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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 10: Let the Games Begin

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey Brian has his first match in the tournament against Cal. How will the two Trainer's battle?
Chapter 10: Let the Games Begin

I ended up spending most of the next two days with Prof. Himee getting a tour of the lab in the process. The giant Pokéball on the roof is actually the fourth and fifth floors, with the fifth being an observatory. Later that night we watched the stars over dinner and got in an interesting conversation on ketchup. Why do we put ketchup on cheese burgers and fries, but not steak or mashed potatoes which are made from the exact same substances? We concluded that that was one of the larger mysteries of life.

“It’s almost time for my match. I’ll see ya when I get back Professor.” I said running down the spiral stair case with Axel close behind.

“Have fun storming zhe castle!” shouted the old man from the second floor balcony.

When I got to the stadium, the 28th match of the day was already underway. I was match 30, so I still had roughly 20 minutes to half an hour before it was my turn depending on how long these people took. The current battle went by pretty quickly, a Goth chick with white-blond hair and a Banette completely destroyed her opponent. If my math is correct, she would be my fourth opponent providing she gets that far. An official came in seconds later to call in the next participants. I sat through that battle until finally my turn came.

“Next participants are Brian and Cal.” said the returning official. A boy with medium length reddish brown hair coming out from under a black and red hat rose from his seat.

“Finally.” Cal said stretching. He walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder. “Sorry dude, but you really don’t stand a chance against me. I plan on winning this so no hard feelings right?” he said arrogantly. I stared at him and blinked a few times.

“Ok.” I said uncaringly.

“Really dude? Aw you’re the best! Thanks for understanding.” he said smugly running out to the field. Oh I understand perfectly, you’re a pansy. I turned my head to Axel with a wild look in my eyes.

“I say we rape this little bastard.” I stated just as indifferently as before.

I like a good rape fest.” the Infernape affirmed pounding his fists together. We both stated giggling crazy-evilly as we walked to join our obnoxious opponent. When we arrived on the field the crowd began cheering in anticipation of the battle to come.

“Ladies and Gentlemen! This match will be between Brian and Cal!” shouted the Referee. “Please register the three Pokémon you will use.” I grabbed a Great Ball, a Pokéball, and a dysfunctional ball covered in duct tape which was Axel’s and placed the orbs on a machine for registry. On a score board above the arena three question marked silhouettes appeared under my picture, as was the same for Cal.

“Begin!” declared the Referee. On cue we both threw out our first Pokémon. Well to be accurate, Axel was too heavy to throw, so I merely told him to go kick some ass. However, I don’t think Axel’s victim has an ass being a giant floating light blue ice head with two pointy black horns, large blue eyes, and an angry expression. I almost feel bad for the Glalie.

“H-h-hey! Weren’t you going easy on me?” asked my opponent nervously. I wanted to do this later, but I think now would be a good time to break this pansy.

“I said ‘ok’. That means you have to show me I’m no match for you.” I said spitefully. “That just means I’m kind enough to give you the first move.” I mocked. Cal glared angrily at me across the field.

“Big mistake! Ice Fang Glalie!” commanded my opponent. The Face Pokémon opened its large mouth surrounding its many teeth in ice and frost, then quickly, for a lack of a better word, floated at Axel. The monkey took a defensive stance with his left arm out and his right arm pulled in with both palms facing his adversary. When Glalie was close enough, Axel thrust his arms forward catching the Ice type, who was biting furiously at the Infernape.

“That Pokémon sure looks hungry doesn’t it Axel? Why not give it some Embers to chew on?” I suggested, though we both knew I was telling him to do it. Flamethrower would have just been too cruel at such a close range on an Ice-type. Axel did as instructed spitting numerous small flames into Glalie’s mouth and face. The giant head’s eyes widened as it let out a deafening shriek of agony. The Face Pokémon aborted its attack and pulled away in an effort to escape Axel’s relentless assault. Doing so only set it up for our next move.

“Now Close Combat!” I called. Without missing a beat, the Flame Pokémon was on Glalie hitting it with a barrage of punches and kicks.

“Hey give me a beak dude!” Cal complained.

“Then show me! Back up your big talk from the other room!” I demanded. “You said you were better than me. To me that means I have to let each of my Pokémon go all out so that they don’t get their asses kicked.” Cal looked completely nervous as a pansy like him should in this kind of situation.

“Glalie! Push the Infernape away with Icy Wind!” he called. Not a bad response. The Face Pokémon opened its mouth and blew a bone chilling wind around the field. I pulled my arms close to my body as I could already see my breath. Axel had his arms up to block most of the attack, but was still getting pushed back by the force of the attack. With this distraction, the floating head took the needed time to get as far away from Axel as possible.

“Distance won’t save you from us! Fire Spin Axel!” I commanded. The monkey shot a long stream of fire at the ground beneath Glalie which quickly grew into a spiraling tornado of flames around the Ice-type.

“Glalie! Protect!” Cal shouted desperately. A purple force field that looked like it was made of transparent ice quickly surrounded Glalie. It was all he could do to help his Pokémon in this case, but I was still smarter and knew a way around it.

“Feint.” was all I needed to say for Axel to run though his own Fire Spin, put his right fist in his left hand, and use the force of both arms to smash through Glalie’s Protect and elbow the floating head between the eyes knocking it out.

Well that was a good warm-up.” commented the Flame Pokémon cracking his knuckles and neck. I should have known; he was just getting started against this weakling.

“Glalie is unable to battle! Who will be the next Pokémon?” asked the Ref to build suspense for the spectators.

“You won’t beat my next Pokémon so easily!” declared Cal sending out another giant floating purple head, or should I say heads, both adorned with a skull and cross bones with toxic fumes emitting from the pores on its body. I’ll believe Axel not beating this Weezing when I see it.

“Let’s keep our game going Axel! Torment!” I called. Axel got a mischievous smirk on his face and started rubbing his palms together in excitement. He did some fancy acrobatics until he was right in front of Weezing, then he jumped on the Poison Gas Pokémon’s “back” and started banging on its heads like a pair of bongos while chanting “We are tormenting you!” The monkey got off Weezing’s “back” and ran back to his spot on the field while laughing like a giddy schoolboy leaving behind an angry Weezing. I started cracking up despite the situation.

“You think that’s funny?” accused Cal angrily. “I’ll show you funny! Destiny Bond Weezing! Now even if you defeat me I still win!” he declared.

“No you don’t! Taunt!” I commanded before the floating purple heads could get the attack off. Axel stuck out his tongue and held up both middle fingers. Then he started shaking his fists with the fingers still up at his opponent.

We are still tormenting you!” Weezing got angrier and launched a Sludge attack instead of what its Trainer had ordered. Despite an attempt to avoid the attack, Axel was still struck by the poisonous purplish black goo. “Man! I just got cleaned last night too!” whined Axel. If that’s all the monkey is complaining about, then I guess he hasn’t been poisoned.

“Damn it! Stop limiting my moves!” protested the pansy. My my, aren’t we full of complaints tonight.

“Shoosh you and fight like a man! If you can that is.” I taunted.

Tormenting!” Axel added obnoxiously.

“Fine, have it your way. At least after all you’ve done, I can only hurt your Infernape.” Cal jeered. “Thunderbolt!” Weezing’s body began crackling with electricity before its body convulsed releasing the stored lighting attack at the Flame Pokémon.

Fuck me.” Axel said in annoyance looking up at the incoming attack. At the last second he dodge-rolled to the side only to get sent rolling faster by the energy release from the impact of the Thunderbolt.

“Hey Axel! Are you still with me?” I inquired to the Infernape who was laying on his belly. He pushed himself up and shook off the dust. “Great. I say we lay this guy out with Combo 8.” I stated.

Oh that’s a fun one!” the monkey cheered getting in position. The flame on his head intensified as he jumped in the air and began rolling toward the Poison Gas Pokémon. This was no Flame Wheel, though, it was a Flame Wheel combined with Rollout. And not just that, there was a special treat at the end.

“Weezing! Double Hit!” called Cal. The giant siamese head floated at the rolling fireball attempting to hit the spinning monkey only to get run over. “Try again with Sludge!” my opponent commanded. Unfortunately for them, Axel’s rolling speed was just too fast as he rolled right past the purple gunk for another hit. This was so pitiful it was fun! For the finally Axel spun himself into the air, then ended his flaming Rollout with his tail covered in a coat of metal which he slammed between Weezing’s two heads smashing the Poison-type to the ground and fainting it. Yes, the special treat was Iron Tail.

“Ugh… this can’t be happening.” Cal said ashamedly while lowering the rim of his hat over his eyes.

“Oh but it is!” I said widening my eyes for emphasis. I can’t believe this guy was considered one of the 128 best Trainers in the world.

“It’s one Pokémon against three now. The battle has become one sided.” the Referee announced.

“It’s all up to you Typhlosion!” Cal called unleashing a bipedal badger with tan fur on its front and dark blue fur running from the top of its head down its back to its ankles. The Pokémon had a large flame around its collar and a mouth full of vicious fangs that were most likely used for shredding meat. The Typhlosion walked up to Axel and looked down at the Infernape. The golden monkey looked up into Typhlosion’s eyes. I could tell that this bout between Fire-types was going to be a heated match. Pun intended.

“Quick Attack Typhlosion!” shouted Cal breaking the stalemate between the Fire-types. Typhlosion jumped back, then pushed forward again turning into a blur.

“Mach Punch Axel!” I commanded. The Flame Pokémon disappeared in a golden blur flying toward the Volcano Pokémon’s blur. The two Pokémon collided in a violent clash resulting in Axel’s fist in Typhlosion’s stomach and the latter’s head in Axel’s chest. The opposing forces pulled away, each holding their respective wounds.

“Use Fire Punch Typhlosion!” ordered Cal.

“Monkey see, monkey do Axel!” I called. Both adversaries charged each other with flaming fists, each punching the other in the jaw. “Blaze Kick Axel!” The monkey covered his leg in fire then kneed the badger Pokémon in the gut, then kicked it in the face when it keeled over.

“Come on Typhlosion! Use Swift!” Cal called. The Volcano Pokémon created white stars of energy in its hands and threw them like shurikens at Axel. The Infernape put up his arms in an attempt to block the unblockable with each star bursting on his arms, causing the monkey to wince after every strike.

“Just a bit more! Furry Swipes!” I shouted. Axel threw his hands back then ran at his enemy bringing them forward as he neared Typhlosion and started slashing away.

“He won’t be able to avoid you at this close range! Use Rollout!” Cal said as if he knew what he was doing. Poor misguided Cal. The badger Pokémon leaned forward rolling over the monkey like bowling ball to pins.

Ow! Son of a bitch!” yelled Axel getting up. “Brian! Give me the order to Counter now!” What point is there to tell me what to tell him?

“Counter.” I said uncaringly. Axel grinned evilly as the rolling Typhlosion came back at him. The Infernape shoved out his arms catching the Volcano Pokémon, then lifted it over his head and threw it into the nearest wall. As Typhlosion stared getting up, Axel took it upon himself to charge his opponent and Mach Punch it in the face KOing it.

“And there goes the battle!” the Ref declared. The crowd went wild with applause and whistles. I held up both my arms victoriously.

“I… I can’t believe I lost.” said Cal in shock.

“I can.” I said matter-of-factly. “It’s because you’re a smug bastard that thought he could talk someone into losing for them. Tsk tsk.”

Hey Monkey! Can I get a banana split?” asked Axel.

“For the rape fest you just unleashed, I’m getting you two with Cheri Berries on top!” I said proudly which gave Axel a big smile like a kid in a candy store. I shouldn’t take this victory lightly though; I doubt the rest will be this easy.
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