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The Goddess of Moon: Chapter 1

by MuxicalMiyu

MuxicalMiyu After much jobs, Miyu heard a voice about Moon Goddess... What is it mean?
"Get back here, outlaw!!" A loud female voice can be heard.
"If you don't surrender yourself, We're gonna make you do it by force!!"

The outlaw, a Scrafty, runs away from the girl as fast as he could so he couldn't get caught by her. But she jumps from trees to trees making him in a bit pressure.

"You pesky Riolu won't catch me at all!!" said the Scrafty to the girl, taunting her.
"THAT'S IT!! MIMORICA!!" said the girl.
"Oo~key~ dokie~" said Mimorica in somewhat a few distance.

Mimorica prepares a static on her hand and readies to use Thunderbolt. As soon as the Scrafty come closer to her, She attacks the him using the Thunderbolt and sent him flying into the air. Meanwhile, The Riolu readies Shadow Claw and attacks the Scrafty back to the ground.

The Scrafty have pinned down to a tree and can't move because the damage he received by them. The Riolu and Mimorica surround him so he's unable to escape. The Riolu calls Mimorica again and Mimorica kneels down in front of the Scrafty and kisses his forehead but not just any kiss, Draining Kiss. With that, the Scrafty faints.

A few minutes later, a little group of Magnemites and Magnetons lead by a Magnezone come and arrest the outlaw.

"Thank you for capturing this outlaw, zrrt" said the Magnezone, Officer Magnezone.
"You have done an excellent job, Team Nightingale, beep"
"It's part of our job" said the Riolu.
"I'll be seeing you later, kzrrrt" said Officer Magnezone

With that, the Officer and his group leave with the outlaw.

"Well done, shall we get back to the guild, Miyu?" said Mimorica to the Riolu
"Yeah... We have done job of course" said the Riolu, Miyu.

Few minutes of walking, They arrive at a Wigglytuff-shaped tent and go underground. They both greet other exploration and rescuer teams and tell them that their job finished.

"How was your job, Miyu?" said a female Sneasel
"Very tiring..." said Miyu as she sat down on a stool
"We have 12 jobs this week and it keeps going and going"
"It is true that you will get a lot of jobs because your team is Sky-High rank after all", said a Mismagius
"Don't your team is also Sky-High rank, Ovia, Treana?" said Miyu
"We're both still in Hill-Mid rank" said Ovia, the female Sneasel
"We're not that active as you and Mimorica do. It is kinda impressive that you're the latest team yet you're the highest rank in the guild" said Treana, the Mismagius
"Chatot gave us a lot of jobs to do that's why" said Miyu
"I guess you will get your break tomorrow and Chatot probably gonna send some teams to work" said Ovia
"Amaris is really full of danger" said Treana
"Maybe you're right... Amaris is full of danger and that's why we're here as exploration and rescuer teams, to protect Amaris" said Miyu

A few minutes of talking, Miyu goes to her room and sees Mimorica has waited for her. She immediately fall to her bed while Mimorica just stares at her.

"Tired?" said Mimorica
"Very" said Miyu
"Well, we'll have a day off tomorrow so you can rest all you want"
"Aren't you tired as well, Mimo?"
"I kinda but you're tired physically and I am not"
"I bet being a Kirlia is really great for you"
"Hey Miyu..."
"Do you ever heard a word of Moon Goddess?"
"Moon Goddess? What is that?"
"I am not sure but that Scrafty said something about Moon Goddess from under his breath"
"Maybe he just talked trash. Don't mind him"
"Ok then~"

A moment silence happen in the room. Miyu just lays her face on the bed while Mimorica just hums a song. In a few minutes, Miyu gets up and starts open the door.

"Where are you going, Miyu?" said Mimorica
"The usual thing that I do at night" said Miyu
"Well ok then just be careful"

Miyu walks out and goes outside. The night and starry sky has greeted the girl from beyond the space. Where she stands is pretty high up. You can see a lot of things from the front of the guild.

She sit on the stairs and starts to sing. Her voice fills the air around the area. The wind blew so softly as it has matched to the song's rhythm. The cool breeze at night feels so nice. Miyu sings a lot until...

Miyu stops singing and sees a small flickering light in the corner of the region. But the light fades immediately.

"What was that? A light from the corner of Amaris?" said Miyu

Suddenly, her vision becomes blurry and her head hurts a bit. She holds her head lightly, trying to stop the pain but a voice can be heard by her. The voice seems to call her name over and over again.

Until she blinks and sees that she was in a different place. Fog and mist everywhere. Miyu looks around and tries to find a way out but failed.

The voice speaks up...

"My dear... Please... Find the Moon Goddess..." said the voice around the fog and mist.
"Moon Goddess? What do you mean?!" said Miyu with panic.
"Don't be afraid... Please... Find the Moon Goddess pieces... Restore it and Come to me..."
"Why me? Who are you?!"

But no answer.

Miyu suddenly opens her eyes and sees Mimorica's worry look. She looks around, she's in her room.

"Miyu, you're ok?" said Mimorica still worrying about her friend
"W-what happened?" said Miyu with a slight pant to catch breath
"I was worried why you take so long. So I went outside and saw You were unconscious on the ground"
"Oh sorry..."
"Did something happened?"
"No... just tired"
"Ok then"

Mimorica goes to her bed. She turns off the light and falls asleep while Miyu is still awake.

"I am better not think of that right now... just stay focus..." said Miyu

Slowly, she falls asleep.
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