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Custom Region Adventure: Chapter 1: Trainers Of A New Region

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer First chapter, yes finally. But lets not forget I am accepting characters for this series. I will do the same for Pokestats and teams that I am doing for Pokemon Trainer Adventure. Enjoy :)
"Flame and Katie your going to be late to recieve your first pokemon." Mom said.
"I know mom, im coming." Flame said walking into the kitchen.
"You take good care of your sister Flame." Dad said reading a newspaper.
"Dad, I can take care of myself." Katie said.
"I was just messing, take care of eachother, we will see you guys there later." Dad said.
*At the lab*
"I cant believe we are getting our first pokemon today." Katie said.
"Welp, lets go in." Flame said walking in.
"Hello, Im the professor of the Malakalo region, my name is Chrome." Professor said.
"Hi professor, we are here for our starters." Flame said.
"Well, there is only two left to choose from." Chrome said.
"Huh, you mean, someone beat us here?" Katie asked.
"Yes thats what I mean, but we still have a pokemon for the each of you." Chrome said grabbing to pokeballs.
"I want the cute Eevee if you still have it." Katie said.
"I actually still have it." Chrome said handing Katie Eevee's pokeball.
"Whats left for me?" Flame asked.
"Pichu." Chrome said holding up Pichu's pokeball.
"Sweet, i could evolve into Pikachu." Flame said accepting Pichu's pokeball.
"There is just one problem though." Chrome said.
"What is it?" Katie said as Pichu and Eevee came out of their pokeballs.
"They dont like to be in their pokeballs." Chrome said.
"Fine by me." Flame said putting Pichus pokeball on his belt. Pichu jumped onto his shoulder.
"I get to see cute Eevee more." Katie said also putting Eevees pokeball in her pocket.
"I forgot you where a dress." Flame said.
"Im your sister how did you forget?" Katie asked.
"No clue, its me." Flame said as Eevee jumped onto Katie's shoulder.
*Outside the lab*
"Your pokemon are cute." Mom said.
"Good choices, they have the best defense to other types." Dad said.
"Yep, Eevee is only weak to Fighting and Pichu us only weak to Ground." Mom said.
"How about a battle bro?" Katie asked.
"Sure." Flame said.
"I guess I will ref the battle." Chrome said.
"Chrome my old friend." Dad said.
"It cant be you, I believe your kids will be good trainers since its you and your wife." Chrome said.
"Why thank you, you were a good trainer also." Dad said.
"Flame, do you know who your mom and dad are?" Chrome asked.
"Nope." Flame said.
"Me neither." Katie said.
"They are Flame and Mal." Chrome said.
"Im named after you?" Flame asked.
"Yep, oh I remember back when I was a trainer." Dad said. "Maybe you can face your ole' man one day."
"Maybe." Flame said.
"I remember the first time when I saw your mothers connection with Braixen." Chrome said.
"Huh?" Katie said.
"Maybe you will bond with your pokemon like them." Chrome said.
"Lets just have our battle." Katie said.
*On battle field*
"Pichu I choose you." Flame said as Pichu got onto the battle field.
"Eevee your up." Katie said and Eevee hopped onto the battlefield.
"Pichu use Thunder Shock." Flame said and Eevee was weakened.
"Eevee use Tackle." Katie said and Pichu was weakened.
"Pichu use Thunder Shock once more." Flame said and Eevee was defeated.
"Aww, Eeve lost its first battle." Katie said picking her up.
"Welp, I guess you two will be leaving." Mom said.
"Yep." Flame said with a happy Pichu on his shoulder.
"Lets go catch pokemon." Katie said.
"Im coming." Flame said running to catch up with Katie.
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  1. Cloudswift
    Wonder if Aspen's gonna make an appearance...Looks like the professor was taken! XD
    Jan 23, 2017
  2. Flame the Trainer
    Flame the Trainer
    @Prince Noir i made a written work called Information and it tells you about submitting characters.
    Jan 22, 2017
  3. Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    Shiny Blue Gardevoir
    If you're accepting characters, then how about adding one of my most used OCs?

    Name: Daniel

    Age: 15

    Trainer class: Coordinator

    Appearance: He is lanky, with olive skin and curly brown hair. He's also in a wheelchair.

    Pokémon: (I'll leave it up to you to decide how and when he gets them): Serperior, shiny Honchkrow, Mightyena, Plusle, Lopunny (Trained to push his wheelchair) and Machoke
    Jan 22, 2017