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Solandis: Chapter 1:Travel Starts

by MihajloJedi

MihajloJedi So this is chapter 1 of story Solandis, first we need to meet out characters, and main plot
Here we have characters featured in this episode
Michael Shroudy by @m1h4jl0
Kevin Claw by @Killerbunny
Gul Shagar by @Pokéboy098
Bruno Shroudy by @XBD
Heaven and Nevaeh Kiefer by @OtisRolePlays
Akrunako Kajasayak by @PrincessPika
Adrian Snow by @Red Gallade
And last, but not least Skylar Cosmos by @Jodie.xox
It was midnight. A boy named Michael was sleeping in his house in a very uncomfortable bed. He had a nightmare. His whole body was sweating. Suddenly he woke up. He sat up, looked over his shoulder and saw wound that he got yesterday after raiders attacked his village.
'It was just a dream again' Michael thought and fell asleep again.

In sunrise, Michael got up and woke up his little brother Bruno.
"Bruno, wake up." Michael said quietly.
Bruno opened his eyes and looked at his brother.
"What is it now Michael?" Bruno said with a sleepy voice.
"Get up, we gotta go." Michael said again.
"Fine, fine." Bruno answered and started changing his robes.
"Kevin and I will wait for you in the forest, 400 meters on the west." Michael said while he was getting out of the window.
He jumped down and started walking to the forest when he noticed someone sitting on the tree.
"Cmon Kevin we gotta go!" Michael yelled and started running.
Kevin was following him while jumping from tree to tree. In 5 minutes Michael got to the meeting place and Kevin wasn't there yet.
"I won this time," Michael said when he saw Kevin jumping down from a tree in front of him. Kevin got down and greeted Michael.
"Now, we just wait, huh?" Kevin asked Michael, but he just smiled and looked at the path where they came from.

In a few minutes, Bruno came from together with Heaven and Nevaeh. Bruno was a boy that looked like a pure copy of his brother Michael. Heaven and Nevaeh were twins that were really similar by look, and very different by their personalities and clothing styles. After just a bit Gul, Adrian, Skylar, and Akrunako arrived as well. Gul was a girl, almost a woman, very high and was really attractive. Skylar was shorter and beautiful. Akrunako was one of the human-like creatures called Tengu. She had pale skin and long red-brown hair. Adrian was the only boy in this group. He was an elf with long white hair always tied in a ponytail.
"You finally arrived," Michael said.
"Yeah, we waited for you for soooo long." Kevin added.
"If you don't mind, but I would like to hear what is this about, cause I wanna go and sleep again," Skylar said and yawned.
"Follow me, I wanna show you something." Michael said with a serious voice and started walking north.
They walked for a few minutes. No one said anything on their way to that place. They were all tired and only wanted to sleep. When they arrived, it made sense why Michael wanted to show them this place. They were standing on a cliff and had the most beautiful view ever. Under cliff they saw forests of Solandis and just a few kilometers away from them, there were great mountains covered in snow and ice.
"So what you wanted to talk about Michael." Gul said first to end the silence.
"You all know that recently I became 18 years old. And you know I got beaten up many times because I didn't wanted to step back and watch people steal something that belongs to my family and friends." Michael said with higher volume so he sounded like he was at least 10 years older.
"We know that you like to be beaten up. But what does it have to do with us?" Adrian asked curiously.
"A few days ago, I found the book in old Peter's house when I was cleaning it. The book was full of interesting stories about the War. One of them interested me a lot. It was about reviving of God's." Michael said.
"Michael, I don't think stories are true." Akrunako interrupted Michael in his speech.
"Wait, hear me till the end. Apparently, if you find all 7 legendary stones, you can revive either one of God's or both of them." Michael continued.
"That is a really nice story and stuff, but I know that isn't the real reason why you called us here." Adrian said.
"No, the true reason is that I am gonna sneak out of the house and try to find all stones, so I can revive Omnia." Michael said again with higher volume.
All of them were shocked. Michael wasn't known for doing such things as this one is.
"Well, I am going with you. I know it's a suicide mission, but you are my best friend and I can't just let you go alone." Kevin said and stood next to Michael.
"I am going too, cause I am just tired of this vandalism." Gul said, but that wasn't a real reason. She had one secret, but no one knew about it.
"I will go too. I know it's not okay to leave mom alone, but this might be the only way to end this." Bruno said with tears in his eyes.
"Why don't we all just agree to go. We all know it is going to be that way." Neveah said almost bored and everyone agreed with her.
They were planning to sneak out of the village in midnight and go towards East forests, cause the first clue was given in book already. That is how one journey started. The journey that will change the world forever.
  1. Clite of Dragonbow
    Clite of Dragonbow
    Hello there, I just needed to remind myself this beautiful beginning...
    May 4, 2019
    Eliiiscool and MihajloJedi like this.
  2. OtisRolePlays
    Oooo I love how you added Nevaeh’s personality into the story! Everything she says goes well with her personality. And the writing overall is very good!
    May 2, 2019
    Eliiiscool and MihajloJedi like this.
  3. Jodie.xox
    I think it starts off fine, I mean, you gotta have the journey start some time or it’ll just take forever and get boring!
    Mar 3, 2019
  4. MihajloJedi
    I forgot about him
    Mar 3, 2019
  5. donald.duck
    im giving u critique now

    or maybe its my fault i forgot to say this

    but bruno carries turnip around in his pocket wherever he goes

    or u just didnt write him in
    Mar 2, 2019
  6. MihajloJedi
    Mar 2, 2019
  7. Killerbunny the god
    Killerbunny the god
    I'm gonna give you some critique now.

    It's going a little bit too fast. I know it's hard to write a story but you need to be atleast a little more vague about certain things and get feelings to be developed over time.

    That's just my opinion but you do you. It was a good first chapter but please think about what i said :)
    Mar 2, 2019
  8. MihajloJedi