "Doesn't Lyra run the Pokemon Day Care somewhere in Goldenrod City?"

Aunt Cassie nodded. "I can take you to her," she offered.

So the four of us walked out of the hotel and we traveled through the crowds of Goldenrod City for what seemed like a few hours. But eventually find this large 3-story building painted blue with red trim, placing it way out of the normal appearance for buildings in the city. Anyways, we stepped inside the building and immediately noticed the entire room filled with various Pokemon. So I have a correction to make. This was not a 3-story building. It was one floor but a really high ceiling.

A few young Nidorans of both varieties were running around chasing a small ball, a mother Raticate was nursing her babies in the corner. Two Wartortle were sitting in a small kiddie pool taking a nap. A Quagsire was watching television, but whether it was using the move Amnesia or not while watching was beyond me. I suppose if the show was really good you could use Amnesia and watch it again like it was the first time.

A few employees were scattered around the room providing service to all the Pokemon in the room. Eventually one of them, who looked about in her early thirties, came up to us and introduced herself. "Hello everyone and welcome to the Goldenrod Day Care Center. My name is Lyra, and what can I - Oh hello Cassie! What a pleasant surprise! May I ask who you've brought with you today?"

Aunt Cassie gestured to me and said, "Lyra, this is Dimrill. It's time he hears the truth."

Lyra's face darkened. Apparently something terrible had happened that night. "Very well. If you all would follow me please," Lyra said softly.

Aunt Cassie followed Lyra with the three of us hesitantly trailing behind. We walked through a few hallways and eventually into a small room with a few chairs scattered. Lyra closed the door behind her and closed the blinds, leaving the five of us isolated inside the room. We all pulled up chairs and sat in a circle. Lyra glanced over at Mark and Jenny and I clarified to her that they were my friends. She leaned back in her small metal chair. "Okay. What do you want to know Dimrill?"

I looked around the room at the others. They all were watching me, waiting for me to speak. "I want to know about that night. The night my father found out about me."

Lyra sighed. "I always dreaded this day. But okay, I'll recall the night."

"Your mother, Hestia, had been pregnant for a little more than 8 months, so we all knew you were coming soon. Your father had been on a trip to all the other regions recruiting people to join Team Moon. And he had personally asked Cassie to keep an eye on her for him. He trusted Cassie a lot. But at the time he didn't know Hestia was pregnant, and neither did we. But when we all found out, we all swore to protect you at all costs. If he had custody of you after your birth, we were sure he would manipulate you to lead his evil plans for the world. And he was a great Pokemon Trainer, so we guessed that this talent with Pokemon would be passed on to you. But that night Cassie had gone upstairs to give Hestia some food and I waited downstairs, preparing our food. This was a normal thing at the time, because Cassie and I were best friends growing up. Anyways, we knew he would be coming home soon, but we had to make sure Clay didn't see his wife, at least until after you were born. Ethan was on call, just in case something happened. He had been Champion for about 5 years, so we knew he was busy."

"But that night it was raining. And the drops splattered against the windows, and they were already fogged up from the heat inside the house. We heard a knock on the door. I began to open it and realized who was on our porch. I couldn't lock him out because it would be suspicious. So I played it off and welcomed him into the house as if nothing was wrong. He took off his raincoat and put it on the hanger. Cassie came downstairs and saw Clay. She immediately turned pale and ran back upstairs. Unfortunately Clay noticed her. 'Is everything okay?' he asked. I already knew this wasn't going to end well, so I lied to him. I told him that she hadn't been feeling well the last day or so, so she probably had to go to the restroom or something. He shrugged it off and then asked if Hestia was home. I didn't know what to say. He asked again and I told him that she was out running an errand. And that's when he got suspicious. All because I was a terrible liar. 'Are you sure she's not upstairs?' he asked. I tried to lie to him again, but he got up and headed toward the stairs. I offered to make him a cup of hot tea to warm him up, and fortunately I was able to stall him for about 20 minutes or so. In that time I made him his tea, walked in the other room where the phone was at the time and called Ethan. I told him he needed to be here, now. He told me to stall Clay for a while longer. Reluctantly I hung up and walked back into the kitchen where Clay was drinking his tea."

"I then began a conversation with Clay. I asked him about his trip, and he began to tell me about all the people he recruited to Team Moon, which he named it that night because of this event. He talked about his plans and about halfway through a sentence he said, 'You're stalling, aren't you?' I didn't know what to say, so he got up from his tea and began to walk up the stairs. I yelled to him to stay down here, and came up with the lame excuse that she had a surprise for him, which technically wasn't a lie. But he ignored me and went up out of sight I hoped and prayed that Hestia was hidden, but I stayed downstairs, ready to let Ethan in the house. I heard Clay knock on her door and slowly open it. I faintly heard some conversation in Hestia's room, but I heard Clay announce that 'He'll make a great king of the world', which proved our ideas on how he would react to his new child. Right about that moment, there was another knock on the door. I rushed to the door and let Ethan in. He took of his raincoat, put down his Togekiss's Pokeball, and went upstairs. I followed close behind him, and when Clay saw Ethan, he asked him what he was doing there. Ethan boldly told him that the child could not become king of the world, and that he would not let the world go under one control. They argued back and forth, and eventually they got violent. As Ethan and Clay went back and forth, I led Hestia out of the room and brought her outside. It was still raining, but at that point it didn't matter. I let Togekiss out and mounted her with Hestia. We were about to take off when Clay and Ethan came outside. At this point Clay knew what was happening. He sent out his Salamence and tried to get on. But Ethan used his Tyranitar to attack the Salamence. Eventually Ethan and Clay had an all out brawl with their Pokemon. But Hestia and I flew off into the storm to get away."

"We thought we had gotten away after about an hour of flying randomly. But Clay caught up to us on his Salamence. We thought we were done for. But lucky for us a Thunderbolt came from the sky and struck Salamence down. Whether that was Ethan's Pokemon or just the rainstorm I don't know but we got away after that. We landed somewhere in the woods to let Togekiss rest and to get out of the sky. But about a half an hour went by and Hestia collapsed. I wasn't sure what was wrong at the time, so I did the right thing by remounting onto Togekiss and finding the nearest hospital. We were lucky enough to find the one in Blackthorn City because we had flown north for a long time. She was admitted into the emergency room and after they hooked her up to the hospital computers, we found out she was dying. She wasn't cold or injured in any way, but she seemed to be losing the will to live. So the nurses informed me of this and I told them to save the child. After about an hour you were born, and the nurses you nearby your mother just so she could see her new son. But as this was happening she was losing conciousness. We tried to keep her awake but she kept saying, 'dim, dim, dim.' We assumed she was talking about her vision, but it was after that that she ... " Lyra hiccuped. "She died. So that left me to take care of you. So I named you Dimrill, after her last words and just changing it into a name."

"We all almost died that night. I told Cassie what happened and told her I would hold onto you for a while to let things settle down in case Clay goes back to the house to find you. We left the house deserted for a few months and evenutally with New Bark Town's permission, we moved the house to a different part of town. It's still the same house just not in the same place. So then I handed you over to Cassie and she's raised you since then."

We all sat in silence for about 5 minutes. Finally Cassie spoke. "Dimrill, whatever you choose to do next, please promise me one thing."

I looked over at her. "Promise me you'll stay safe," Cassie said. I nodded and we embraced again. After a while we split apart and Cassie turned to Mark and Jenny. "Will you two make sure he stays safe?" she asked them. They nodded.

There was more silence. "Lyra," I said. She looked up at me. "Thank you. For saving my life. And for giving me a chance for a life worth living."

She blinked back tears. "There no reason to thank me Dimrill. We should have told you when you were younger. But we didn't because we wanted to protect you. But now that you're on your own journey like I was when I was younger I feel like you can choose what's best for yourself."

My eyes began to tear up as well, and I gave Lyra a hug. After the embrace we all stood up. "Well, I'm probably going to have to take the day off to recover from that," Lyra said.

"I'm taking the whole week," Aunt Cassie added. "That was some serious stuff."

"Well, one thing's for sure, I'm going to bed," I said. So the five of us walked out of the room and we walked outside. Aunt Cassie, Lyra, and I gave each other our last minute goodbyes and we went our seperate ways. Lyra went back inside, Aunt Cassie mounted her Pidgeotto and flew off towards the east. Mark and Jenny said nothing as we went back to our hotel room. We booked another night, and luckily got to keep our same room. Even though it was only like 2:30 in the afternoon, I laid down on my cot and instantly fell asleep.

While I slept, I thought about everything I learned about myself that day. Would I try to live a normal life as if I never knew anything? Would I go after Team Moon and try to disband them? Would I continue my journey across Johto in search of ... well, I found what I was searching for. But I knew that my journey still wasn't over. Not yet. I still needed to close this conflict inside me. I wanted to avenge the death of my mother. She had died of heartbreak from my father wanting to take their son and turn him against the world.

What would my story be like if Clay had won that night? Would I already be the ruler of the world? Would all the Pokemon be my slaves? Who would I be then? That's when I decided what I wanted to do.

That next morning I swore to do whatever I could to fix the world. I would rid the world of human cruelty. Towards Pokemon and other humans alike. Whatever it took. Except my friends and family. I would not sacrifice them. I knew I wouldn't be able to choose, so I decided to let that thought linger for a while. But I knew I would have to continue my journey with my Pokemon and my friends to get stronger and I knew that with them by my side, we could be the ones to change the world for the better. This thought made me feel a little better, so that's what I decided to do.
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    @RenzFlintrock thanks! I actually sat down this afternoon and wrote the entire thing in one sitting.
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