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Survival: Chapter 1: Flame's and Mal's Background

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer This is a collab series im doing with @AspenTR33. Its called Survival, its about 4 people who were the chosen people to stay on the planet and restart civilization. They will face many challenges to do so. The first two chapters are just going to be the backgrounds and what happened before civilization disappeared. Mind you, both of my characters are 15, no clue how old Aspen's is. There is also going to be cussing in this series, at least in the chapters i write. Just a warning. Enjoy! :)
Flame and Mal were in High school when they heard that the world had 24 hours before it ended. They got a mystery e-mail saying that they and two other people were chosen to stay alive on the planet.
"Man, we have about 18 hours before the world ends." Flame said.
"Dude, you read the e-mail, it says we get to stay alive." Mal said.
"Yeah, but it could be a lie." Flame said.
"Yeah, but I guess we will see when it happens." Mal said.
"I wonder who the two others will be." Flame said.
"We might not discover them until after a while the world ends." Mal said.
"Wait I have question teacher." Flame said.
"The name is Burch and what is it?" Teacher asked.
"Well, if the world is ending in like 17 hours, why are we still here and not partying or something?" Flame asked.
"No clue." Burch replied.
"Yeah, lets get out of here." Mal said leaving with Flame said.
*15 hours left*
"Welp, im bored." Flame said.
"Dang it Flame." Mal said.
"You know im always bored." Flame said.
"Maybe we should get ready for when the world ends." Mal said.
"Gives me something to do." Flame said.
*10 hours left*
"This is all we got, a swords for me and pistol and knife you you." Flame said.
"Well we also got food and water stocked up along with amo." Mal said.
"For pistol and shot guns." Flame said.
"And for Crossbows." Mal said.
"Whatever." Flame said.
"And i though i was stuck up." Mal said.
"You are, i just dont like to go shopping." Flame said.
"Well, once the world ends you never have to do it again." Mal said.
*5 Hours left*
"Welp, lets see whats on T.V." Flame said.
"There is only about 5 hours left of the world and you want to watch T.V.?" Mal said a bit pissed.
"Wanna play a Video Game instead?" Flame asked.
"God damn, dude." Mal said walking outside.
"What the fuck did I say?" Flame asked.
"Well for one dont use that language and she wants to spend the last hours of Earth with you." Flame's mom said.
"You always knew women didnt you." Flame said.
*2 hours left*
"Welp, i wonder what is in store for us." Flame said cuddling with Mal.
"Me two." Mal said.
"I wonder if we will actually survive." Flame said.
"If we do, i wonder who the two people actually are." Mal said.
*30 seconds left*
"Throwing everthing at us, thats how its over." Flame said.
"I will always love you Flame." Flame's dad and mom said together. Mal came back from talking with her parents on the phone.
"Welp all thats left is to sight see and see if we survive." Mal said.
*World has ended*
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