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The Eroteric Odyssey: Chapter 10: More than Meets the Eye, Part 1

by PokeStorm

PokeStorm After the odd dream Dimrill had, he goes out of his way to find out the truth. Who were the two woman in his dream? What awaits him in the future?

I'm trying something new with my story with the Part 1 and Part 2, but this will be a two part episode. Let me know what you think in the comments. I'm also going to turn this story into a community project and I need a good storyteller as well as a few artists. These will be paid jobs so just let me know if you're interested.
More than Meets the Eye, Part 1

I awoke the next morning very suddenly and gasped for air. Unfortunately my gasp for air had awoken my friends. "Are you alright Dimrill?" Jenny asked.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I thought about the dream I had the previous night. It had something to do with a pregnant lady and another woman with black hair. I tried to remember the dream. The pregnant lady's name was Hestia and the other lady was called Cass. Cass. Cassie. Aunt Cassie. Then I understood why everything looked so familiar. It was my room before I was born. Born. The lady was pregnant. And it was Cassie's sister. Hestia was my mother. For the first time I had seen my mother. This was huge. I needed to talk to Aunt Cassie.

"Dimrill?" Jenny asked again. "Are you still here?"

I looked at Mark. "I think I saw my mother. I need to talk to Aunt Cassie. Now."

Mark understood. "Let's pack up and go to Goldenrod City. There will be phones in the Pokemon Center there."

Jenny looked very concerned, but she seemed to understand the urgency. We quickly packed up our gear and headed downstairs into the main lobby. There was a different guard at the main desk. But he waved to us as we headed out the door onto Route 34.

As we hurried north, we passed by a few trainers battling. A few of them invited us to join them. But this was much more important. Mark, Jenny, Luxio and I speedily walked into the glorious Goldenrod City.

There was a lot of words I could have used to describe Goldenrod City. It was a beautiful civilization with thousands of people bustling through the streets shopping, commuting, talking, eating, and a lot of other interesting activities. It was the most people I'd ever seen in one place in person. I really wanted to see everything in the city, but I had more important thing on my mind. Fortunately there was a directory sign with a map of Goldenrod City. After locating the Pokemon Center about two blocks away, we walked inside the Pokemon Center. I went straight to the phones in the corner and dialed the number for Moo Moo Ranch, where I assumed Aunt Cassie was working at the moment. I waited a few seconds. Then an older woman answered the phone and her image appeared on the screen.

"Thank you for calling Moo Moo Ranch, how can I help you?" the woman introduced.

"Hey this is Dimrill. I need to talk to Cassie Roos. Like now." I said dramatically.

Her facial expression darkened. "Is everything okay sir?" she asked with a concerned tone.

"I'm her nephew. And It's really important. Is she available?"

"Not right now. She's making a delivery of goods to one of our customers in Blackthorn City. But I will let her know you called. I apologize for the inconvienience. Is there anything else I can help you with today sir?"

I shook my head, thanked her, and hung up. I turned towards my friends. The looked very worried. I reported to them the situation.

"Well," Jenny said. "I know you're feeling down right now Dimrill, but maybe a day around the big city will cheer you up a little."

"We've got nothing else to do for now, so why don't we look around Dimrill?" Mark persuaded.

I held up my hands. "Fine. But let's be quick. I need to talk to my Aunt as soon as possible."

So the four of us walked out of the Pokemon Center. We tried to cross the street but there were so many tourists passing through with their Pokemon that we just couldn't get through. It was pretty amazing to see so many people so close to their Pokemon. I'd heard in the past that our relationships had been rough, so it was nice to see everyone cooperating. I reached down and rubbed Luxio's head. He let out a soft purr in reponse. "Let's go up the street to see what we can find," I said.

As we walked along the side of the road we saw a lot of small tourist shops lined along the edges. We stepped inside a few of them and saw nothing that really appealed to us. Just some merchandise for travelers. But the Goldenrod Game Corner caught our attention. "How much money do we have to spend here," Mark asked.

Mark, Jenny, and I checked our pockets and wallets. We calculated about 125 Pokedollars. "Should we save it or see what we can make here?" Mark asked.

"Let's play a game or two to test our luck." Jenny decided. So we headed inside the building. The Game Corner was a huge room full of various slot machines with lots of interesting people lined up playing them. The lighting was dimmed around the room but lots of flashing lights in the back corner caught our attention. The four of us walked to the corner and saw a big television screen with a game of Smash 'Mon being played by two teenagers. About thirty people were watching, placing bets on the winner. As we stopped to watch, the player playing as a Lucario knocked the opponent off the stage and won the match. The loser yelled in frustration, gave the winner his money and walked away angrily. The winner, who was a short blue haired girl with glasses, turned around for her applause. The audience roared, and she yelled to them "Does anyone dare to challenge me? The champion of Smash 'Mon?"

No one dared to play against her. But then Mark stepped up to the screen picked up the controller. "Mark? What are you doing? You're gonna get crushed," I called to him. But he ignored me. He whipped out all of our money we collected and placed on the plate in between them. He turned to the girl and said, "I'll bet you 125 Pokedollars that I can beat you. Three stock, no items?"

I had a bad feeling about this, and apparently so did Jenny. She grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear, "He's gonna get killed out there."

But the girl chuckled, placed her winnings onto the plate, and they both picked their characters. The girl went with Lucario again, but Mark went with Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff was my main, but he played the character better than I did. I still did't feel too good about this, but they started the match after a countdown by the audience.

Both Lucario and Jigglypuff on the screen charged at each other. Lucario went to counter an attack but Jigglypuff grabbed Lucario and punched it into the ground for a little damage. As soon as Lucario got free Jigglypuff jumped out of harm's way and bounced back and forth as to challenge the Lucario to move closer. Lucario began to form a large Aura Sphere to launch at Jigglypuff. As Lucario released the energy Jigglypuff ducked underneath the blast and went for a side kick. Unfortunately the attack was predicted and was countered, sending Jigglypuff flying in the opposite direction.

Basically Lucario and Jigglypuff went back and forth at each other, with Jigglypuff getting the first knockout. After Lucario's respawn, a little more fighting went between the two fighters and Lucario was knocked out again. Lucario was on its last stock while Jigglypuff still had all three, however already taken heavy damage. Things were looking good for Mark. But I didn't relax yet, knowing that the game could turn around at any minute. Unfortunately my thoughts jinxed Mark as Lucario got two knockouts, leaving them both with one stock left. The next knockout would end the match. Either we would be broke or have doubled our money.

Mark had played this match smart by saving his special combo for the end. After each fighter dealt a decent amount of damage to each other, Jigglypuff began to sing, causing Lucario to go to sleep. The girl yelled, "No no no no wake up wake up wake up," but it was too late. Jigglypuff went up to Lucario and performed a rest, which disabled Jigglypuff from any movement however dealt massive damage to knock out Lucario. The match was over. And Mark had claimed victory. The audience roared and lifted Mark on their shoulders. He reached onto the plate and took his winnings. The blue-haired girl stomped the ground in frustration and left the game corner in a hurry.

Once the crowd died down Jenny, Mark, Luxio, and I began to walk out before we were tempted to risk our money again. But a fancy dressed man backed up by two bodyguards stopped us from leaving. Instantly I knew we were in trouble, but I wasn't sure why. The man waved to the bodyguards and they went at ease. I relaxed a little.

"Greetings children," the man introduced, shaking our hands, making a point to excessively shake Mark's hand. "My name is Crawford. I am the owner of this fine establishment. And you sir," he motioned to Mark, "have done me a huge service today. The young lady you defeated in Smash 'Mon has been controlling my game corner for last three weeks. Always winning and taking my money and winning everyone's bets. I have been losing money each day from her. Because of your incredible win, and my outrageous bet against everyone, I not only broke even from her stay here, but actually made a huge profit. And I wish to return the favor. I am a man of honesty, and I want you to have this." He gave Mark an envelope.

We all stared at it in silence. "Well," he said. "Open it. You'll like what's inside."

Mark slit open the envelope and pulled out a check. He was silent. "I ... I can't accept this," he said.

Jenny and I stood behind him and looked at the value of the check. The owner was giving Mark a thousand Pokedollars. I asked Crawford, "If the girl comes back, you'll just lose money again."

The man waved his hand. "She won't come back. Besides, if she does, I'll just call you up to come beat her again." We stared at him blankly. "Do you all not have cell phones? It's the invention of the century. Well with this money you all better buy some. Or at least a basic one. Then come back so I can get your number. I need people like you to protect my business."

So three of us walked out of the Game Corner feeling great. "Mark," I said. "You did great out there. But that was very stupid to put all our money on the line to win in a game you haven't played in like two weeks against a competitive player. But good job."

Mark said nothing. I wasn't sure if he should thank me for the compliment or argue about his poor choice. But Jenny changed the topic. "Should we go buy some cell phones then? That way Dimrill can call his aunt without going to the Pokemon Center?"

There were no arguements there, so we walked down the street looking for a store that sold them. We found a few stores carrying them, but they were really expensive and we could not afford three without going completely broke. But eventually we found a store that had decent ones for about three hundred Pokedollars. So we bought one for the each of us and we were given phone numbers.

The first number was the region, the second and third numbers applied to our hometowns, and the other five digits were randomized. I still have this number today, so I'm not going to say what it was because then I would have all my readers trying to call me an honestly, I don't want to talk to everyone at the same time.

But anyways, the three of us added each other in our phoned as contacts and added Mr. Crawford as well when we went back to the Game Corner. At this point we had around the same amount of money we started with. And the sun was starting to go down. "Let's go find some dinner," Jenny said, and we walked towards the food court for something that sounded good.

Fortunately the food court wasn't too far away. But we expected a bunch of fast food places around a giant eating area. Boy were we wrong. The Goldenrod Food Court was over the top like everything else in the big city. the street was lined with all sorts of restaurants. Fancy restaurants, cuisines, tea shops, fast food, diners, if you can think of a restaurant it was there. We spent what seemed like an hour walking up and down the street trying to decide what to eat. Finally we gave up and walked into a fancy restaurant. I believe the one we ate in that evening was Simone's Pasta Kitchen.

We walked in and were instantly greeted by three waiters all dressed in fancy outfits, making all of us feel underdressed. But they didn't seem to mind and sat us at a private table. However they did request I put Luxio back in his ball. Reluctantly I put him back in after I promised him some leftovers. We ordered our pastas and within twenty minutes all of our food came to the table. I will by no doubt say this was the best pasta I'd ever had. Very delicious sauce and sausage were beautifully poured onto perfect noodles. It was a shame to eat it because it looked so good. I tried out the camera on my phone on the food and the picture came out pretty good. I made a mental note to show my aunt the meal the next time I saw her. So we all dug into our food kind of hesitatly as to not embarass ourselves. The standards in a fancy restaurant were a lot higher than your normal meal so we tried to be very neat.

As we left the food court the sun was almost set so we decided to find a hotel for the night. Big city, why not treat ourselves for the day? This was all thanks to Mark of course. Who knew playing video games a lot would get someone anywhere. So we booked a room for one night at the Biltin Motel, which had two beds, a television, a fully stocked refridgerator, and its own personal restroom. I'd never stayed a hotel before so I didn't really know what to expect. But this still blew me away. Jenny claimed her own bed and went into the restroom to get changed into pajamas. Mark and I looked at each other and he claimed the bed. So I used the room telephone to get a cot up to our room. They brought it up within ten minutes, free of charge. After we all got settled I decided to call Moo Moo Ranch again to see if Aunt Cassie had gotten back with my new phone.

The phone rang for a while. The screen then displayed a familiar face. "Hey Dimrill! It's good to- wait where are you?" she said.

"I'm at a hotel in Goldenrod City. The city's amazing. But I need to talk to you," I changed the subject.

Cassie's expression changed to a worry. "Is everything okay Dimrill?"

"Well," I began. "I had a dream last night about you. And a woman named Hestia. And I want to hear more about her." Is there any way I can talk to you in person?"

Cassie looked around the room. "I have a few chores to do in the morning, but I can meet you at your hotel room around noon tomorrow. Does that work for you?"

Annoyed, I agreed and told her the hotel name and the room number. After we hung up the three of us laid down in our beds and turned out the lights.

I stared at the ceiling, unable to sleep. I needed to know more about my dream. Was this a real event I saw? Or was it just that - a dream? But the thing was, I wanted to believe it was real. This meant so much to me. I'd gone almost 16 years not having my parents and being raised by my aunt.


The sun began to shine through the windows. Jenny and Mark woke up within five minutes of each other and began to get up and ready for the day. I remained in the same position, laying on my back, staring at the ceiling. Eventually Jenny looked down from above me. "Did you sleep at all last night Dimrill?" she asked.

I shook my head. Jenny sat down at the edge of my cot. "Well whatever we learn today just know that Mark and I will support you, whatever you choose to do." She forced a smile, then got up to finish getting ready. After a few minutes I finally got up, went to the restroom, and splashed a little water on my face. I looked absolutely exhausted. But instead of laying back down I closed the door and took a brief shower. Just because I'd been gone for a few weeks from home didn't mean I could look improper in front of my aunt.

It was about 11:00 by the time we were all ready for the day. But at that point we decided to just chill in the room until my aunt arrived. We turned on the television and watched the news. Apparently there had been sightings of Team Moon in various regions around the world, and not just Johto. The champions from all the regions had gathered together for a big meeting on the rising issue of the organization posing a threat to the citizens around the world.

Finally around 11:45 there was a soft knock on the door. I sprang up and opened the door. Aunt Cassie stood at the door carrying a pecan pie, which was my favorite dessert. She must have thought this was a serious matter, which she wasn't wrong.

We let her in and closed the door behind her. The four of us sat down on the two beds and stared at each other in silence. Finally Aunt Cassie spoke up. "Okay Dimrill, tell me what you saw in your dream."

I took a deep breath and recalled my dream. "A brown haired younger woman was laying on a bed in a room that looks almost exactly like my bedroo back in New Bark Town in terms of the window and door layout and the size of the room. But you knocked on the door and brought in a ham sandwich, exactly the way you make it for me. That's how I knew it was you. But you were talking about making sure someone didn't know about her child she was expecting to give birth to. I'm pretty sure Hestia is my mother, but who were you hiding me from?"

I looked up at Aunt Cassie. Her face grew dark as she remained silent. "Well," I said.

She looked up at me. "I feared this day would come. When you would finally learn who you really are." She paused. "Yes, Hestia Roos is your mother. When she became married she became Hestia Jones. Your father was an interesting man. He wasn't satisfied with the world as it was. He was very good with Pokemon, but he felt that they were not being used to their full potential. So he made a few poor choices and around that time Hestia became pregnant with you. Her fear was that if he found out about you he would corrupt you to be the leader of his organization. This organization he created was set to control all the Pokemon and they would be used to control the people. There would be no bond between people and Pokemon. He and his group would be the rulers of the world. But the event you saw in your dream was the day he found out about you."

There was a very long silence. I stared down at the floor deep in thought. "So my father was the ringleader of the torture of Pokemon. Is that what you're saying?" I asked.

Aunt Cassie stared into my eyes, as hers began to water. I sat there in silence a little longer. "Does this organization still exist?"

Aunt Cassie only nodded her head. "Please don't tell me my father is the founder of Team Moon."

Tears began to flow down her face. I looked up at my friends. Jenny and Mark looked very worried. "So what happened that day? When my father found out about me?"

Aunt Cassie looked up at me and tried to speak. "I ... I ...

To be continued...
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