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Poke-Trainer Vision: Chapter 1: Starter in Kanto

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer This is Flame's point of view of @Typhlo.sion 's series, also check out Pipers point of view in @Devan_Plays series. This wont be just Flame's point of view, you will see in later chapters. Btw red colored text is pokemon translation.
*Yesterday in Hoenn*
"Mom the phone is ringing." Flame said.
"Then get it, im fixing lunch." Mom said and Flame answers the phone.
"Hello, its Professor Oak, are you Flame?" Professor asked on the phone.
"Yes, and why are you calling?" Flame asked.
"Well, I remember how legendary your parents were when they did their journies and I know that Hoenn is out of starters for a while." Oak said.
"What does that have to deal with me?" Flame asked.
"Just wondered if you would like to get a starter from me so you can start your journey sooner." Oak said and Flame just went silent.
"Who was on the phone?" Dad asked while coming in.
"Oh its Oak, hows it going?" Dad asked.
"Good, thought maybe Flame would like to get a starter from me." Oak replied.
"I WOULD LOVE TO!" Flame said out of no where from his silence.
"I guess its a yes, he will see yah tomorrow." Dad said hanging up.
"Was that our old professor on the phone?" Mom asked.
"Yep, and wanted to give Flame a starter." Dad said. Ok so the starters were taken in one hour, Cyndaquil by girl and Chikorita also taken by a girl, if I remember correctly their names were Becca and Piper.
*Now, otherwise the next day in Kanto*
Flame arrives to professor Oak. Charmander and Squirtle was talking.
"Char charmander." Charmander said. So did you hear that we are getting a trainer from Hoenn?
"Squirt squirtle." Squirtle said. I thought we were Kanto pokemon?
"These are what you can choose from." Oak said.
"I choose Charmander." Flame said and Oak handed Flame Charmanders pokeball.
"Charmander return." Flame said and Charmander was in his pokeball.
*Next day back in Hoenn*
"Hi mom and dad." Flame said entering the house.
"Did you get your starter?" Dad asked.
"Yep, it was Charmander." Flame said.
"Thats what I got." Dad said.
"I got Squirtle." Mom said.
"So who got Bulbasaur?" Flame asked.
"No clue, we never met up with that person." Dad said.
"Maybe you will though." Mom said.
"Maybe, but im going to meet up with my friends." Flame said walking out of the house.
"We had a present but i guess he doesnt want it." Dad said as Flame rushed back in.
"What?" Flame asked.
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    Flame the Trainer
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    Flame the Trainer
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