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Asteotopia Adventurers: Chapter 1: Luck is Key

by PrincessPika~chan

PrincessPika~chan A somewhat young, unlucky boy decides to take up a task that looks like he'd need to be lucky for...
A somewhat young boy with dark skin and messy, blue-tinted brown hair nimbly weaved his way through the busy streets, running as fast as he could. Even at his brisk pace, the sun was well past its peak when he reached his destination.

His destination was a rather large house-like sandstone building, with a few pillars holding the roof of a small porch area up. There were small benches either side of the big, square-shaped entrance doors.

As the boy opened the opened the doors, he called out: “Hey, Guildmi-master Miranda!” waving to a somewhat dark-skinned young woman with shoulder-length hair of a lilac-tinted blonde colour.

“The door’s trapped.” was the deadpan response she gave at the same time the boy stepped into the building, a water bucket tipping over and pouring itself onto him.

“Could’ve done with that warning earlier, Miranda...” he muttered.

“Sorry, Draco, you should just remember to step a fair bit past the threshold, in case the bucket is there.” Miranda chuckled.

Draco sighed, shaking himself off, “Anyways... anything new on the notice board?” he asked.

“Actually, yes, a royal summons for all the city’s mage-archers, though only one of them will get the job.” Miranda said, placing her right hand underneath her chin, index finger reaching out to her cheek. “The competition, I think, is in a week’s time, I’ll cover for your inn costs.”

“Thanks for telling me! And thanks again for the money!” Draco cheerfully cried, leaping towards Miranda, stretching his arms back and bending down.

“Just don’t get upset when you lose, you do need to be lucky to get it, after all.”

“Ha, when aren’t I lucky?”


“Anyways, see ya’! I’ll be at the nearest inn!” Draco said, heading back out of the guild building.

“The door’s trapped!” Miranda called out, right as the water bucket tipped itself back out onto Draco.