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Chapter 1

by Dragonblasster156

Dragonblasster156 created by me
"keep running Luxray," I panted heavily as Luxray and I ran through the forest with 3 Team Enigma Grunts behind us.
"now thunderbolt the Pigeotto and Staravia," I said, Luxray roared and two thunderbolts appeared striking the Enigma Grunt's
Pidgeotto and Staravia, fainting both of them.

We had to stop running as a old ruin appeared in front of us, still with one Team Enigma Grunt behind us.
"In here, hide." we ducked into the ruins hiding behind the front gates as the last Team Enigma Grunt went away.
"That was close Luxray," I said laughing softly, "let's investigate these ruins, come on,"

More chapters coming soon