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Romantic Youth: Chapter 1

by Sparklespot336

Hayato opened his eyes half open, seeing a blur of a young girl right in front of his eyes. He wiped his eyes and got up.

"Onii-chan, you have school today!" Hayato's sister, named Shun was 5 years old, and always wakes up her older brother.

Hayato yawned. "... Am I early?" He asked. Shun looked at him and sighed and told him what time it was. Uh oh... He thought.

"I'm off!" He raised his hand and ran off. His mom waved and closed the door. He was walking to school, until he heard a familiar voice come closer.

"Hayato-kun~!" It said. Hayato looked behind him anxious. He looked back to where he was walking, as he was near the school, as something grabbed his shoulder. "Hayato-kun, stop ignoring me!" The voice said again.

Hayato had enough of it. "Just stop screaming out my name, and mind your own business! I am trying to walk to school here you stranger!" The words escaped his mouth. He looked at the person who touched his shoulder and gasped.

He wiped his eyes. It was a cute girl with blonde hair up to her hip, and very wavy. It also ended with a fade of brunette. Uh oh... Hayato thought again. Everyone gasped looking at Hayato. Nearly most of the students in the school were afraid of him, well the boys at least. He was extremely popular with the girls.

His face turned deep red. The girl looked at Hayato. "Why did you do that?" Hayato couldn't believe he had said such rude things to a certain girl he likes.

"Sorry, Aoi-chan!" He bowed quick, sweating of embarrassment. He didn't want Aoi to think he was such a weird guy, but he thinks that she will be mad at him.

Aoi giggled. "Your mind can get really confusing sometimes!" She grabbed his hand, as Hayato's face turned red. Aoi looked at him worried. "Your face is red, so it must be hot. We've got to get inside quick."

Hayato's face began to be more red. Uh oh, I am blushing right in front of her as she knows herself... Hayato was having a hard time. He looked at Aoi's face. Aoi saw him looking at her, and she gave him a cute smile. Hayato smiled as he has seen heaven.

I was planning to do this for 4 hours last night! I have to confess! But this might not be the perfect place to do it. He was in love with Aoi since they were 5, the age of his young sister Shun.

No one ever knows that Hayato likes Aoi. But Hayato knew whenever he would try tell everyone, all the girls would be crowding around him, wkth lots of guys being jealous, because all the girls like him. Not a single chance they actually like him, they always thought. But there will lnly be one person he will tell, and he knows it.

This is a regular school day, instead its really really hot. I can't take it anymore, why cant we just go out?! I want a miracle to happen... Hayato thought. Aoi looked in front of her blushing at Hayato.

Hayato is the only one to ask, because its my only chance... She looked at her knee's nervously shaking. The teacher caught his eyes on Aoi sweating. He glared at Aoi, and he could read her like a book.

"Aoi! Pay attention!" He snapped. Aoi gasped. Hayato looked behind him. Aoi's face turned red. Come on, I was able to play it cool this morning, but why not now?! Her mouth opened as she was about to speak, until she felt one gentle tap on her shoulder.

She looked next to her, and saw her friend Yukko, who had brunette hair up to her shoulders that were wavy. She wore contacts, and had a cute face. She is very popular with the guys. Some people thought that they were dating, since they both had the great looks, but they knew those people were wrong.

Yukko nodded at Aoi. She looked down and lifted her head to Hayato. She tapped his shoulder twice and quickly brang them back.

Hayato looked at Aoi red faced. "Oh! Aoi-chan..." He said nervously. "Need anything?" Hayato was super embarrassed talking to Aoi. Is this a confession? No way, she wouldn't like someone like me. He saw Aoi's red face. She looks so cute like that I can't hold it..

Aoi looked up at Hayato with a cute grin. "I just need your rubber please, I forgot mine!!" She said. She was sweating, and the red face grew up again. Hayato looked at his pencil case red faced, and quickly got it out, and passed it to Aoi quickly. "Take it!" He loudly whispered. Luckily, no one heard him. Aoi got the rubber.

"I'm home!" He said as he got home. He saw a girl on his couch with long straight blonde hair, eating a lollipop. She saw Hayato. He gasped. "Onii-chan your home!" Shun said.
  1. The AnimeFreak
    The AnimeFreak
    I read this. I almost expected it to be like Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai, where the main character likes someone else instead of his future girlfriend at first.
    Jul 29, 2016
  2. Sparklespot336
    This is going to be romance soon.
    Jul 29, 2016