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Landon's Adventures (Origins): Chapter 1: Mizu the Piplup

by PyroGaleZX

PyroGaleZX 14 Year old Landon is ready to begin his journey in Sinnoh and get his starter Pokemon and meets another new trainer
"Garchomp Draco Meteor!" called Cynthia, the Pokemon League Champion of the Sinnoh Region, who was in the middle of a match with a member of the Elite Four on TV. When suddenly the screen went black.

"NO!" cried Landon, Landon is an eleven year old boy, with honey blond hair, a blue hoodie, and jeans, "Where did it go?" Landon began scrambling around to find the remote for the TV, until he turned and saw his mom had the remote.

"Get downstairs it's time for breakfast," She said as she walked downstairs. Landon grabbed his bag and walked downstairs to eat breakfast. Landon sat in silence as he drank a glass of MooMoo Milk and ate some pancakes.

“Professor Rowan came by this morning,” Landon’s mom said as she ate her breakfast. Landon was so overcome with excitement he nearly choked on his food, “Milk!” Landon quickly chugged some milk to clear his throat.

“Sorry mom but it’s so exciting, today I get to become a Pokemon Trainer!” Landon cried in excitement. Landon quickly ate the rest of his pancakes, almost choking a second time. Landon quickly did some last minute packing, said goodbye to his mom and bolted out of the door to Sandgem Town. Landon had finally made it to Professor Rowan’s Lab in Sandgem Town, but the second he opened the door someone ran into him.

“Hey watch where you’re going!” said a boy with a red jacket and dark blue jeans and blue hair. The kid got up and gave a dirty look to Landon, “Look kid I’ll have you know that I’m Roy and I’m going to be Sinnoh’s next Champion so stay out of my way!” he said before walking off.

“That’s no way to treat a new trainer considering you’re one as well!” a girl called out, she had blue hair as well along with a black and pink dress, white boots, and a white toque, “You can be so stubborn at times you know!”

“Hey Dawn just because you’re older than me that doesn’t mean you’re better!” Roy called back to the girl as he pulled out a Pokeball, “When this Turtwig evolves into a Torterra I’ll battle you!” Roy walked off to a house.

“Do you know that guy?” Landon asked as he got up and brushed off the dirt on his clothes.

“Unfortunately I do,” Dawn replied reluctantly as she pulled out a small photo. In the picture was a small boy and girl both with blue hair, Johanna the famous Top Coordinator, and an older looking business man with blue hair who was kneeling with his kids. Dawn pointed to the small boy in the photo, “That’s my brother,” she pointed back to Roy who was nearly out of sight.

“Wait you two are brother and sister!” Landon called out. Dawn shushed him quickly before he made a scene.

“Yes we are,” Dawn sighed as she covered Landon’s mouth, “Now let’s get you your first Pokemon.” She gestured Landon to follow her inside the lab. Landon walked in and was amazed as to all the different machines there was.

“So you’re the Professor?” Landon asked Dawn as rolled out a cart with three Pokeballs on it.

“No I’m not,” she giggled as she turned to an older looking gentleman with gray hair, a lab coat and a gray beard, “He is.”

“Hello there Landon!” the Professor said, “As you know I am Professor Rowan, I study Pokemon Evolution and how all Pokemon are connected through it.” Rowan walked over to the cart, “But that is enough about me, you’re here to get your first Pokemon.” Rowan grabbed two of the three Pokeballs, “Now here is what you may choose from!” he threw the Pokeballs into the air, they burst open and in a flash two Pokemon were in front of him, one was an orange chimp-like Pokemon with a flame on it’s rear, the other was a small blue penguin. “This one’s name is Chimchar,” Rowan gestured the chimp-like Pokemon, “And this one’s name is Piplup,” he gestured the penguin-like Pokemon, “I would offer you a Turtwig but a trainer just left with one.”

“Yeah I met him,” Landon’s face became serious, he thought back to Roy and their encounter.

“Good, then who will it be?” Rowan asked as he turned to the Pokemon. Landon knelt down and looked at the Pokemon, deep in thought as to who he would choose as his first partner.

“I’ve decided I’ll go with Piplup!” Landon said with confidence as he got up.

“A good choice,” Rowan said as he grabbed a Pokedex and 11 Pokeballs, “Now here is a Pokedex and some Pokeballs.” Rowan handed Landon the Pokedex and 10 of the Pokeballs. “And this is Piplup’s Pokeball,” Rowan handed Landon another Pokeball.

“Alright Piplup let’s get this journey started!” Landon said as he re-called Piplup to it’s Pokeball.

“You know you can give your Pokemon it’s own nickname,” Dawn said as she walked over patting Landon on the back in congratulations.

“Then on this day I Landon, will start my journey with Mizu the Piplup,” Landon said as he held the Pokeball up.
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  1. Giovanni Rocket
    Giovanni Rocket
    So can you like, save your work if you do not have time to post everything, then continue on later?
    Jul 27, 2017
  2. Giovanni Rocket
    Giovanni Rocket
    thanks! Aprreciate it. :)
    Jul 27, 2017
  3. PyroGaleZX
    Go into Creative Corner and click "Create New Work" from there click Written Work and start writing, I don't believe there is a limit on written works
    Jul 27, 2017
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    Thank you
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