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Darrius' Tale: Chapter 1

by PokemonTrainerDArrius

PokemonTrainerDArrius Introduction
*Author’s Note: This story is written in First Person perspective, with the narrator being Darrius.

Hello! My name is Darrius, and I figured it was time that I tell my story. I'm currently 22 years old, serving as an assistant to Professor Krane of the Pokemon HQ Lab in the Orre Region. I've been musing about how to tell my tale as it's happened thus far, and I figure the best way is to just give it to you as it is.
I was born 6 years after the Cipher incident to a couple who had moved to Orre from Hoenn, in the city of Gateon Port. My mother and father were Trainers in Hoenn, of some renown in their respective Trainer classes, being Ace Trainer and Dragon Tamer respectively. My father "retired" to Orre to work with Professor Krane, so I spent a lot of time as a child around that Lab. When I was 6 years old, my father gave me an egg that he'd bred for me for my birthday. After a lot of care and lots of craddling, the egg hatched into Havoc the Bagon, my starter Pokemon, and my lifelong partner. After a while, i became enamored with the idea of becoming a trainer, and idolized Trainers like Lance, Kanto/Johto's Champion; Steven, Hoenn's Champion; Drake, the Dragon Master of Hoenn's Elite Four; and Michael, Orre's hero from the Cipher Resurgence. I got to personally know Michael having hung around the Lab for so long. He was a very quiet guy, very compassionate towards people and Pokemon alike, even the poor Shadow Pokemon that Cipher made. Thinking about it, I probably adopted my approach towards helping from people and Pokemon from him.
Many years passed, and through my training with Havoc, he evolved from Bagon to Shelgon, then Shelgon to Salamence. I was around 16 when Michael finally completed purifying all the Shadown Pokemon that Cipher had created, and went off to conquer the Orre Colosseum. In light of this, Professor Krane asked my father to ask me if I would serve as his assistant until Michael returned. He explained that he'd be creating a unified document that would catalogue all the research of every Pokemon Professor in the world. When i agreed, he told me my first stop would be in the region of Kalos, where I would temporarily assist Professor Sycamore in his research on Kalos culture and it's tie to Mega Evolution, and that is where my story will begin.
  1. CHIP chip gaming
    CHIP chip gaming
    oooh i like it
    Feb 2, 2017
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  2. Mystic Zander
    Mystic Zander
    Nice first chapter. Very well made.
    Feb 2, 2017
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