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Chapter 1: Hello, Sinnoh!

by LeoAbsol9

LeoAbsol9 Leo Oscuro is a Dark Type breeder from Johto. He's decided that, in order to better understand Dark Types, and Pokemon in general, he must start a new journey. Alongside a faithful young Houndour, bread from his prize Houndoom, he sets off to start anew!
The young man leaned against the rail that kept him and the other passengers from plummeting off of the deck and into the deep water below. The day was pleasant; a tad bit colder than he was used to in his hometown of Goldenrod, but not so much that he was shivering. He rolled the sleeves of his red blazer down, and adjusted his glasses, taking a deep breath in through his nose. The air was crisp and light, a stark contrast to the almost intoxicating rural breezes of Johto, and the sky above was nearly cloudless, the midday sun only rarely being partially concealed.
A commotion to his left caused Leo to turn his head, mildly interested. A family of four (a hapless looking father with a bald spot that Leo could have sworn was growing bigger by the second, and his three young daughters, none of them older than 10) were pointing down, off of the side of the boat. Apparently, something down there had peaked the girls' interests, because they were frantically pleading for their father to retrieve the camera from within his bag and take a picture. Upon following their gaze, Leo saw what was so exciting.
A few dozen Water Pokemon, including several Carvhana and a Sharpedo, were leaping from the waves, keeping pace with the boat easily. Leo raised an eyebrow as the Sharpedo, appreciating the attention, did a flip and shot a spout of water from its mouth. The three little girls squealed in delight. Leo chuckled. Sharpedo... Show offs, all of them.
"You know," He said, walking over to the girls, "despite their reputation for being dangerous and violent, if you raise them correctly, Carvhana and Sharpedo make excellent friends."
"Are you a Water Type expert?" said the father, who had finally managed to pull the digital camera out and take a few pictures before the Pokemon below got tired and dove down into the depths. Leo grinned, shaking his head.
"No, but good guess. I breed Dark Types, actually," he said. Immediately, the man's face went from friendly to slightly defensive. He put an arm around his daughters and flashed Leo a fake smile.
"Well, girls, it's time for lunch. Come on now," he said, ushering the children away from Leo. The breeder raised an eyebrow, but was mostly unphased. The majority of people didn't trust Dark Type specialists; they saw them as secretive or satanic. It was a shame they didn't realize that Dark Types were Pokemon too.
"Well, can't be helped, can it Houndour?" he said, half smiling and looking down at his side. He remained like that for a brief moment, before his eyes slowly widened. As if on queue, he heard a loud bark and the sound of something shattering below deck. There were muffled shouts and the barks continued, as well as a horde of footsteps. Leo sighed, putting his glasses into their case and slipping it into the inside pocket of his blazer before sprinting off towards the entrance to the lower deck.
The shouts and barks grew louder as Leo flew down the steps and down the halls of the lower deck.
"Somebody, stop zat 'Oundour!" shouted a man. Leo turned a sharp left and was nearly trampled by a troupe of large men dressed in white. He rebounded off of the bulging stomach of the man in the lead, and landed on his butt hard. He groaned, standing, as the man growled at him.
"What are you doing down here, boy? Get out of ze way, zere is a wild Pokemon loose down here!" he said. Leo held up a hand, rubbing his hind tenderly.
"If you'll just give me a second, sir. See, that Houndour's mine. I let him out of his Pokeball to get some fresh air and he somehow got away from me. Let me get him, alright?" he said in a placating tone. The large man crossed his arms, breathing out crossly.
"Passengers are not supposed to 'ave zeir Pokemon out of zeir Pokeballs on ze ship, monsieur," he said. Leo nodded quickly, backing away.
"Yes, yes, I know, and I won't take him out again. I promise, let me ju-" he was interrupted by the sound of a shrill scream and more barking. He turned and sprinted down the hall towards the sound, and found himself in another passengers room. There, sitting on the floor, it's black tail wagging, was his Houndoom. He barked happily at Leo as he entered the room. The breeder sighed, kneeling next to the Pokemon and scratching his ears.
"Why do you always have to go causing trouble, buddy?" he said. Houndoom barked again. The Pokemon was staring past Leo. The breeder turned to see what he was looking at, and was slightly taken aback.
Standing on top of her bed, clutching an electric guitar in her hands like a baseball bat, was a girl, slightly younger than Leo, with a shock of white hair tied with a blue and purple hairband. She was glaring at Houndour angrily, and Leo got the sudden feeling that she knew how to use that instrument.
"Now, now... Can't we all get along?" Leo said, his hands up. He laughed nervously.
Oh, boy.
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