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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Chapter 1: Release the Beast!

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst So here is my newest series, baised around a duel school. I have info in some of my art and ideas for charcters can be posted in this thread https://pokecharms.com/threads/yu-gi-oh-duel-academy-ideas.15853/. Enjoy!!!
Ryker Yuko, a young boy at the age of 16, was late for class again. "Out of my way!" Ryker shouted rushing through the halls. A large bald man watched Ryker as he ran. His eyebrow gave a twitch and he stuck his arm out and caught the boy's collar. "Why are you runnng?" The man asked. "I'm sorry Mr. Drake, I was just trying to get to class," Ryker stammered.

Mr. Drake set Ryker down and said, "How about this. We have a duel. If I win, detention, and if you win, you go free."

"A duel, I'm all in," Ryker said activating his Duel Watch. "Let's duel!" He said smiling.

Mr. Drake activated his Duel Watch and drew a card. "I'll make the first move. I summon Red-Eyes Black Chick. When this card is summoned, I can tribute it to summon Red-Eyes Black Dragon!" Mr. Drake placed the card on his disk. The Red-Eyes Black Chick, dissolved into bits, and was replaced by a large beast who's roar rocked the hallway. "I end my turn."

Ryker watched the dragon appear and let loose a roar. "This is so sweet! I draw!" He exclaimed drawing a card. "I summon Marauding Captian, and when he's summoned I can bring out another monster, so go Elemental HERO Avian!" The two monsters appeared in a barrage of feathers and wind. "And now I play a spell card Polymerization, to fuse my Avian with Marauding Captian to summon Elemental HERO Gaia!" The two cards glowed and combined to create a bigger monster. "Go Gaia!" The monster appeared and Ryker gave a grin. "You may think that I'm 200 ATK behind your monster, but Gaia has an ability. When he is summned, for this turn I can half one of your monsters, and boost Gaia by that amount!" A light emitted from Red-Eyes, and transferred over to Gaia, booting it to 3400 ATK. "Now go! HERO Smash!" Gaia charged and smashed into Red-Eyes, destroying him and dealing 2200 damage to Mr. Drake, leaving him at 1800 LP. "I set a card and end my turn."

"I draw a card and play a spell. Ancient Rules. I can summon a level 5 or higher Normal monster this turn, without tributing. So I summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" With a flash of light a large, the legendary beast arose and let loose a loud roar. "Now I play the spell Dragon's Treasure, boosting his attack by 300!" The Dragon let loose a loud roar. "Now I play Double Summon, which allows me to summon again this turn. Now I summon Masked Dragon," another dragon appeared in a jet of flames beside the Blue-Eyes. "Now White Lightning!" Blue-Eyes reeled ack his head and fired a blast of white energy destroying Gaia.

"Argh!" Ryker shouted, being knocked back by the 1100 LP of damage. "Now Masked Dragon follow up with your attack." The second Dragon closed in doing another chunk of damage dealing 1400 LP. Ryker's LP dropped down to 1500 LP.

"It's over," Mr. Drake said smiling.

"No it's not," Ryker said getting back on his feet. "I have just the card I need to win this."
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