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Chapter 1: New Fakemon Trainer in Tocamaca

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer Im accepting characters!
Role in story (Traveler, encounter, Rival):
A boy named Flame was about to get his starter and start his pokemon journey.
"Alright." Flame said exiting his house.
"You better go or your going to be late." His mom said.
"Oh right, bye mom." Flame said rushing off.
*At the professors*
"Hi Professor Dan." Flame said.
"Ah Flame, you made it in time." Dan said.
"So, what do i have to choose from?" Flame asked.
"Blaze the fire dog, Flamingoo the small water bird, or Leechat the grass cat." Dan said.
"I will go with Blaze." Flame said and Dan handed Flame Blazes pokeball.
*Outside the lab*
"What pokemon did you choose?" Mom asked.
"Blaze." Flame said.
"Its the most tough out them all." Dad said.
"But Leechat is the cutest." Mom said.
"That one is more for fakemon showcases." Dad said.
"Then there is Flamingoo, the fastest one." Dan said.
"Correct." Dad said.
"Blaze will evolve into part electric type in its final evolution." Dan said.
"Cool." Flame said as a girl appeared.
"Oh, your the other trainer." Dan said.
"Yes I am." The girl said.
"All we have left is Flamingoo and Leechat." Dan said.
"I will take Flamingoo." Girl said and was handed Flamingoos pokeball.
"Whats your name, myn is Flame." Flame said.
"Mal, its Mal." Girl said.
"Cool, wanna take a journey together?" Flame said.
"Just dont be so energenic." Mal said walking off.
"Hey wait up for me." Flame said trying to catch up to her.