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Pokemon Gust: Chapter 1, Pidgey! I Choose You! INTRO

by Sylvious

Sylvious So, this project will be a side project. This will take long. I have my own fake region, and some cool things is going to happen. I took this from Pikapals forever bonnies story or whatever. It will be fun and creative to make up everything though! You can suggest what to do next on this chapter!
Wally's Brother. Lives Far, Far away from Hoenn. And not wanting to become a pokemon trainer. Pokemon seems interesting to him. Now he wants to become one! With his Pidgey, He can go through the Roenn region and try to become the very best pokemon trainer. What adventures lie ahead?
  1. Sylvious
    "Pokemon seems interesting to him. Now he wants to become one!" Okay he wants to be a Pokemon. xD
    Oct 2, 2016