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The Story of Venie in Kalos.: Chapter 1: The Quest Has Began!

by PokeMoon

PokeMoon This is the start of Venie's Adveture! cringe right? well this might come a series..
Mom: Torchic, Wake up Venie alright? Torchic: TorChic! -in venies room- Torchic: -uses ember on venie- Venie: HOT HOT HOOOTTT! -falls face first onto the floor- Torchic: -laughs at venie- Venie: C'mon Torchic! Why not Peck? Torchic: CHIC TORCHIC! Venie: Huh? Mom: Venie! Todays the day you go on an adveture! Now get dressed and head straight to the Proferser's Lab! Venie: Thats Right! -chages and runs outside- YEA! -runs to prisim tower- Um... Wheres the Lab? Clemont: Are you lost? I can help you. Venie: Thanks! Im looking for the Profersers Lab! Bonnie: Big Brother! Who is this? Venie: Why hello lit- HOLD ON DID YOU SAY BIG BROTHER? Bonnie: Yea, So? Dedenne: Dedenena! Venie: Its weird to see siblings not fight. -idea pops into his head- Hey! Why dont we have a battle after I get my First Pokemon? My name is Venie! Whats yours? Clemont: My name is Cle- I mean Chase! Chase is my name. Bonnie: (huh?) And my name is Bonnie! This is Dedenne! Venie: Lets go to the to the Profersers Lab Already! Bonnie: Why did you tell him your name was Chase? Clemont: He might know im a Gym Leader.
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