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Blake Star: Sinnoh Quest: Chapter 10: A Headstrong Battle

by MegaloX

MegaloX Here we go its finally here. Gym battle number one
Blake and Cody woke up in the hotel bright and early in the morning. "I can't believe it Cody. Today we go out there and achieve a huge milestone in our journey. Our very first gym badge." he said with a huge smile. Cody chucked a bit, "Yeah unless you get too full of yourself and loose." he teased. Blake laughed, "Yeah right, there's no way I'm gonna loose out there today. You need to give it your all as well." he said confidently. Cody smiled, "How about we get ready to go and meet up with Luna?" he proposed, excited to get on with his day. Blake nodded with a huge smile and the two boys began to take care o their morning rituals.

-15 Minutes Later-

Blake pushed open the door and walked out onto the streets of Oreburgh City with Cody following right behind him. He took a quick look back and forth before quickly spotting Luna a little ways down the street. The boys noticed she was waving so they waved back. They then made their way over to her and the three were finally together again. "So are you guys excited?" Luna asked with a smile. Blake and Cody looked at each other and nodded. "You bet we are!" they responded at the same time. Luna giggled and turned around, "Alright then let's go. We should all go eat breakfast first because there's no use fighting on an empty stomach now is there?" she explained. "Well I guess." Cody said while reluctantly following Luna, not really wanting to wait any longer to battle the gym leader. Blake sighed, "Oh well, I guess it can't be helped. Let's get a move on then." he said, marching forward behind Luna and Cody with a smile.

The trio arrived at their designated breakfast location selected by Luna herself. They all sat down and waited for service. A man came over with a nice smile on his face and held up his notepad. "What's up kids what can I do for you?" he asked. "Well I'll have some eggs and bacon please." Blake said. "Pancakes for me." Cody said. "I'll have some waffles." Luna answered. The waiter quickly jotted down the orders and smiled, "I'll be right back with those." he said with a quick bow before leaving.

-5 Minutes Later-

Their food had arrived at the table in what seemed like no time at all and the three couldn't be happier. "Thanks for the food!" they all shouted with their hands together. They then got right into their meals, tearing them apart with amazing speed. Once they finished they dashed out the door and began to run towards the gym not wanting to waste anymore time. "There it is up ahead." Luna said while pointing to the large building. "Wow it's pretty big for a gym!" Cody exclaimed. Blake shrugged, "Some of the one's in Hoenn were pretty big too." he added.

The three trainers wasted no time in entering the building and finding someone who could help them. At the front desk there was a dude working on a computer who was wearing a simple orange hard hat. "Excuse me sir my friend and I would like to challenge the gym leader. Is he um...around?" he asked politely. The man looked up and smiled, "Yeah Roark's on the battlefield which is right through this door." he said, pointing. "Also, I'll name your names." he said. "I'm Blake Star." Blake answered. "Cody Nelson." the boy said. "Even though you probably won't need it since I'm not fighting, I'm Luna Marshall." she said. The man at the desk smiled, "I'm Mark and it's nice to meet you all. You can head inside now. I'm sure Roark will be thrilled." he said, pointing towards the door. "Alrighty then, I'll see you after I win my first badge." Blake said confidently as he walked through the door. The two followed behind as Mark smiled, "Roark's gonna have some fun today." he thought to himself.

Blake, Cody, and Luna entered the field and gasped, taking in the scenery. The battlefield was full of rocks and a man in a spelunker hat was simply sitting on a rock, reading a book. The man noticed his challengers and stood to his feet. "Hey there you guys. My name's Roark and I'm the Oreburgh City Gym Leader." he said proudly.

Cody noticed something out of the corner of his eye; a person. There was someone in a black cloak sitting in the very top corner of the bleachers hidden partially in the shadows. "Cody had a feeling that he knew who it was and why they were here. This simply meant that Cody didn't have the time to listen to these fossil stories that Roark had begun to go on about as he'd been thinking.

"And so then I..." Roark stopped as he was interrupted. "Let's battle now." Cody demanded. Blake and Luna both shot glances at Cody who had a cold expression on his face. Roark observed the situation and decided that it was safe to assume that this is the first time they've seen Cody act like this. "Hmph...so my theory was right after all." Roark thought to himself with a smirk. "Alright then Cody I can see you don't want to waste any time." he said as he stepped back into his starting spot. "Cody what's the matter wi..." the boy was interrupted. "Get out of my way Blake." he said, going to his spot.

Blake and Luna went to go sit in the bleachers and Blake was still trying to figure out what changed Cody so suddenly.

"2 on 2 sound good to you?" Roark asked. Cody nodded once and prepared to start. Once the ref blew his whistle the trainers released their Pokemon. Geodude for Roark and Mareep for Cody. "Mareep quick use Discharge!" Cody yelled. Roark smiled and didn't call a command. The electricity collided with Geodude and simply bounced off of it. "What the...!?" yelled a shocked Cody. Roark smiled, "Ground type Pokemon don't take any damage from electric type attacks." he said. Cody grunted, "Well if I can't use electric type then...Mareep use Tackle!" he shouted. "Geodude Rollout!" Roark shouted back. Geodude and Mareep clashed in the center of the battlefield and were both blown back.

Cody laughed a bit, "That all you got Roark?" he asked cockily. 'Oh hardly." Roark responded with a smirk before his expression became serious once more. "I was right. That guy up there must be the reason for his sudden attitude shift." he thought to himself.

The figure stood up from his seat just as Roark turned around. The two locked eyes and smirked at one another just before the cloaked man went to answer his phone.

"Agent Aquarius report now." the shady voice asked through the phone. "Of course sir. I'm happy to inform you that the brat definitely has potential. I can see why you requested me to convert him." he said with a smirk. "Agent Aquarius...out." he said, putting his phone away. He walked back out into the seating area for the battlefield and smirked, "Well Cody Nelson, let's see the true extent of your power." he said.
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