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Chapter 1: Moving to Unova

by ProfessorJeff

ProfessorJeff Our hero; George is moving to Unova for his new job at the biggest city in Unova. It is Castelia City and he was assigned do an extreme job there. Can he easily work there with his job or will he quit?
"I can't believe this region was better than our home at Sinnoh right, Coral?" George talks to his Umbreon sat at the back seat.

"I see, you are new here, right? Sinnoh is great too, with competition and anything. So, why are you coming here?" the taxi driver asked George.

George turned his head to look at the driver with a brown mustache and a white cap.

"Ummm... I have a job here, at Castelia City. I heard the city was so big!"

"Ohoho... you will be impressed! Skyscrapers everywhere, a very heavy traffic and... Oh here we are, Skyarrow Bridge!"

George was impressed looking to the bridge that was so big. The bridge stretched from the City to the other side of the city. Coral jumped to George's shoulder and looked to the City at the distance. The city was like in an island.

"Hmmm... I saw you were... quite impressed with the city. Remember, this city was very big and any job is very difficult to be done there."

"Well, maybe you are right! The city is very big, I can't just... felt very impressed like that!" George sits back on the seat. Coral went back at the back seats and looked at the mirror. They were on the bridge that were 288 feet above sea level and the view is magnificent.

"Well, this bridge was called Skyarrow Bridge and it is the largest and the longest bridge in Unova with only four giant pillars to support it. Isn't that great?" The driver asked George who is looking at the view to the sea.

"Well, Sinnoh doesn't have the bridge this large! I think it's awesome to went on this bridge." The taxi reached the end of the bridge while they were talking. The taxi drove George into the street near the coast.

"So, where am I going to drop you?" The taxi driver asked George. George looked at him for a moment and went back to see the views.

"Uhh... just drop me to the Castelia Mailing Service. There's where I'm going," he said.

"Alright, We're going there!" the taxi driver winks to George.

Eventually, after a few hours of driving and lost in the city, they reached the Mailing Company. George wakes Coral and gives the tip to the taxi driver. He then grabs his suitcase contains clothes and leaves the car.

"Here you go, as you wanted."

"Fair enough. Well, good luck for your job!" he starts to drive and leave George there.

He looked at the building. It was high and big with a Pokeball Mail logo on top of it. This was probably his opportunity to get his job in a brand new region. He entered the front door and it is automatic glass. He approaches the lady at the counter wears a blue mail uniform.

"Hi mister, may I help you?" she closed her eyes while asking George.

"Umm... I'm George B. Medican from the Sinnoh Mailing Service. I'm a-assigned h-here for the... Unova Mailing Service?" the lady paused a little moment and she suddenly shocked George.

"Ahah! I forgot! You are the boy that was assigned here right? You're cuter than I thought," she said while putting both of her arms on the counter while staring at George.

"Ummm... this is very awkward but can you tell where can I start?" George disturbs her by asking her for his job.

"Not so fast, you must be a Junior Mailman in order to get your own office room. You got that?" she tells George.

"Okay, I understand. What am I going to do to get out from this 'Junior'?"

"You need to send 100 mails in a day. I hope you can do that!" she tells George.

George thinks for a moment. 'This is a big city! I can't just send a large amount of mail in a day. Hmm... but I need to get my own office room. Hmm... I know! I will send these mails before night! That's it!'

"Well, I will send these mails before 6! How about that?"
the lady was shocked while hearing that.

"Are you serious? Well, if can do that, then I will give you your office immediately!" she giggles.

"Deal! I'm gonna show you what I'm going to do! I will send 100 mails before 6 evening!" George runs to the front door while he puts the mailbag on his back. Coral jumps and went on George's shoulder.

"Anyway! My name is Felicia!" Felicia shouted to George just wanted to tell him her name.

George ran as hard as he can while looking at his map of Castelia City. He wanted to find a street where he will send his first mail in Unova.

"Hmm... let's see. Our first street will be... Union street! We need to go there!"

To be continued...