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The Legend of the Guardians: Chapter 1: The Legend of the Guardians

by EspeonTheBest

EspeonTheBest Melody is a 14 year old singer who was invited to sing in front of her whole village, plus if she does, her family will recieve compensation! However, during her preformance something happens that changes her life.
"Melody? Its time for lunch!" Her Mom called out the door. Melody was outside practicing her singing.
Usually she would finish her song before heading inside, but it was her 14th birthday, and her Mom was making her favorite Salad, so instead she ran inside almost immediately.
"So, what berries did you put on it?" Melody asked as she washed her hands at the sink before sitting down at the cedar table to eat.
"Oran, Pecha, Cheri and Sitrus! Just like you asked, Birthday Girl!" Her Mom wrapped her hands around Melody's chair, almost like a hug.
Then her Mom sat down and they began to eat. Melody noticed her mom grinning at her, one of those 'I know something that you don't and its really cool, let me tell you about it.' looks.
"Whum upf Mum?" She asked through a mouthful of berries. "Well, You have been invited as a Guest singer at the annual Town Celebration! Plus, if you do this, we'll get a huge stock of bread, enough to last at least a year!"
Her Mom looked really excited about this. Probably because she loves sandwiches and she doesn't know how to make bread herself.
Quite frankly, Melody didn't care whether she sang or not.
She has never been nervous to sing in front of others, as nobody has ever said anything bad about her voice. Besides, those who compliment her seem genuinely sincere about what they said.
"Here's the sheet music." Her mom said as she passed a slightly browed paper over the table. Melody studied the music.
The song was obviously very old, shown by the paper and the tune. Something was odd though.... "Hey mom, why does this song only require me to sing 'La'?" she asked.
Her mom finished chewing her food, thinking.
"Well, this is the 200th year since this settlement was established, and the Elder mentioned something about this being an ancient Ceremonial song, so maybe that's why."

-------Later that night-------

"Are you almost ready? Its going to be time to sing soon!" Her mom called from downstairs.
Melody was brushing out her unusual light green hair, humming her song she was going to preform. "Almost done!" She called back.
Her Mom went out earlier that day with Melody to get her a nice dress from the nearby Tailor. The Green on the dress was almost the exact shade of her hair, plus it came with a small blackish belt that portrayed beautiful Musical note charms made of the blue green gem near town.
This was funny that the Charms were that color, because her eyes were that shade too. Finally, she put on a small hair clip that was shaped like a heart with a microphone-like extension on the left side of her hair, that of which was pulled over her right shoulder.
"Ok, I'm ready!" Melody called downstairs.
She left her room, not knowing that it was right there, in that very room where she was blessed by a Mythical Pokemon.

-------At the Ceremony-------

Melody walked onto the stage, ready to sing. Each step she took on that stage felt like it echoed throughout the Village.
Melody made it to center stage and curtsied to the crowd, who clapped for a while before all noised died down. She started to sing, but something was weird. Melody sounded fine, but in her head, a voice that was not hers sung with her.
Her voice echoed without any microphone and everyone in the crowed instantly felt at ease and calm. Not only those in the Village heard the beautiful noise, but a group of people, settled high on the top of a Mountain heard it too.
"Is that is? Is that the voice of the one we have been looking for?" A voice said, sounding feminine. "Yes, That's her, we need her to help us." another voice sounded, this time a male's voice.
"Silence my children" Another voice boomed across the mountain top. "Tyre? Sora? Are you prepared to meet your new partner?" The voice continued.
Heads nodded as two figures dashed off of the mountain, one seeming to hover and the other running swiftly. Melody had taken her mind off of the voice singing with her and continued, with utmost concentration. She had concentration, at least until two figures pulled her off stage in a blur of color.
Melody was trailing along behind these two figures, one who was hovering to keep her from touching the ground and the other one was running at dazzling speeds.
"What? Let me go!" She exclaimed, extremely confused on the events going on right now. When Melody took the time to look around, she didn't even recognize the area she was in. The air started to thin as the trio started the ascent up a mountain.
Quite to her surprise, they stopped suddenly and she was released. However, when she regained he balance she was surrounded by people wearing odd clothing.
One of them in particular had a regal vibe to him, he was wearing a white shirt and pants, but his boots had a gold trim on the outside.
Visible on his back was a circular gold ring, that had multiple gold rods in it. Two gems that were placed on the ring were slowly changing colors.
"Welcome, Child of Meloetta, to Guardian peak."