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Star Wars Adventures: Chapter 1: First Mission, Part 1

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer This is a Fanmade star wars series I am doing. Its called Star Wars Adventures. Im using basically most of my OC's.
Name: Flame
Age: 15
Personality: Kind, cares for others, tends to be wacked at most times
Looks: Blue pants, red shirt, skull necklace, Red cat ears and tail, red and green shoes, red baseball cap, red and black gloves,
Species: cat/human
Weapons: two swords, Green light-saber (uses in emergencies only), a pistol
Powers: The force (but hardly uses it, only in emergencies like the light-saber)
Bio: He was a citizen of planet Cloron for 12 years but the Republics blew up his planet so we was destined to destroy them, but when he finally found them they had disappeared. So now he just fights evil and teams up with the rebels once in a while.

Name: Brittney
Age: 16
Gender: female
Race: Bat/Human
Appearance: Fangs, Teal bat tail and bat wings, Blue shirt, Grey pants
Personality: Cares for others
History(this includes if you side with the first order, rebellion or some thing else like the Phoenix sector. Job. If your a sith or Jedi ect): She decided to join the rebels once the dark side took over her planet, she is a jedi in training, She is currently Flame's boyfriend
Weapons: Pistol, Blue Lightsaber
Powers (If only your a Jedi or Sith): Fly because of her wings but its more like hovering
Flame and Brittney were walking around the base of the rebels.
"Oh my gosh it Flame." A person said.
"Im not that famous." Flame said.
"You go on almost every dangerous mission and come back alive." Peron said.
"Welp, i do dont i?" Flame asked.
"Yep, that must be the person your training to be a jedi." Person said.
"Yep, names Brittney." Brittney said. "Im actually dating him."
"You know how many people wish to be you?" Person said.
"Lots?" Brittney replied.
"Yep, well i gotta go to work and tell the poeple i talked to you guys." Person said alking away.
"Do you always get this much fame?" Brittney asked.
"Yep, doesnt bother me, only bothers me that i get it." Flame said.
"Dang." Brittney said as Flame's watch communicator rang. Flame answers the watch.
"Hey, I have a mission for yah." Boss said.
"What is it boss?" Flame asked.
"Well, we have word on were our old ships went to." Boss said.
"Give us were it is and we will go to it." Flame said. The two hopped on the ship and flew off to were the ships were suppose to be.
"Alright, it says the old ships are here." Flame said.
"Look there they are." Brittney said pointing.
"They actually found them, these ships are from the wars with the First Republic." Flame said.
"Really, so they are newer." Brittney said.
"Yep, at least this isn't the same place as that one place from Clone Wars." Flame said as he heard a ship land.