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Chapter 1-"Fit Or Not?"

by GokuPT99

GokuPT99 This Chapter Of My First Series And My First Work Is About Introducing You To The New Characters Of This New Series Called Pokemon Spacial Version.
-Morning 7:00-​
Tyson Wakes Up. "Mom What Time Is It...? M-Mom..?" Tyson Starts Asking Desperately. "Down Here! Oh, And Take A Shower NOW! You Know That Prof. Spruce Always Gives Pokemon At 7:30, BTW Is 7:00 AM!" Tyson's Mom Said." WHAT?!? 7:00 AM! I'm Going To Be Real LATE!!!" Tyson Started Showering As Quick Possible.

Narrator: This Is Tyson Fuego, A 10 Year Old Boy That... Is Always In Happy Mood... And Is Always Rushing At Everything, If You Want A Calm Person, Don't Look For Him!

Tyson Finally Gets Down At 7:28. "So, 2 Minutes For You To Eat... Huh? You're Taking Too Long In The Shower..." "And Brushing My Teeth" Tyson Added. "Well, Yeah... But.." "And Putting Clothes On" Tyson Adds. "I Know, Anyways... You Need To Be Faster! A-" "What About Brushing Putting My Spiky, Messy And White Hair As Good As Possible? Shh... I Know You Are A Shame Of Been So Messy..." Tyson Keeps Adding. "SHUT! Let ME Talk! Start Eating NOW!!! It's Already 7:30 You Idiot!!!" Tyson's Mom Yelled In Rage.

Tyson Finally Finished Eating And Rushed To The Prof. Lab. " I'M FINALLY HERE PROF. SPRUCE!!!!" Tyson Shouted With The Only Air He Had Left. "Who Is This Guy?" A Girl Said. "Oh Well, Another Guy That Wants A New Pokemon" Prof. Spruce Said. "Right, Tyson? Right?" "Ugh... Sorry For Been Late..." Tyson Apologized. "Whelp... Is 7:40... I Guess I Can Let It Pass... But One Pokemon Has Already Been Taken There Are Just 2 Left... Because Amy Hasn't Decided Her Pokemon.." Prof. Spruce Said With A Serious Face. "Oh, So This Guy That Is Sweating Like Crazy Is Tyson? Well Nice To Meet You Tyson" Amy Said. "Nice To Meet You Too, And I See You Can't Really Decide Your Pokemon, Right?" Tyson Asked. " *Giggles* With This Pokemons You Won't Decide Either Because You Should Be Too Tired To Think, Am I Right?" Amy Said."Kinda, Well Prof. Spruce Let Me See The Pokemons." Tyson Said. "Here They Are". In The Bag There Was 2 Pokeballs, One With A Mudkip, And The Other One With A Snivy.

"I'm Going To Choose, The One I Don't Choose Is The One You'll Get Amy, Sounds Good?" Tyson Asked. "Sounds Good" She Answered. Tyson Took A Pokeball. "Come Out My Friend! Let's Go! Snivy!" Snivyy Came Out With A... For Real Kinda Face. "Something Wrong? My New Partner?" Tyson Asked. "Sni-Vy..." Snivy Said With A Mad Face.

"Come Out Mudkip!" Mudkip Came Out With A Vigorous Smile. "I Think Mudkip And Me Fit More Than You And Snivy!" Amy Said. "BTW, What About Having A Pokemon Battle?" "Sounds Good To Me!" Tyson Said...
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