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Blake Star: Sinnoh Quest: Chapter 11: A Rocky Conclusion

by MegaloX

MegaloX Finally back to writing these after so long, don't know why I ever stopped. Either way, I think it's safe to say my writing has hopefully improved after 2 years. Let's get this story rolling again!
"Mareep use Tackle!" Cody shouted. The sheep, still being fairly close to the Geodude, slammed into it as hard as it could causing the rock Pokemon to be knocked back a bit. Geodude rolled to a stop as Roark turned back to face Cody, a shocked expression on his face. "Careful Roark, if you lose focus like that again then my Mareep's next attack might be enough to finish this." Cody stated. Roark laughed a bit, "Boy someone sure is cocky today. Hopefully your confidence isn't misplaced." he added. "Geodude let's use Rock throw!" the gym leader shouted. "Mareep, dodge it!" the younger trainer called out to his Pokemon. The sheep Pokemon reacted in time, quickly hopping to the side in order to dodge the rock that was barreling towards it. However, Roark had already put his plan into motion.

Geodude was already on the way towards Mareep in an attempt to flatten it. "We'll finish this now Geodude!" Roark called to his Pokemon. Unable to react in time, Cody watched his Mareep as the rock Pokemon slammed directly into it. The electric sheep was sent sliding back towards Cody, knocked right off its feet. As it came to a stop, it was clear for everyone to see that Mareep was no longer able to continue. Mark chimed in, having came into the gym sometime during the battle. "Ahem... well apparently a couple of impatient trainers couldn't wait on the referee to start the battle." he said before letting out a sigh. "Either way, Mareep is unable to battle. Since that's the case, Roark's Geodude is victorious. Though since only the challenger is allowed substitutions, it'll face off against Cody's next Pokemon." he explained.

Blake and Luna watched from the stands in uncertainty. "Geez. Roark's Geodude is strong. I wonder if I'll be able to beat it." Blake said. Luna sighed, "I hope Cody is doing alright. He seemed like he was upset earlier, and now, well he isn't exactly winning so far." she said. Blake nodded in agreement. "Well on the bright side, he was able to land a solid hit on Roark's Geodude. Chimchar's up next, and I'm sure the two of them won't lose." Blake explained, trying to reassure her that Cody would be just fine. "They'll just have to take down both of his Pokemon." he added.

Cody grunted, "Mareep, return." he stated, holding out the electric-type's Pokeball. After recalling Mareep, the trainer fished a Pokeball from his pocket. He looked at the ball and took a deep breath. "You and me. We got this." he said to the ball before looking up a Roark. "Alright... Chimchar let's go!" he called, tossing the Pokeball out onto the field. The familiar monkey Pokemon burst from the ball in a flash of white. Filled with determination, the two of them prepared to take on Roark's Geodude. "Come on then Roark... let's continue." Cody said, in the same cocky tone he'd been carrying throughout the match. "Be careful what you wish for Cody." Roark responded. "Geodude! Rollout!" he shouted.

Luna was up in the stands counting on her fingers before she let out a gasp. Blake turned to face her, "What's up Luna?" he asked. "Blake! He's using Rollout for the third time!" she stressed. The black-haired boy blinked a few times, obviously not following her train of thought. "Rollout gets stronger every time you use it in a row! By now it'll deal some serious damage to Chimchar!" the girl told the boy. Blake's eyes widened as she explained what exactly was headed Chimchar's way. "Oh, that's not good." he responded.

Cody watched as Geodude came speeding in. However, unlike last time with Mareep, the two of them were ready for the oncoming threat. "Stop him Chimchar." Cody said, a bit more calm than what he should've been. The flame monkey waited for the rock Pokemon to close in before reacting. As Geodude was about to ram into Chimchar, the fire-type quickly hopped over Geodude, delivering a swift kick to the rock-type as it passed by. Landing on the other side, Chimchar let out a bit of a battle cry. Geodude came out of its Rollout, surprised at the monkey's movements. Roark even arched an eyebrow at the scene that just took place on the battlefield. "It was Fake Out." Cody said, enlightening the two of them.

Roark laughed, "So that was it then? Good to know!" he exclaimed. "Geodude let's wrap this up! Rock Throw!" he shouted. The rock-type pulled a stone from the ground and hurled it at Chimchar. "Dodge!" Cody called out. The monkey Pokemon quickly jumped over the stone. "Again Geodude, while it can't dodge!" Roark called. The rock Pokemon tossed another rock at the aerial Chimchar. "Counter with Scratch!" Cody called to his companion. The monkey's claws energized themselves in a white light. With a powerful swipe, the rock was destroyed. Chimchar landed on one of the small spires that poked up from the arena floor. "Now to counterattack! Ember!" he shouted.

"What's he doing?! Doesn't he know that Fire-type moves don't work as well on Rock-types?" Luna asked. Blake, once again, was left blinking in amazement at the girl's apparent vast knowledge of Pokemon. Then of course, it was basic information for most, he just didn't pay very much attention in trainer school.

"Geodude! Let's Rollout to dodge!" Roark shouted. Chimchar released a breath of flaming embers that traveled towards the rock-type, but as per Roark's command, the Pokemon was already in the process of starting it's attack. Geodude began to roll, avoiding the embers. "Now ride that rock formation and take Chimchar down!" he shouted. Geodude rolled up onto a rock formation that was similar to a quarter pipe, allowing it to gain a bit of airtime. Just enough to slam right into Chimchar. Not only that, but Geodude's momentum was enough to carry Chimchar towards the ground along with it.

However, Chimchar wasn't prepared to just take the hit lying down. On their way down, the money Pokemon released another breath of embers. This blast was more forceful, and the embers were even bigger. The attack was enough to send Geodude flying back, crashing into a rock spire. Chimchar hit the ground, somehow managing to stay on its feet as it slid to a stop. The little monkey seemed to be out of breath.

"Well, seems like Geodude is unable to continue. The victory goes to Cody and Chimchar." Mark announced.

Roark smiled, "Well, now this is getting interesting! Cranidos let's get out here and finish this battle!" he shouted, releasing his last Pokemon onto the field.

Blake almost jumped off of the bleachers given how fast he got up out of his seat at the sight of Cranidos. "What it that!?" he asked, moving his Pokedex over the Pokemon as fast as he humanly could.

Cranidos. The Head Butt Pokemon. Cranidos used to live in jungles around 100 million years ago. It's skull is as hard as iron.

"So that must be the fossil Pokemon Roark was talking about." Blake said to himself, still ecstatic at getting to see the creature. "Hopefully Cody can stand up to something so powerful." he added.

"Oh boy, another Rock-type huh? Well, Chimchar and I will just have to take this one down too, right buddy?" Cody asked. With a resounding squeal of passion, the boy's Chimchar was ready to fight once again. As if on cue, its tail flame began to expand, flaring up to a dangerous height. Roark smirked, "So it's Blaze huh?" he asked himself. "Cranidos use Focus Energy. We'll finish this quickly." he commanded. As instructed, the head butt Pokemon began to channel its energy.

"We won't let you! Chimchar use Ember and don't stop!" he called out. With its new empowered abilities, the monkey released a stream of powerful fire pellets that made their way towards Cranidos. Ruthlessly, the embers pounded against the rock-type, but it showed no signs of flinching.

"It's time! Cranidos use Head Butt!" he shouted. "Don't let up Chimchar! Keep attacking!" he shouted. Chimchar's tail flame flared once again, further emphasizing the Pokemon's strength. Cranidos jumped up into the air to get out of the stream of embers, and began to fall from the sky with an attack aimed right at the monkey. However, the fire-type wasn't fooled so easily. Chimchar simply re-positioned the stream so that it was still making contact with the Cranidos as it came down. "Don't let up! Fire more! Faster! Faster!" Cody called out, his voice intensifying as Chimchar continued to press its attack.

Up in the stands, Blake and Luna's expressions began to grow more worried. Even the shady man in the corner of the viewing area had a frown on his face. "Well he's certainly... intense." he commented.

As the rock-type Pokemon came speeding towards the ground, it simply crashed into the rocks next to Chimchar, completely missing its target. Somewhere on the way down, Cranidos had lost consciousness. Roark would've been smiling, but he was the only one who could see Chimchar's eyes. He looked over at Mark and nodded. "This battle is over. Cranidos is unable to continue. This means that Cody is the victor!" he announced.

"No way! He did it! He took out both of the Pokemon, even with a fire-type! Good job Cody!" Blake called out from the stands. Cody, still cooling off from the heat of the moment, looked back up towards Blake and Luna. He put on a smile and gave his friend a thumbs up. He then looked back over towards Chimchar and his blazing tail. "We did it buddy." he said, trying to approach the monkey who was still staring down the fallen Cranidos. As he approached, the flame monkey snapped its head up towards Cody, eyes full of rage. It then quickly turned its gaze onto Roark. "Chimchar?" Cody asked. The flame monkey didn't respond, but instead released a powerful burst of embers that were making their way towards Roark.

"I was afraid of that." Roark said, tossing out another Pokemon. A bright white light flashed once again as an Onix appeared. The trainers' eyes all went wide at this. The flame pellets slammed into Onix, having no visible effect on the serpent. "Onix use Bind!" Roark called. The snake quickly wrapped itself around the monkey's body, suppressing its flames. Chimchar let out a few angry shouted, struggling to break free of the snake's hold, but to no avail. After a few moments of struggling, the monkey fainted. "Onix, Cranidos, return. Thanks you two." Roark said, recalling his Pokemon. Cody ran over to Chimchar, worried about the Pokemon. "Chimchar are you okay!? What'd you do to him?!" he asked, scooping the monkey up in his arms.

"Cody, you lost control of Chimchar. Blaze is a powerful ability. If you're not more careful in the future, Chimchar is going to continue losing control. You need to keep a firm handle of your emotions in a battle. That's the only way to stop Chimchar from getting riled up any more than it already does when under the effects of Blaze." he explained. Cody grunted as his face tightened up. "What do you know? I just-" he paused, still holding his partner.

Blake and Luna finally made their way down as they approached the two of them. "What happened?" Luna asked. "Nothing!" Cody shouted back, taking off towards the door. "Hey! Cody!" Blake shouted, running after him.

As Blake made his way into the lobby of the gym, he scanned the room for Cody. "He's not here. Must've kept going." he said to himself. However, as Blake looked down the street, he saw Cody with a strange-looking man.

Cody may have won his battle, but will he be able to control Chimchar? Who is this strange man? Find out soon, as the journey continues.