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Skyla's Journey: Chapter 1: The Egg

by pkluver944

pkluver944 How I, Skyla, met Professor Oak, and got my first soon-to-be Pokemon.
Hi, my name is Skyla, and I am going to tell you a story. I'm gonna tell you why all my badges are scattered, and are from different regions. I live in Kanto, in Fuchsia City.

My mum and I were visiting Pallet Town. She was an assistant to Professor Oak, in fact. Usually I would've be home with my dad, but she brought me on that one occasion. I didn't know why, but I soon found out. My mum discussed with Professor Oak about getting my first Pokemon soon enough. I was around 9 years old or so, so I wasn't old enough for a Pokemon license. Heck, I barely even knew what Pokemon were. The only Pokemon I had been close up to was an Ivysaur we called 'Flowe'. Flowe helped my dad around the house while my mum was gone. (Flowe never evolved. She just stayed as an Ivysaur.)

Soon, Professor Oak himself came up to me. He was holding an Egg, cradled in his arms when he came up to me.
"Do you think you are a responsible child, Miss Skyla?", Professor Oak asks me. I didn't expect him to come straight up with a question. I stuttered a quiet yes to him.
"Do you like Pokemon?", he asks me, as he lowers to kneel down.
"I like Pokemon. I love Flowe.", I reply back to him. My mum explains to him that Flowe was our Ivysaur.
"Will you take care of someone for me then?"

He hands me the Egg. I cradle it in my arms as he speaks.
"This is a special type of soon-to-be Pokemon. This Egg came from a place far away, called Sinnoh. My acquaintance, Professor Rowan, sent him to me. I normally wouldn't give someone like this to someone this young, but I have heard a lot from your mother about you. Now, take extra care of him. When he hatches, come straight back to me. He will take a while to hatch, but he will be worth it, I'm sure."
I stare at the Egg when he finished his sentence. I kiss it, and cradle it until mum's shift ends, and we went home.

I wrapped the Egg in a couple blankets and place him in a basket. I put the basket next to my bed, and I took care of him. I did not know that what hatched out of the Egg would forever change how I live.