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Chapter 1: The Stories of Light

by The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak The Light Samurai (inspired by Steel Samurai from the Gyakuten Saiban franchise) starts his story off in Kyoto as a child. When he was a child, he was sent away because of an attack in his city, so someone adopted him and ran away. He spent his life practicing to be a samurai, and wants to get revenge on the Dark Assassin.
Read this after you read the summary. Thank you.
The story of the Light Samurai began a long time ago, now comes the day. "Hiya!" Jeiden Barudesu cried. (Barudesu Jeiden in Japanese, forgive me hyacinth :p) Jeiden sliced his katana from left to right with force. Jeiden was challenging his master in order to move up to Platinum XIV Tier. "I will move from Platinum XIII, to Platinum XIV!" Jeiden cried, and Jeiden threw his katana threw the room.

Luckily, it was a training katana. He gets a real katana once he becomes XIV. Jeiden kicked his master across the room, then his master tries to hit Jeiden. The goal was to not get hit and hit the opponent. This was just his Defense class, so he has a Skill class, a Strength class, and a Speed class. Jeiden was allowed to use their skills and strength in defence class so he can improve his defence. His master goes to different classes on different schedules.

"Haaaargh!" Jeiden yelled, then tried to hit his master. "Jeiden's stronger than before!" said someone. "Yeah, you expect so since he was raised by the ultimate hero samurai, Yonatan Tachibana." someone else replied. Jeiden was going clash to clash with his master, then he finally did it.

"Hyaargh!" Jeiden cried. Jeiden hit his master on the side of the stomach. His master was fine, they were both wearing armor. Master Otomeza could only speak Japanese, so the translator, Gyabin Shōnkasai (I think I accidentally abused the Japanese language, sorry.) came and translated. Otomeza said "Good luck.", then Jeiden replied "Arigatogozaimasu.", then he left.

(This will be updated later, I'm just craving to watch more anime, and I am a shipper.)