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The Ry Burst Chronicles: Chapter 10: Parting Ways, (Already!)

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst Well the contest draws to a close.
"What do you mean, you have to leave?" Ry asked June. They were sitting in a resturant, enjoying a nice lunch. The Contest had already ended, with June sweeping the competition, winning a ribbon.
"You see, I got an invitation to attend a Coordiadtor class up in Snowpoint. I'm heading up there tomorrow morning. It's a real special opportunity." June said, sipping at her drink.
Ry gave a nod and said, "Then I challenge you to a battle. We don't know when we'll meet up next, so let's go right now!" He jumped up and gave a grin.
"Okay, I accept, but after lunch. And it has to be a double battle." June said.
Ry gave a nod and began to chow down on his food.
"Go Fuego and Jet!" Ry shouted tossing out the Grovyle and Monferno's pokeball. June gave a smile and a wink, twirled around and sent out her two pokemon.
"Go Susie and Alice!" She said as the Glameow and Roserade apeared.
"Use Magical Leaf and Shadow Ball!"
Alice spun, fired a barrage of leaves coated in purple energy, while Susie jumped into the air fired a blob of dark energy at Jet and Fugeo.
"Block it with Bullet Seed!" Ry commanded. Jet opened his mouth and let loose a flurry of seeds to block the attacks. The attacks collided creating an explosion. "Good block guys!" Ry shouted. Then the Shadow Ball rushed ahead and slammed into Jet knocking him away. 'I thought I wiped that out!" Ry shouted.
"The Magical Leaf attack protected the Shadow Ball, allowing it to continue its path," June said wagging a finger. "Now Fury Swipes and Poison Jab!" June comanded.
Alice and Susie charged, each with their own individual attack ready to go.
"Leaf Blade and Mach Punch!" Ry shouted. Fuego blocked Susie's Fury Swipes with his quick punches, while Jet countered the Poison jab, with his leaves, coated in energy.
"Thunderbolt and Sludge Bomb!" June gave a grin as alice and Susie let loose their attacks at close range. Fuego was blasted with a powerhouse of electricity, while Jet was drenched in painful poison. "Thunder Punch!" Ry shouted, as Fuego reeled back. Fuego swung with his fist supercharged, with an added boost from the Thunderbolt.
"Protect!" Susie blocked the attack with a wall of energy.
"Use Quick Attack!" Ry comanded Jet. The Grovyle leapt up and charged at the Roserade, hopeful of scoring a hit. Which he did, but that was what June wanted.
"Hyper Beam!" Alice fired a blast of orange energy at Jet, knocking him into the ground.
"Let's Go! Leaf Blade and Flame Wheel!" Ry shouted. Jet swung at Alice's legs, knocking her to the ground, while Fuego charged at Susie, as her shield faded. Both of June's Pokemon took their attacks. "Now Thunderbolt, again!" June yelled.
Again, Susie blasted another Thunderbolt attack, but this time, at Jet. "And follow with Iron Tail!" After the attack scored a hit, Susie swung, knocking Fuego away.
"Aeral Ace and Flame Wheel!" Ry shouted. Both his pokemon charged at Roserade, with super effective move, knocking Alice out.
"Go Shadow Ball!"
"Mach Punch!" Susie fired a final blob of darkness, which Fuego charged. he punched right through it, scoring a hit on Susie, knocking her out.
"Good battle," Ry said smiling.
Ry watched as June walked off the next morning. "I know we'll meet again," he said grinning. Then he took off toward Mount Coronet, ready to go.