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Terisa’s Travels: Chapter 1: Marleen Mansion

by RenzFlintrock

RenzFlintrock Okay... before you start yelling at me for being a Hypocrite, this story is about the journey of a character who I designed a while back without thinking their actual journey would ever be relevant, and their starter was a... wait, don’t wanna spoil it yet!
It was a beautiful morning in Viridian City, Kanto. The cries of bird Pokémon filled the air, and caused a girl to toss and turn in bed. Her eyes flickered open for a moment, looking around her room. The pale pink walls were lit up by sunlight pouring from the two long windows along one wall, the long pink curtains only partially drawn. The four-poster bed in which she lay sat next to a large desk, which was littered with papers, toys and other miscellaneous items. There were two doors on the room, one leading to a closet and one into the hallway.

It was too early to wake up... the girl had closed her eyes and was almost asleep again when she felt something move in the bed. Something... soft? She recalled that the night before she had fallen asleep with the egg her parents gave her in her arms... and now the egg wasn’t there! She threw off the covers. Laying down, curled up next to the girl was a small, brown fox-like Pokémon with a cream colored ruff of fur around its neck. The Pokémon’s long ears twitched as it turned large eyes to look at the girl. Their eyes met, and there was a moment’s silence as the girl looked at the small Pokémon in amazement. Suddenly the girl gave a squeal of delight and picked up the Pokémon, hugging it and kissing the top of its head. The Pokémon was surprised at first, but quickly began snuggling into the girl.

About a minute later the door was opened by the girl’s mother, who was dressed in a elegant looking lavender robe, and her long, auburn-brown hair tied behind with a purple ribbon. Behind the woman was a Persian, who sat on its haunches, licking its front paw. The girl on the bed looked up, joy in her eyes.

“Mom! The egg hatched! Look!”

“Excellent, darling! Congratulations! Do you know what kind of Pokémon that is?”

“An Eevee, right?”

The girl’s mother nodded and then moved over to the bed and sat down next to her daughter, who was staring at the Eevee. She reached out and stroked the top of the Eevee’s head.

“Mom! You know what this means, right? I get to go on my journey now!”

“...Yes, darling... you can begin your journey... tomorrow.”

The mother had a sad look on her face as she said these words, but tried to hide it. The daughter had a look of shock on her face, and began speaking indignantly.

“But Mom! You and Dad promised that as soon as the egg that you gave me hatched I could go on my journey!”

“Your Eevee just hatched. You can’t just run off into the Wild with a Pokémon that was just born. It would be dangerous.”

The girl looked disappointed, but her mother’s logic was sound. She pet Eevee’s head softly, and the Pokémon gave a low purring sound of content. Her mother stood up and walked over to the doorway, then turned and spoke before closing the door.

“Get dressed, dear. Breakfast will be ready soon.”

The girl sat for a minute longer, stroking the newborn Eevee, who was on the girl’s lap. The girl picked up the Eevee and put it down on the bed next to her.

“Wait here, okay? I’m going to go get dressed, okay Eeve- hm. I need to come up with a name for you...”

She walked over to the door that led to the closet and opened it. The Eevee jumped down from the bed and quietly followed the girl. The girl began to sort through the clothes, trying to decide what to wear. She eventually decided on a light purple tee shirt and a navy colored skirt that reached past her knees. She considered tying up her hair, which was the same color as her mother’s and reached past her shoulders, but decided to leave it down. When she turned to exit the closet she almost kicked the Eevee, who was standing in the doorway curiously watching what the girl was doing.

“Hey, I thought I told you to wait on the bed!”


The girl bent down and picked up the Evolution Pokémon, who made a happy noise and nuzzled at the girl. The girl smiled.

“C’mon, let’s go down to breakfast!”

They exited the girl’s room and walked down the hall. On the way to the dining room the girl explained things to the Eevee.

“Back there are my siblings’ rooms. That door goes to my parent’s room. There’s the bathroom. Down these stairs... That door leads to the kitchen. And here we are!”

She walked into the large dining room, which had a long wooden table down the middle of the room. It was a very long one, covered in a white and gold tablecloth. There were decorations along the walls, and a fireplace behind the head of the table. Her father, her mother, and her two siblings were already there. Her father, who was sitting at the head of the table, smiled and nodded in acknowledgment of her entry.

“Good morning, Terisa! So, the egg finally hatched, did it? Good, good. Planning to leave soon?”

Terisa smiled at her father and sat down along one side of the table, next to her older sister, Sierra. She was about to reply when her mother responded from the foot of the table.

“Richard, you know that she cannot leave yet. The egg just hatched, and she will not be leaving today. Tomorrow is the earliest I will allow.”

Terisa’s younger brother, Greyden, pouted as he shoved scrambled egg into his mouth. His tousled hair was even messier than usual, and there were small flecks of scrambled egg in it.

“Lucky! At least you get to go on a journey!”

Terisa ignored him. She helped herself to some scrambled eggs and some bacon. Then she remembered her new Pokémon would need food, too. She offered the Eevee a piece of bacon, but the Pokémon didn’t seem to want it. Terisa tried offering it eggs, toast, sausage and jelly as well, but the Eevee didn’t want any of it.

“Well, if you don’t want any of that, what do you want?”

The Eevee cocked its head, staring at Terisa’s face. Terisa’s father chuckled and rang a bell. A servant quickly entered the dining room from a door connecting with the kitchen. Terisa’s father said something to the servant, who ran off to the kitchen, reappearing a few minutes later with a bowl filled with warm milk. This was put on the table in front of Terisa, and the girl picked up the Eevee so that it could taste the milk. The little tongue stretched out and tasted the milk. Soon Eevee was lapping it up, while Terisa finished up her eggs and bacon.

After they had all finished eating, the servant re-entered and cleared the table. Eevee was curled up in Terisa’s lap, seemingly very drowsy after drinking the warm milk. Terisa’s father looked down the table to his daughter, who was softly stroking the soft fur of the Eevee. He reached down and stroked the fur of his Flareon, Dapper, who sat beside his chair, and then spoke.

“Terisa, since you won’t be starting your journey today, why don’t you make sure you have everything you need?”

“Dad, you know I’ve had my things packed for weeks.”

“Are you sure you have everything?”


Terisa tried to think if she was missing anything. She had gone over the list a few times... she had saved up money from her allowance to buy Pokéballs and potions, and had already purchased a few of each. She was saving the rest of her money for emergencies. She hadn’t packed clothes yet, but that would be easy... or so she thought. She was still thinking when her father spoke again.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and check? I’ll keep an eye on Eevee for you. No, I know you want it to be with you all the time, but you will need to focus. And this way I can give your Eevee a quick checkup and make sure it’s healthy before you start your journey.”

Terisa nodded. She didn’t want to be away from Eevee right now; she wanted to cuddle it and play with it. But her father’s suggestions were good, so she stood up and carried Eevee over to her father. He smiled, and she left to go make sure she had everything packed.


Terisa spent a happy hour and a half unpacking and repacking the black backpack she intended to use on the journey. After laying out the contents of her bag on her bed, she went through it all and then ran around her room, looking in the drawers of her desk, under her bed, and in her closet for anything she might need to take with her. She packed multiple pairs of clothes, the Pokéballs and Potions she had already purchased, some small trinkets, and a few other small but potentially useful things. She also made sure to find a good blanket, but did not pack it yet. She shouldered the backpack to see how heavy it was, but immediately set it down again, unzippered it and began removing things. Eventually she made it a bit lighter by putting away one or two pairs of clothes, some of the trinkets, and one or two of the potentially usefull items. She almost took the hairbrush out, but kept it. Her hair tangled often, and she would need it.

She went down to the kitchen, backpack on her back and the blanket rolled up on top. She needed to get a water bottle and some snacks. She procured these, with some help from one of the servants, and stowed them in her bag. She thanked the servant and then walked into the living room, or the Parlor as her her mother called it. There was a fireplace in here as well, and her father was sitting in an armchair near it. Eevee was on his lap, asleep, and Dapper was sitting right by the fire. Sierra and Greyden were sitting at a small table across the room, playing a game with cards. Her father waved for Terisa to come over to him. He spoke in a low voice, so as not to disturb the sleeping Eevee on his lap.

“Your Eevee is in great health. She is-“

“It’s a she?”

“Yes, Terisa. As I was saying, she is going to need a lot of sleep at first, but that is because she is a newborn. She will probably drink milk for a few days, but after that she will gain an appetite for other foods.”

Terisa began to tear up as she looked at her Pokémon. She was just so happy. She reached for the sleeping Pokemon, but her father put up a hand to stop her.

“She’s sleeping. Just let her have some time, okay? Why don’t you try to come up with a name for her in the meantime? I want to check through your bag and make sure you have everything.”

Terisa nodded and took the backpack off, and handed it to her father. She sat down on a sofa that was laid along the wall to the right of the fireplace, and began to try to think of a good name. She had heard of plenty of names for Eevee, but she didn’t care for most of them. They were either used too much, or just didn’t fit right for her Eevee. During the middle of her father’s checking of her packing, Terisa noticed that Eevee had woken up, yawning. The girl had barely moved when Eevee jumped down, crossed the floor and jumped up to sit with Terisa.

“Hello, little missy. Had a good nap?”

The girl spoke softly as she stroked the Pokémon. The Eevee gave a small vee of content and snuggled down next to her. The girl continued to pet her Pokémon as she watched her father finish checking the bag. He seemed to be satisfied with her work, and he walked over to his daughter and returned the backpack.

“Terisa, there’s one thing you forgot.”

“What is it, Dad? I’ll go pack it now!”

“It’s nothing to pack. You forgot that you need to put Eevee in a Pokéball.”

The girl stared blankly for a moment, and then began digging furiously through her bag. After a moment she found one of the Pokéballs she had purchased, and held it out for Eevee to sniff.

“Here, Eevee. This is a Pokéball. I’m going to put you inside of it, and then I’ll let you right back out, okay? It will let me carry you if you get hurt.”

Eevee looked at the Pokéball curiously and sniffed at it. She licked the girl’s finger, and then was booped by the Pokéball. There was a flash of light as the Eevee was pulled inside, and Terisa dropped it onto the couch. It sat there, wiggling Once! Twice! Three times! Ding!

Terisa gave a squeal of delight and siezed the Pokéball. She clutched it to her chest for a moment, then held it out and looked at it. Then she tapped the button on the front of the Pokéball, and with a flash of light Eevee reappeared. The girl scooped the Pokémon up in one arm, stowing away the Pokéball with the other hand and then moving it up to help support Eevee, who was trying to lick the girl’s face. Terisa’s father smiled, and patted his daughter on the shoulder.

“Congratulations, Terisa. You’re a Pokémon trainer.”
  1. RenzFlintrock
    @Dragonflametom12 thanks for the feedback! I have chapters 1-3 up now. I look forward to seeing your story, more adjectives are usually a good idea.
    Jan 18, 2020
  2. Dragonflametom12
    This is a very good story! It made me want to make my story a little more detailed... speaking of my story, I just finished chapter one! I can’t wait to read Teresa’s Travels chapter two! Great job!
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    I thought you had! And of course I will.
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    This is so cute renz!!!
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    Great story
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    Oh oh! And then she gets beat by a Pidgey! and then she catches a.....THING!
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    .... I was going to say something, but it would be spoilers for Chapter 2 (in progress!)
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    Oh! Oh! and then she gets beat by a Pidgey!
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    This is such a good start to the story! You did a really good job! No, not a good job, you've done a great job!
    Aug 4, 2019
  14. RenzFlintrock

    I mentioned this is my OC’s mom... which means that this is taking place about 25 years in the past... so the crossover would probably not work out, unless you just wanna ignore timelines. This story is quasi-canonical, anyway, so it doesn’t really matter that Terisa would be about 40 if timelines match up the way I think they do...
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  15. PokeStorm
    I was kinda thinking of having my and your protagonist(s) meet somewhere by accident. Such as Viridian City. Since Tessa lives there, and at the end of my story Dimrill and Mark will battle Blue, the gym leader of Viridian City.

    But again this will be very far into the future. I haven't even written rough drafts past the sixth gym. Which is about Chapter 26.
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  16. RenzFlintrock
    @PokeStorm Thank You! I was trying to make it original as possible, especially since Eevee had to be the starter. I’ll just say now that this one of my OC’s Parents, and I wrote out her backstory and team without thinking it would be super important. I had the idea to describe the journey of Terisa, and so here we are.

    As to a ‘crossover’ that would be great! She might potentially go to Johto by Monorail, once she gets far enough. Her team will definitely be changed up some by that point.
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  17. PokeStorm
    When I first started reading I assumed it would be the typical "Get a starter and get badges and become champion" thing, but after the second paragraph or so I was proven wrong very quickly. I love how as the chapter went on you slowly added more descriptive information about the protagonist. And I'm happy that you did not "rush" the plot straight from the beginning.

    All in all I have no critisism or advice. Keep up the great work!

    Also if you continue this story in the future i might consider throwing the protagonist into Dimrill's Pokemon Adventure near the end of season 1.
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