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Fushizen'na Saigai!!: Chapter 1/ Prolouge

by Sparklespot336

Sparklespot336 Just read it.
The summary is in the top of the story.
There was a ordinary middle school girl named Nozomi Nijino. She had a thick brown ponytail shoulder lengthed, and nice bright skin, and brown eyes, and her hair was orange coloured. She went to class like she normally, until something happened.

Nozomi was at school walking to class with a white blouse, a blue tie, a blue skirt, and a brown sweater with a thick red line, and ended with two thick white lines. It had a pocket and showed the school sign. Nozomi walked inside her new classroom, and found a spot.
As Nozomi was sitting down on her chair, she looked out the window. I sure am lucky to have this spot... She thought, until the teacher strictly clapped two times. "Class! You need to be quiet, we have a transfer student. So be quiet!"
A girl walked into the room. There was some black hair that fluttered in the air and she​
had a thin, long ponytail tied onto the side with a yellow ribbon. She had innocent looking eyes, and hada cute grin. Her hair was up to her hip. "Hello! My name is Megumi Tachibana. I will move to this school, its a pleasure to meet you!" She bowed.
She went and sat in front of Nozomi. "So class! You guys sitting next to the window,​
excluding Tachibana, stop dreaming out the window! I have decided to change all your spots!" She snapped. "Don't you guys want to end up in the same side! I will give you papers! Megumi is fine here,"
After I got this perfectionist spot, I am moving to another spot?!?! Nozomi leaned her​
face on both hands. The teacher gave a box for everyone to pass around, and it says where they sit. Nozomi got her paper, and sat next to the wall for the hallway. There was a window there as well, though.
There was a girl behind Nozomi, and the girl tapped her on the back with her pen.​
"Sorry for disturbing, but will you come see me when I ask?" She strangely asked.
"Why so sudden?"
"I will tell you."
"At break?"
"I don't think so."
"..." Nozomi was confused. They started to do work for a while then. In the middle of​
class, the ground was shaking.
"Teacher, is this an earthquake?" A student asked.
"Most likely. Everyone, go take cover! We practice doing this every week!" The teacher​
said to all her students.
"Nozomi, come with me!" The girl behind her said.
"We have to hide though. Where are we going?"
"Just come!" The girl grabbed her hand and ran out somewhere. Surprisingly, no one​
in the school noticed they were out. The girl had bright peach straight pigtails, with two white ribbons in her hair. "Megumi!" She screamed, as Megumi was walking out the school. She gave her a sign, as Megumi nodded.
She pulled out her hand, and some big gun came, same with her other hand. Nozomi​
looked uneasy. "T-t-tachibana?! How did you guys know my name?!"
The girl looked at Nozomi. "Well, you will see. Megumi, get out your bag and set up​
your weapons," she called out, and Megumi did what she said. She had some purple and black armor, as the other girl transformed. She had super long hair, and two white ribbons and a yellow dress with a white leaf picture on, and a yellow tiny skirt, with a white line at the end, and she had super long white socks.
"Aren't you doing your other form, Megumi?" She asked. Megumi shook her head.
"I don't use them in occasions like this." Megumi replied. "What I mean is, I use it for​
super stromg things," she took off her purple mask in front of her eyes and fixed some of her hair and put it back on. Megumi put her pink thin sweater, with two thick white lines nearly at the bottom, inside her school bag folded. She had another girl for fighting, in her back.
"It's about time we go, Yui Kousaka." She said. Yui gasped and looked at her yellow​
"Thats right! Come with us, Nozomi." Yui grabbed her hand and her and Megumi​
dashed out somewhere quickly.