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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter 10, Celadon City!

by Sylvious

Ace gotten to Route 9, fighting HARD trainers. Including lvl 21 Onix. Which is hard because Charizard is weak against rock types. Then Ace gets to Route 10. Ace heals his pokemon, then enters rock tunnel. But HE DID NOT HAVE A POKEMON THAT KNOWS FLASH! So Ace flys on his charizard and goes to viridian forest. He catches a Pikachu. But does not level it because he is not planning to use it. ACTUALLY YES! So Ace levels it up to the rest of his team and flys to Rock Tunnel. Using Flash, lots of trainers were there too. It was hard because most of them had rock types. But potions helped getting Ace through the two floors in Rock Tunnel. Ace found a trainer with a Snorlax which he said if Ace can beat him he would give the Snorlax to Ace. The Snorlax slept through the whole battle and Ace got the Snorlax! Ace went to Route 8 and beat a bunch of trainers. Then goes to Celadon City. Ace beats a couple more trainers. And is ready to battle erika! A young gym leader.
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  1. Sylvious
    Jul 25, 2015