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Poke-Academy: Chapter 1: New Student

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer This is a brand new series called Poke-Academy. It basically says most of it in the title. But the main character is Chrome, what a twist, and takes place in Alola Region. Mind you I still dont know much about this region but most of it is learning about pokemon and some battling. Enjoy :)
"Chrome your going to late to your first day of school." Mom said. My name is Chrome, I am about 12 years old and finally going to the pokemon school. But first I have to pick out my starter so I can do battles and stuff.
"Im coming mom." Chrome said going down the stairs. I had a red and white stripped shirt on, since its more of the fashion here, blue shorts, green shoes, and a red baseball cap with a z-ring on it. Yep, i look like that, and i like it.
"Son, im going to miss you." Mom said.
"Mom, its only for week days, besides its just school and I will be back at the end each day." Chrome said trying to get out of a hug.
"Fine, well I see you later then." Mom said and he rushed out the door. He made it to the pokemon school.
"Welcome to the pokemon school." A person who looked like proffesor Oak.
"Hi." Chrome said.
"Go ahead and see the professor to get your starter." The princible said. So Chrome met up with the professor.
"You can choose from Rowlet, Litten, or Poppilo." Professor said while handing me a pokedex.
"I choose Litten." Chrome said putting the pokedex in his back pocket. Professor gave Litten's pokeball to Chrome.
"Hey Litten, wanna hang out of your pokeball?" Chrome asked and Litten hopped on his shoulder.
"I guess its a yes." Chrome said putting Litten's pokeball on his belt.
"You better get to class." Professor said. Chrome left and went to his classroom.
"You must be Chrome, Im Danya the teacher of this classroom." Teacher said.
"Yep, this is my new partner Litten." Chrome said.
"Well this is Mindy and over there is Bob." Danya said.
"Hi." Both said.
"Hi, so what pokemon do you have?" Chrome asked them.
"They are both here for a while so they have more pokemon then you." Danya said.
"I have Popplio and Alola Rattata." Mindy said.
"I have Rowlet and Alola Grimer." Bob said.
"Awesome." Chrome said.
"Wanna start todays lesson?" Danya asked.
"Oh yeah." Chrome said sitting down.
"Today we are going to talk about catching and doing pokemon battles." Danya said.
*Later, after school*
Chrome went home and it was dinner time.
"So honey, hows your first day of school." Mom asked.
"Awesome, I meet my teacher and a couple of other students." Chrome said.
"Anything else?" Mom asked looking at Litten.
"Oh yeah, I got Litten as my starter." Chrome said as he finished his dinner, Litten was still eating.
"We learned about how to catch pokemon and battling, we are going to try that tomorrow." Chrome said.
"Well, im glad you had fun." Mom said.
*Meanwhile with teacher and other students*
"Hey teacher, we should do something for Chrome." Mindy said.
"Thats a first from you." Bob said.
"Hush, I regret saying anything." Mindy said.
"Oh come on." Bob said.
"Sounds like a good idea, but lets plan out what we are doing." Danya said.
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