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pokemon the next journey !: chapter 1 the journey begins

by creatorstone

creatorstone Game of the story. Guess what my starter pokemon is.
Yes todays the day i'm 10 ! Time to be a trainer. Bye mom. Bye venausur. 6 min later. Hi prof Oak! hi christian! Hey christian like always you are a loser! Tristian the worst me in histiory. ps that doesent make sense readers. so take your pick! prof oak. hmm i got it i'll pick bulbusar.said christian hmm so christian picked bulbusar so i'm gonna pick charmander uh oh ! He picked charmander said christian well christian ready for our first battle! o k said christian . bulbusaur used tackle charmander used tackle bulbusar used tackle charmander used tackle bulbusuar used tackle charmander fainted. Yay! I win!said christian. wait before you to go i have a request.said prof oak. What is it said christian . TO BE CONTINUED!
  1. The Snom Prince
    The Snom Prince
    Hun I may not have the best concept of grammar but " those are used for when someone is talking
    May 27, 2017
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