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Chapter 1: The Beginning (In Progress)

by _Snowstorm_

_Snowstorm_ Red, the young boy from Pallet Town, faces the pressure of stopping Team Rocket along with another organization that holds strong ties with him personally. Red's career as a trainer leads him to some of the secrets of his family, his past, and the way to lead his life. The sword of destiny continues to test him. On one side of the blade is his path and on the other side is death.
Long ago in Kanto, there were three legendary birds that freely wandered the reigon. Moltres, the bird whose body was engulfed in hot, red flames that never seem to dim. Zapdos, the bird that has control over lightning, creating powerful thunderstorms at will. Finally, there is Articuno, the bird that could freeze it's foes in an instant with a blast of icy, cold wind. These powerful Pokemon were known as the Winged Mirages. Myths and legends have told people that when these Pokemon, when brought together, could summon a powerful force strong enough to either bring destruction to the world or bring peace to it.
There were also crystal spheres known as the Elemental Crystals that are inked with the Winged Mirages. No one knows who forged these, but by the way they were crafted, they were probably made by a being a being who wasn't human. One orb represents the element of lightning, having a vicious storm storm trapped inside of it. The second orb represents the element of fire, with a raging wild fire encased in it. The last orb represents the element of ice, which has a powerful blizzard locked inside. These items are needed to control the powerful force that the Winged Mirages could summon. Without the three orbs, the powerful force will go out of control and possibly destroy the world. It is said that these orbs were scattered across the entirety of Kanto, kidden in the most extreme terrain of the reigon.
A rogue aura guardian named Brian was kicked out of a kingdom for trying to overthrow the king and then taking over the kingdom doing so. He vowed to get revenge so he set out to catch the Winged Mirages and also collect the Elemental Crystals along the way. He travelled over all of the Kanto reigon, searching for the Winged Mirages and the Elemental Crystals.
In five years, he finally found all three Pokemon and items he needed to capture the powerful force. He took them to an island where a shrine was built to honor the legendary Pokemon. On the shrine, it said "Bring the three mirages together with the spheres that represent lightning, fire, and ice to this shrine and a force shall appear."
He summoned the powerful force using thhe orbs and far to the west a creature could be seen coming. The creature emitted an aura so powerful that the rogue aura guardian couldn't believe it. He took the creature to his former kindom and brought havoc upon the place.
Another aura guardian living in the kindom named Sir Pallet tried to stop him. He stopped Brian before when he tried to take over the kingdom. Sir Pallet fought with his trusty partner, Pikachu, and managed to defeat him again. Brian soon after another failed attempt and disappeared from the world's view.
Sir Pallet released the powerful creature and returned the Winged Mirages into the wild. He lastly took the orbs and once again hid them all over Kanto. When he returned to his kingdom, the king and queen renamed their kingdom to Pallet to honor his glory. The kindom soon changed after time passed and became into the modern day Pallet Town we all know and love.
"The end, time to go to sleep Red," a mother cooed in a soothing voice.
"Okay, good night mommy," replied a four-year-old Red. His mother had just finished telling Red's favorite story and it was past his bedtime.
"Good night, Red," whispered his mother, kissing his forehead goodnight.
10 years later.....

"Red, time to get up if you want to get that Pokemon Professor Oak was so kind to give you," Red's mother shouted from downstairs.
"Uhh..," moaned Red. He looked at his Pidgey clock and read that it said 7:00. He decided to get up or he would be late to get his Pokemon that he was recieving as a gift. He got up and changed from his pajamas into his new travelling clothes. He put on a red vest over a black shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He put on a red hat with a Pokeball in the center of it in the middle of his messy, brown hair. He got his shiny yellow backpack that he had packed last night.
He went downstairs and saw a ginormous breakfast waiting for him. There were eggs, bacon, toast, cereal, pancakes, bread, milk, and a bagel to finish it all off.
"Mom, isn''t that to much food for me to finish eating," mumbled Red, taking a seat.
"Nonsense honey, that is enough for a boy your age plus this is the last breakfast before you leave on your journey," explained his mother with a sad tone when she said "Leave on your journey,".
Even with the large quantity of food there was, Red still managed to finish his breakfast and got ready to leave.
"Got potions?" asked his mother with a list in hand.
"Yes," Red said in an annoyed tone.
"Got your underwear? Wear clean underwear every day, Red." his mother said.
"Mom, I'm fourteen years old. You don't have to remind me of clean underwear." Red replied, rolling his eyes.
"Well, just wear a different pair every day," his mother responded, giggling at her teasing.
"Don't worry I will, I'm leaving home now. Bye, Mom." said Red with a bit of excitement. He hugged his mother for the last time before heading outside.
Pallet Town was a small, quiet town, and the only reason it managed to get it's name on the map was bacause the famous Professor Oak lived there. It wasn't long before Red got to Professor Oak's Lab. When he entered he didn't see the Professor anywhere. But there were some of Oak's aids running around.
There was also Blue, who had been Red's rival since they were little kids. He could be a total jerk too be. He had brown, spiky hair and was wearing a black polo shirt with his usual blue pants.
"Gramps isn't here Red, but you can go back home since you aren't good enough to be a trainer anyways," Blue remarked in a cocky tone.
"Blue, when will you stop being a jerk?" Red replied with a sigh.
"When will you stop being a dumb fool?" Blue retorted. "Hmph, why don't you waste your time looking for the old man so I can get my Pokemon and show you how I'm going to be the best?"
They heard a door being opened and then an old that looked like he was in his fifties walked in. When he reached the two boys he simply said, "Follow me into this room where I will give you your Pokemon." He didn't seem very interested in the two as he walked towards a different door.
Not hesitating, they followed him into a room and saw strange machines with lights blinkng different colors scattered all around. There was a table with three Pokeballs in the middle of it. Professor Oak stopped at the table and turned around to face the new trainers. He put his hand on his chin as if he was in deep thought and then said, "Blue and Red, you boys got here but where is Leaf?"
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