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The Minecraft Story: Chapter 1: The Incident

by Andrewski

Andrewski Hey guys! This is a story I am making about Minecraft. Hope you enjoy!
It was nighttime. Outside Steve could hear the occasional zombie groan, the clanking of a skeleton's bones, and a spider's hiss. His room had windows, but he didn't dare look outside. He was in his bed, warm and cozy, but could hear his parent snoring in the other room.
Steve was only 5 years old. He always wore a light blue shirt and dark blue jeans. He had short brown hair. He lived in Dillsbury, a small town in the kingdom of Bergenstein. His parents were known townfolk, they were kind and generous to anyone that needed help.
It's time, Steve thought. His parents were sound asleep. Just yesterday his mom had made her famous homemade cookies. Slowly, Steve drifted off of his bed, careful to not make his landing loud. He began to sneak downstairs. When he was at the bottom of the stairs, his eyes lit up.
There it was. The cookie jar was in plain sight, sitting on the counter. Almost there. He slowly walked to the table, pausing at one point to make sure he could still hear his parents snoring. The jar was in arm's reach. As he smiled and reached for the jar, he heard a mysterious garble behind him. It almost sounded like a person. But it couldn't be, no one's voice in Dillsbury was that low.
What could it be? Steve stayed the for a moment, frozen with his hand partially inside the jar. Slowly he turned around.
Whatever was behind him was tall. Steve could only see feet. But...they weren't those of a person. The were very skinny and black, with traces of purple. Steve began drifting his gaze upwards. This was indeed a humanoid figure, but not a person. He needed to get a good look at its face...
"Steve!" a voice came from the bottom of the stairs that made Steve jump. It was his father. "Don't look it in the eye."
"D-dad..." Steve whimpered.
"Come to me. Don't look at it."
Instinctively, Steve kept his eyes on the ground and headed to his father when another voice, his mother's, came from the bottom of the stairs. "Honey?"
Steve looked up and saw his mom almost at the bottom step. She looked up to the figure and her eyes widened. She screamed.
She looked it in the eye! Steve heard a screech behind him, that of the creature. Before he could tell what was happening, his father had grabbed him and stuffed him into a nearby empty cupboard. It was dark inside the cupboard, but he could still hear his parents.
"Stay back! Get away from her!"
"Ahhhh! Help me!"
Another screech from the creature.
"It's behind you!"
"No! Get up!"
There was another screech, a scream from his mother, then everything was silent.


Steve stayed in that cupboard for minutes. Every second seemed like an hour. What happened to his parents? Was the creature still out there? Suddenly, his door creaked open. Steve huddled to the corner. He could hear voices.
"What happened?"
"Enderman." Steve recognized that last voice, it was Gareth. Gareth was captain of Dillsbury's army. He was iconic there, with his blonde hair and muscular appearence. "Jake, check them."
Steve heard shuffling. "Dead," he heard Jake announce. "Both of them."
"Well, what do we do? Alex, back away..."
"Back off, Mark!" Gareth yelled. He was a great soldier, but even Steve knew he had anger problems. "We wait for Chief Ezra's orders."
Steve was having a hard time understanding what was going on. He closed his eyes and couldn't help but cry. Suddenly, he heard his cupboard creak open and a shadow covered his eyes.
"Daddy, there's a boy in here!" a voice said. Steve looked up. A red-haired girl in a green shirt was looking at him curiously. She looked his age.
"Alex, come back here." The girl ran back and hugged one of the men. Steve had tears in his eyes when Gareth peered inside the cupboard.
"Huh, your daughter is right Mark. There's a young boy in here. Their son, I think. Stephen, was it?"
"S-Steve..." Steve sobbed. Gareth huddled his soldiers up. He heard talking but couldn't understand anything. The group broke up and Mark walked up to Steve.
"C'mere, buddy," Mark said. "I won't hurt you." Steve could see his facial features. He was bearded and he indeed looked kind. He slowly crawled out of the cupboard into Mark's arms.
"You're going to stay with me for awhile. Alex is your new sister. Now come with me, bud. We're taking you home."
  1. LuckyLucy
    I love Minecraft!!!
    Apr 5, 2019
  2. Skippidypowpow
    Wonderful, dude! You should do more of this series!
    Aug 26, 2017
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  3. ekatsu
    ;-;-;-;-;-; so sad
    Mar 30, 2017