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Pokelover's Bonnie Fanfic: Chapter 10

by ~Pokelover~

~Pokelover~ Chapter 10 of my Bonnie fanfic! :D
Chapter 10: Disaster

Bonnie wiped the sweat from her brow, sighing.
"It's so hot..."
Squishy nodded slowly in agreement as Bonnie trekked on toward Undella Town.
"I haven't even found a single--"
Suddenly a strange Pokemon appeared that looked wounded, but determined. It was limping toward Bonnie with a serious face.
Bonnie rushed over, pulling a Super Potion from her bag and using it on the wounded leg.
"Are you all right?" Bonnie asked it. The Pokemon nodded, grabbing her shirt with its mouth and tugging it toward a nearby cave.
"Wh-what!? You want me to go in there?"
It nodded, so Bonnie followed it. They went far underground before finally stopping at a dead end. Bonnie sighed.
"At least it's not boiling hot down here..."

Bonnie held up her Pokedex to the Pokemon.
"Absol, the Disaster Pokémon. When disasters are detected with its horn, Absol comes down from the mountains to warn people."
"What...!? That sounds bad!"
Squishy looked nervous, jumping out of Bonnie's bag and rushing back to the entrance.
"Squishy, wait!" Bonnie called. She rushed after her little green blob, stopping so suddenly at the entrance that she tripped and fell.
"But how... It wasn't even windy out..."
She couldn't believe her eyes. There was a tornado, dead ahead-- she couldn't believe it, but it was there. She grabbed Dedenne, placing it away from the entrance.
"Stay here," she ordered. It reluctantly obeyed. She ordered the Absol to do the same as it rushed over worriedly.
Bonnie steeped outside slowly, inching toward Squishy. It was beginning to change to Zygarde 50%.
"Squishy!" Bonnie yelled.
"What are you doing!!??"
She grabbed it, pulling it toward the cave by its tail.
"Come... on!! Squishy!!"
Squishy emitted a bright flash of light, and Bonnie fell to the ground.
When Bonnie regained vision (or possibly consciousness), the tornado had disappeared. She looked down at an exhausted Squishy.
"The protector... of Kalos..." She muttered, smiling slightly.
"...So that's why..."
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