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Locked Away - The Story: Chapter 1: Murder Mansion

by The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak Yuu Komuro is a 17 year old boy who is stuck in a mansion with 19 other people, and the last man standing will be the one who can exit! Everyone dies each day, and people get punished the day after. This is just a holiday, but it became a murder mystery.

Or if you're fine with murder you can't see, you can read this :p
It all began in an apartment, which Yuu Komuro lived in. Yuu Komuro got invited to a camp, and then he accepts. Then the day came.

"Bye mom! See you after the camp!" Yuu cried to his mum. "Bye Yuu!" Yuu's mum cried back. Yuu left the house and left for the bus, then Yuu met up with the other 19 invited people to the camp. They are all boys and girls, and there are more boys than girls

Yuu sat in the front seat next to a girl named Yuki Takizawa. "Nice to meet you. My name is Yuki Takizawa, 17 year old inventor. I invent many things." Yuki introduced herself, then Yuu introduced himself back, saying "My name is Yuu Komuro. 17 year old boy, with a job of a scientist.". Yuu looked around the whole bus, and saw 18 more people. Here are the list of everyone in the bus, including Yuu and Yuki.

1. Yuu Komuro - 17 - Scientist - Male
2. Yuki Takizawa - 17 - Inventor - Female
3. Rin Sonozaki - 19 - Author - Male
4. Minori Watanabe - 22 - Animator - Female
5. Shigeru Todoroki - 20 - Artist - Male
6. Takashi Takishima - 18 - Musician - Male
7. Makoto Toudou - 21 - Businessman - Male
8. Hiroshi Natsume - 24 - Samurai - Male
9. Shino Kawasaki - 17 - Scientist (as well) - Female
10. Minene Takasu - 19 - Plumber - Female
11. Niko Ootsuka - 17 - Information Gatherer - Female
12. Benio Takakuwa - 20 - Witch (Female wizard, not an evil witch) - Female
13. Takashiro Okada - 21 - Nurse - Female (obviously)
14. Tiffania d'Orléans - 17 - Cook - Female
15. Riza Harudori - 19 - Adventurer - Female
16. Hajime Okamura - 20 - Script Writer - Male
17. Shoutarou Nagasaki - 24 - Zookeeper - Male
18. Yousuke Tomioka - 22 - Artist - Male
19. Kousei Mitsurugi - 23 - Pianist - Male
20. Atsuhiro Karuma - 20 - Attorney - Male

"Where are we going anyway? I'm BORED!" Rin asked. Rin got a book and threw it at Hiroshi's face. "Back off." Hiroshi harshly said to Rin. Rin got his fists pumped and looked at Hiroshi with an evil face, and he said "TIME FOR THE PUNISHMENT!" and then Rin got a huge book and hit it on Hiroshi's face.

"OWW!" Hiroshi shouted in pain. Hiroshi got a tissue to stop his nose and face from bleeding, and Rin tried to hit again, but then Riza stopped Rin with a katana. "Where the hell did you get that?" Rin asked in a rude way. Riza then put the katana closer to the neck, but they already arrived.

Everyone got out of the bus and entered the mansion. They went to the bedrooms, they all liked it! But Makoto was more excited. "Finally, a desk I can work on!" Makoto said to himself in excitement. Everyone had their own roommates, 1 boy and 1 girl. They have to change in their changing rooms, which is in their bedroom, and they have their own restrooms, like the toilets in public how they have specific genders.

There was only two rooms left, and they were single rooms, which the two rooms were for Yousuke and Kousei. Yuu and Yuki were put together, and Yuki was making something, until breaking news appeared.

"Hello! This is your leader, and my name is Robōkami, and I am a robot wolf! You have to kill eachother to get out! The door is locked and the last man standing gets out! Good luck!" Robōkami announced. Yuki was freaked out. Everyone decided to got to sleep in fright, but Yuki went to sleep laying down on Yuu's lap. Yuki tried to get closer, but Yuu pushed her off, and pushed her to bed.

"I don't want this to be a harem, I just want this to be an ordinary boy life. But wait, it's only one. Meh, high chances it will become a harem thanks to my school life." Yuu told himself. Yuu got changed into his pyjamas, and went to bed. But then Yuu heard a stab sound, and a scream, so Yuu rushed to the scene and saw a body lying there.

...Kousei was dead.

Yuu was suspected of the murder, but no one can have suspects, so they let him go. Kousei died with a kitchen knife, but there are more evidence around the area. Yuu found 2 pieces of evidence: a kitchen knife, with blood, and a mini statue, with blood on it. "Time to examine the blood." Yuu said. Yuu read the report carefully, and then the murder mystery begins.

Name: Kousei Mitsurugi
Age: 23
Profession: Pianist
Gender: Male
Death Cause: Killed in one hit by a blunt object
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  1. topazwolf91
    i think it will be good. hope u post the next chapter
    Apr 24, 2016
  2. The AnimeFreak
    The AnimeFreak
    My new series called locked away. Using Japanese names like the weeaboo I usually am. Enjoy ^_^
    Apr 24, 2016