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Chapter 1

by Maria Quinn

Maria Quinn Maria is all the way from Poni Island in the Alola Region, she came to Sinnoh to participate in the Pokemon Contests, right now she's in Floroma Town, hearing that there's a Pokemon Contest. "I can't wait to make my debut!" She said excitedly, then she bumped into someone, she fell to the ground, but saw a hand, and took it, when she got up, she saw the one who helped her up, it was a girl named Zoey. "You okay? You seemed to have taken a nasty fall." "Yeah, I'm fine, I'm Maria, and I'm from Poni Island in the Alola Region.' Zoey was amazed to hear that a girl was from the Alola Region. "Wow! Your actually from the Alola Region? Amazing. Well I'm Zoey, a Pokemon Coordinator." "Your a Pokemon Coordinator? I'm going to be one today!" "Well I'll see you in the battle round." Zoey says as she walked away, leaving Maria Confused, but Maria made her way to the arena.

Maria was all registered for the Pokemon Contest, and was officially a Pokemon Coordinator, and she was wearing her hair up and had a pink Kimono, the front was a bit short, but the back was to her feet. "I'm So excited!" Then a woman appears on the screen. "Welcome to the Floroma Town Pokemon Contest! I'm your host, Maryanne, and this is the ribbon that be the reward! She shows a Pink flower ribbon "We will soon see who will win this Pokemon Contest! Lets introduce our judges, Mr. Contesta! Then we have Mr. Sukizo! And our own Nurse Joy! Now lets meet our first contestant, Zoey!" "Wait, Zoey?" Zoey came and grabbed a Pokeball with a capsule "Misdreavus, Curtain!" She Threw up the Pokeball, and out came Smoke, then a Misdreavus Appeared "Double Team Go!" The Misdreavus uses Double Team in the Smoke and it made copies of itself "Wow! Look at that Double Team! It brings out the Mystery of Misdreavus!" "Now Confuse Ray!" Misdreavus's doubles disappeared and they give off a gorgeous glow "Amazing The glow brings out the best in Misdreavus!" Showing Off Misdreavus's beauty is amazing!" Mr. Contesta said "Yes, Remarkable!" "It was like Misdreavus was born to be on stage!" Nurse Joy says joyfully

How will Maria compete with a Coordinator like Zoey? Stay Tuned!