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Digimon Tamers 2: Chapter 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Time to broaden my horizons! Starting today....
Chapter 1: The Day Everything Changed

In 1985, a group of college students created a internet game filled with Digital Characters known as Digital Monster, or Digimon. They programed the creatures with high intelligence, usually, and special abilities along with a survival instinct. When the creatures gained more data, the evolved through Digital Adaptation, aka Digivolution.

Their game was known as the Digital World, and was a peaceful place where the internet animals would reside. One day, though, for unknown reasons, the game in progress was stopped to a halt, and the data was scattered across the internet. However, it was so strong and the Digimon were incredibly intelligent, becoming it’s own world inhabited by Digimon themselves with their own social orders. But when the viruses of the Digital World began taking over, the highest orders of the socialisation chose children known as the Digital Destined, Digidestined, to be partnered with Digimon and save their world….And now, in 2017, these kids have been chosen.

“Ha! Gotcha!” 12 year old boy, Rogan “Logan” Makku announced, placing down a Tyrannomon card on his Agumon card, as him and his friend Yosefu “Joey” Kasai had been playing the Digimon Card Game in their friend’s Tsuiseki’s treehouse.

“Aw man! I didn’t have my Gargomon card with me….” Joey sighed, grabbing his Terriermon card and putting it in his case. Tsuiseki Bareru, called Chase since he often was seen running, laughed and pulled out his deck of cards. Logan was wearing a green t-shirt and dark grey jeans. He had dark brown straight hair in the back that lid up to a cow lick in the front. He had light blue eyes and a pinkish tint to his cheeks. Next to him was one of his best friends, Joey, who had the exact opposite demeanor. Instead of being cool and collected, Joey looked about ready to start bouncing off the walls. He had brown hair and curls in the very back of his load of hair, and even though he had just lost, he had a huge smile on his face. He also had hazel eyes and wore a brown shirt with a white and black shield insignia with two swords crossing in the back. He had black sweat pants and wore blue and green shoes. Sitting next to Joey was his younger brother Richado, Richard, who patted his sibling on the back.

“Don’t worry bro, you’ll win next time!” Richard guaranteed, flashing a smile similar to his brother’s. He wore a blue and white striped button shirt with brown khaki pants, and had dark brown hair with a few tuffs on the back left. Chase wore a red shirt and had blue jeans, had a buzz cut with shingles, and had black shoes. He also had brown eyes and smug smile, though he was even shorter than Richard.

“My tur- Hey! Guys, look!” Chase yelled, pointing out the window at a light flashing through some grass.
“It’s a light, so what? Probably just a piece of glass... Hey, maybe it’s a gem! DIBS!” Joey yelled and jumped out the door, forgetting that they were about 8 feet above ground and fell down on his butt.

“Ah crap….Hey, look it’s Meredith! Hi, Meredith!” Kevin yelled, waving to a girl walking by. She turned around and waved back. She had shorter hair, only reaching her shoulders and wore glasses. She had a multi colored sweater and magenta skinny jeans. She walked forward to Kevin.
“Hey Joey, how’s it going? Playing Digimon again?” She smirked. Her name was Meredisu Sumisu, but went with Meredith.

“Yep! How did you guess?” Joey replied, while his friends climbed down the ladder and walked over to the shine.

“Hey, Joey, what’s that light over there?” Meredith asked, pointing to his friends looking at the light.

“OH! Yeah, come on, let’s go see it!” Joey exclaimed, so they walked over as well. When they got to the light, they saw it had formed into a orange and white device.

“Hey, is that a Digivice!??!?! Holy crap! It looks exactly like the real thing! And look!” Logan screamed, picking the device up and also grabbing a yellow card that was next to it.

“That looks like the Yellow Card from Tamers that allowed the DigiDestined to go to the Digital World! Uh….Should we, uh, try doing it? I mean, sure it’s probably just some kid’s toy but what if?” Kevin asked, beaming with energy.

“Yeah right,” Logan sighed, but nonetheless tried it,”I mean, what are the chances of that happening-!” The boy was interrupted when he slashed the card through the Digivice, enveloping them all in a bright light.

Candlemon Village, Digital World

“I mean seriously, like zero chance of that happe- HOLY CRAP!” Logan screamed when he saw the new environment. The group had been transported by the Digivice to the Digital World, where they were now in a jungle like setting with many buzzing and crippling noises about.

“Are we in the Digital World? Awesome!” Joey cheered, looking around beaming.

“Uh….Seriously? Cool I guess…..Wait, Joey that means we’re in another plain of existence, right!? How are we gonna get back?” Meredith panicked, slapping Joey in the face for no reason.

“Ow...Eh, whatever. If it makes you feel better. So if we’re in the Digital World, that means…...uh, there’s Digimon. So that means we have to get to civilization where good Digimon live! Or we freak out and hide. I suggest the first idea.” Joey explained, while Richard tapped his brother on his shoulder.

“Uh, Bro, there’s a sign right there it says “Candlemon Village”. I think that means Candlemon live there!” Richard pointed to a sign, which caught Logan’s interest.

“Candlemon, huh? They’re supposed to be very peaceful Digimon, so we should go there! Right guys?” Logan asked, turning to his friends.

“Whatever you think.” Chase replied, while the others nodded in agreement. The team walked past the sign into a path, which led to a large village, which was, non-surprisingly, was filled with Candlemon.
“Wow! It’s actual Digimon!” Meredith exclaimed, eyes widening. In the midst of the Candlemon they spotted a human like figure dressed like a wizard, which they recognised as Wizardmon, Candlemon’s Digivolution.

“Wizardmon! Guys, let’s go talk to him!” Logan said, and him and the others ran over to the Digimon.

“Excuse, me, Wizardmon?” Joey asked, confronting the older monster.

“Hello the- Oh! Humans! That means- Oh I’m very sorry! I am Wizardmon, and you are the Digidestined. Um… Well, I was supposed to be your guide and come to get you about an hour from now….One of my Candlemon must’ve messed up and dropped the Digivice off too early….I’m just glad you managed to find me!” The creature explained.

“Digidestined? You mean….us!?!? Me, Joey, Meredith, Ryan and Chase??!?! We’re all Digidestined!?!?” Logan asked, shocked. The others were as well.

“Well, you seem to know who I am, so I’m going to assume you have watched the TV Shows that documented the previous Digidestined’s adventures! You, Logan and company, are the second generation of Digimon Tamers.” Wizardmon informed.

“That’s….THAT’S FREAKING AWESOME!” Logan and Joey said in unison, while Ryan beamed. Chase smiled widely and Meredith was blabbering in excitement.

“Well, Logan Makku, you are the first to get a Digivice and Digimon Partner, as you are the leader of the Digidestined.” Wizardmon told, and pointed to the Orange Digivice in his hands.

“I’m...the leader?.....Wait, right! Digimon Partner! I get a Digimon Partner! Right?” Logan asked, looking up at Wizardmon.

“Yes. And I shall take you to him. Joseph, Meredith, Chase, Richard, please stay here while I go and introduce Logan to his new friend.” Wizardmon told the others, and the two walked out of the village into a forest.

“So, who’s my partner?” Logan asked excitedly.

“You’ll find out….right now! Look over there.” Wizardmon answered, nodding to a cave over to the end of the forest.

“Kickass!” Logan cheered, and ran over into the cave and looked around. Wizardmon chuckled and walked in with him.

“Is that….?” Logan questioned his eyesight, as he saw an orange dinosaur like Digimon with large claws and green eyes looking back at him.

“Is that….?” The Digimon asked back, then both ran to each other and hugged.

“You’re my partner!” They screamed in happiness.

“I’m Rogan Makku, but you can call me Logan!” The new leader greeted, while his partner shook his hand.

“I’m Agumon! And I’m really excited that I’m gonna be partners with the new leader of the Digidestined!” Agumon yelled, and jumped up and down.

“Oh yeah! I’m the leader…..I’ll have to get some goggles for next time!” Logan laughed, then looked back at Wizardmon, who smiled under his scarf.

“Well done, now, let’s return to the others so we can find their partners.” Wizardmon said, and they began to walk out of the cave, when suddenly, a large explosion went off near the Candlemon Village.

“What was that!?” Logan screamed, and Agumon ran forward to see what was going on.

“My village! It’s being attacked! Quick, we must stop it!” Wizardmon shouted, and flew over the forest to his home. Logan and Agumon followed, running as fast as they could.

When the pair got to the village, they saw that a large bear like Digimon had been slashing and crushing many of the Candlemon houses, as well as attacking the Digimon themselves.

“Hey Yogi! Why are you so angry, did you get a BOO BOO?” Joey yelled, standing a few feet away from the beast. Meredith, Richard and Chase were running away with the Candlemon into the Candlemon Church, but Joey stayed behind to try to bait the bear away.

The Digimon roared at Joey, who chuckled and began running away, while the beast ran after him.

“Aw, come on Grizzlymon, BEAR with me!” Joey punned, revealing the enemy’s name. Wizardmon and Logan facepalmed at Joey’s bad jokes.

“Damn it, Joey, there’s no time for bad puns…..Quick, Agumon we gotta do something or Joey’s gonna get destroyed!” Logan said to his partner, who nodded and let out a fireball from his mouth.

“Pepper Breath!” Agumon yelled, and Grizzlymon was hit in the rear. The beast slipped and fell on it’s stomach, then got up and glared at Agumon.

“This is bad….Wait, I know!” Logan declared, and picked up a twig, then chucked it at Grizzlymon, who was hit in the forehead.

“Eat that, Bear Breath! Stop hurting my friends!” Logan yelled, running up to Agumon. Wizardmon looked at Logan in awe, seeing he was truly a loyal friend. Wizardmon decided to try to help, and he sent an electric blast from his wand.

“Electro Squall!” Wizardmon shouted, zapping Grizzlymon. The Nature Spirits Monster turned to Wizardmon and slashed him in the chest, sending him flying back.

“Wizardmon! Oh no, what are we gonna do, Agumon?” Logan asked, looking at his Digital Partner, when he felt a tingle in his pocket. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out an orange computer drive, then looked at his Digivice.

“Agumon….I think this is supposed to go in my Digivice, maybe it activates something that’ll help….” Logan thought, and plugged the chip into a plug in that was on the side of his device, which caused an bright orange glow to come from it, and the glow shot an orange beam to Agumon, giving him more energy, and Agumon began to shake.

“Agumon digivolve to…..” Agumon began the transformation known as digivolution, where a Digimon would gain more data to temporarily become much stronger and receive a new form. This came from the power of Logan’s friendship and the disc that stored that power, activating this new ability.

Agumon became a orange, light based figure of himself and began growing in size drastically, then started growing spikes on his back. His claws became sharper, and he then roared. The light disappeared, and in place of Agumon was his Digivolved form…..

“TYRANNOMON!” The Champion level roared.

“WOAH.” Logan awed, and his friends had the same reaction, with Joey falling on his butt from amazement and the others looking out from the church window.

“He Digivolved…..Does this chip make Agumon do that?” Logan asked himself, looked down at the chip that was inserted in his Digivice.

“It doesn’t matter how big you get, I’m gonna destroy you and this entire village! For Devidramon!” Grizzlymon roared, and dashed at Tyrannomon.

“Let me show you what true power is, Blaze Blast!” Logan’s partner growled, and shot a large fireball at Grizzlymon, who grunted and skid back a bit, but continued racing forward.

“MAUL ATTACK!” Grizzlymon screamed, and jumped up in the air. He began slashing at Tyrannomon, who grabbed Grizzlymon’s paw and slammed him to the ground.

“That’s it! Get him, Tyrannomon!” Logan cheered, while Joey stood up and looked at Logan with envy. He couldn’t wait until he got his partner.

“Dino Kick!” Tyrannomon yelled, and kicked Grizzlymon in the stomach, resulting in a yelp from pain. Grizzlymon slowly got up, then shot a beam from the moon sign on his head.

“Ursa Blast!” Grizzlymon roared, and Tyrannomon was pushed back a bit by the pressure, but stood his ground.

“You can do it, buddy!” Logan yelled, and Tyrannomon’s eyes shined with determination. The large dinosaur Digimon’s claws extended and glew orange, then charged forward at Grizzlymon furiously.

“SLASH CLAW!” Tyrannomon roared, and slashed at Grizzlymon right in the chest, leaving a giant claw mark in it’s skin, with data soaring out of it, and the beast screamed out in pain, then spoke his last words, “It was all for you, Lord Devidramon….”. Then, Grizzlymon exploded into data, which Tyrannomon looked at, wondering if he should absorb it. However, it is absorbed by Logan’s Digivice, which surprised the pair.

“What just happened?” Logan asked himself, looking at Wizardmon. The tall guide looked down at Logan impressed.

“Well, first of all, that was an amazing job Logan and Tyrannomon! You handled that situation very well! Oh, and that drive that you used to Digivolve Agumon is the result of your loyalty to your friends, and that power was transferred to your Digimon with the power of that drive. That power is only a temporary boost, though, and it will wear off soon. Like right now!” Wizardmon explained, pointing to Agumon, having de-digivolved.

“And when Grizzlymon was turned into data, it went into the Digivice, and you can now use Grizzlymon’s power to give its strength to Agumon for a while. It will happen with every Digimon you defeat.” Wizardmon finished, and Logan and Agumon grinned at each other.

“Awesome! I can’t wait to beat some more Digimon! We’re gonna beat ‘em every single time! Wait….Time! Doesn’t time pass in the Digital World?” Logan asked worriedly.

“Yes, it does, but at a much faster pace. What would’ve been 3 hours in our world is only 1 hour and a half in yours! So do not worry at all.” Wizardmon told the leader.

“Cool, but can we go home? I need to get some goggles!” Logan joked, laughing, while the others laughed with him.

“Absolutely! Just slide that yellow card you had when you first got here.” Wizardmon confirmed, and Logan did as he said. The group of kids along with Agumon and Wizardmon, then teleported out of the Digital World, with one of the Candlemon digivolving into Wizardmon to become the new protector and leader of the village.

Bareru Residence, Earth

The group appeared back in Chase’s backyard, and sat down on the ground. Logan looked down at Agumon to see that he had de-digivolved back into his In-Training state, Koromon.

“Huh. I guess the human world doesn’t have enough data for Agumon to retain his rookie form. Wizardmon, should we come back tomorrow?” Logan asked their guide, who nodded.

“Good idea. I will have the next Digivice prepared for then, and we will find their partner. For now, Chase, would you mind if I stay in your treehouse for the night?” Wizardmon asked the Digidestined.

“No problem, just try not to make much noise. My mom might notice!” Chase warned, and said goodbye to his friends then walked into his house. Joey and Richard said goodbye to Logan and Meredith, then Joey got on his scooter and Richard on his bike and rode off. Meredith got her backpack and said goodbye to Logan, then walked away. That left Logan with his partner, and the two looked at each other, smiling.

“So, Koromon, wanna come home with me? I have a nice pillow for you to sleep on and lots of chips!” Logan asked his partner.

“Sure! It outta be lotsa fun!” Koromon beamed, and jumped into Logan’s arms. The two walked away, and Logan put his Digivice, drive and card in his pocket.


Dragon’s Den, Digital World

“Master Devidramon, one of your top soldiers, Grizzlymon, was killed today. When he went to destroy Wizardmon, the new Digidestined’s guide, they came early and a boy and his new partner Tyrannomon came and beat him. Shall we find a replacement?” A green ogre like Digimon said to a much taller, black one. The smaller one was Goblimon, an evil Digimon who like to smash things. The taller Digimon was Devidramon, a champion level virus Digimon with incredible power, who shook his head, then spoke.

“Hmm….How….disappointing. It looks like our plan to take over the Digital World has failed….. Well, tomorrow we will be prepared. Send out the Armors…” The evil dragon declared, and Goblimon nodded, walking away.

“Hmph. I will rule this world, and those pests are nothing but ants in my incredible wrath. Soon enough, they will die….” Devidramon laughed, looking out into his dark kingdom, with many Devimon training Rookie and Champion Digimon to take become part of their leader’s army.

“All of them…..Chase, Richard, Meredith, Joey and Logan…Mwahahahah- Nope, no more generic evil laughs. I know! GWAhahahahahahahahahahaha! Yeah. Gwa. I’m gonna use that more often.”