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Pokémon Fire Red: The Lost Pages: Chapter 1: The Starter Battle

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst Well here is Chapter 1. Enjoy!
Ry woke up with a start. "Ry, Professor Oak called to tell you that that it's ready." His mom, said while knocking on the bedroom. Ry jumped out from under the covers fully dressed, slung his backpack nd placed his hat upon his head. He had been so exicted to start his journey, that he had worn his clothes to bed. He rushed down the stairs, after exiting his room.
"Bye mom," he called out before rushing out of the house.
"He's just like his father," his mom said, as she watched him run off.

Ry ran through Pallet Town, waving at his neighbors as he passed them. Under most circumstances, he would stop and chat with them. However, today wasn't a normal day. He rushed into Professor Oak's Pokemon Lab, with a huge grin on his face.

Professor Oak, was talking to his grandson Zak, when Ry burst into the lab. "Looks like you're late as always," Zak sneered after noticing Ry's entrance.

"Welcome, Ry," Professor Oak, said, leading him to a table with three Pokeballs on it. 'Here we have Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokemon, Charmander, the Lizard Pokemon, and Squirtle the Tiny Turtle Pokemon. I will give you each a choice to pick one of these to act as your first Pokemon. So who will you choose?"

"I'm mature, unlike you Ry. So you can pick first." Zak said giving a shrug. Ry ignored the slightly rude comment and walked towards the table. He picked up the pokeball sitting on the center if the table and tossed it into the air. "I've decided my partner would be a Charmander!" He exclaimed, as the bipedal lizard like pokemon appeared on the table. "Charmander," The Charmander said, sticking his toungue out. "I'll name you Burst." Ry said after laughing.

"You two done?" Zak asked walking over picking up the center Pokeball. 'If you chose fire, then I'll choose water. Go Squirtle." He said tossing out the Pokeball. The Squirtle apeared, looked at burst and gave a scoff.

"How about we test em out?" Zak suggested.

Ry nodded, and looked at Burst. "Go Burst!" He exclaimed. The Charmander jumped forward, getting into a battle stance. "Okay Squirtle use Tackle!" Zak comanded.

The Turtle Pokemon jumped forward and charged towards Burst. "Scratch!" Ry exclaimed. In a quick motion, Burst stopped the attack, with a well aimed Scratch attack.

"Now that you're close, use Bubble!" Zak comanded. Squirtle swung his head, smacking Burst with a close range Bubble attack, knocking him out in the process. Zak returned his Squirtle to his Pokeball and Ry returned Burst to his.

"Okay, boys, have this for your journeys. It's a pokedex, it's a electronic Pokemon encyclopedia." Professor Oak said, handing Zak a blue Pokedex, and Ry the red one. Ry gave a nod of thanks and ran out of the lab ready to begin his adventure.