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The Rise of Team Neos: Chapter 1: Enter The Monkeys

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey Give a monkey a typewriter and infinite time and it has the potential to write Shakespeare. Give Psycho Monkey a laptop and seven years and he'll produce the most epic fic on Charms. At least that's what my fans tell me. That's right friends, Team Neos is back! >:D

Aside from fixing spelling, grammar, and syntax errors, I've added a few new features to the earlier chapters to flesh them out a bit more. To my older fans! Reread to see what The Rise of Team Neos Final Mix has in store! To my new fans! Read to learn what all the hype is about! To everyone, follow the notorious duo of Brian and Axel as their legend begins anew! >:D
Warning: The following story contains copious amounts of language, blood, violence, and mature subjects. Reader discretion is advised.

The Rise of Team Neos

Volume 1: A Changing World

Chapter 1: Enter The Monkeys

One was eighteen, had spiky black hair, blue eyes, and dressed in long black pants, black boots, black fingerless gloves, and alternated between a black T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt of the same color depending on the season. The other was a monkey with a flaming mane and unusual gold fur for a species that normally had brown fur or red for the shiny variety. Both were freaks of nature. This is their story...

“Prepare yourself!” I shouted lunging at my Infernape with my hands pointed so that I would jab him with my fingertips. Axel dodged my first two strikes but I was able to get him with a surprise kick to the chest. Before I could pull my leg away, Axel grabbed my shin with both hands and threw me to the ground where I made a crunch in the newly fallen snow. The Flame Pokémon lifted his leg for a stomp but I rolled to the side and quickly jumped to my feet. After wiping some snow off my black long-sleeved shirt, I took the Repulse the Monkey stance with my left arm outward and my right arm closer to my body. My legs were spread so that my left foot was in front and my right leg in the back. Even though Axel knew this stance, he still came at me with a punch. Fool. I grabbed his punching arm in my outstretched left hand, took a step back on my left foot while pulling the monkey in, and did a palm strike to his chest with my free hand. To my surprise Axel used the momentum to lift his legs off the ground and kick me in the chest with both causing us both to land in the snow.

“Not bad. You really surprised me with that last move.” I complemented slightly winded while cracking my neck.

Well I had to do something to counter Repulse the Monkey. Why do you insist on that stance anyway?” he asked rubbing his shoulders.

“Because you’re a monkey.” I answered straightforwardly.

Touché.” Axel responded pointing at me.

“Come. We have a boat to catch.” I said getting up. I picked up my green backpack which was leaning against a tree, slung it over my shoulders and began my walk back to Snowpoint City. It wasn’t a long walk back from Acuity Lakefront where we had been sparring, but I didn’t want to miss the boat. It was a lot faster and safer getting to Sunnyshore City in this manner than traveling through Mt. Coronet in the dead of winter. I didn’t want to find out the hard way that the old legend ‘Articuno appears to doomed people in the frozen mountains’ was true. We got to the dock where I presented my ticket to the sailor standing guard at the ramp. The ship was a medium sized passenger ship large enough to hold around a hundred people or so.

“Have a nice trip.” was all the guard had to say as he handed my ticket back. I walked up on the deck and leaned against a railing to watch the shore. After about ten minutes the ramp was pulled away giving the signal for the ship to start moving. As our voyage began, there was a crackle at the speaker.

“This is your captain speaking.” came an old but strong voice. “We will be arriving in Sunnyshore City in about a week so make yourselves comfortable. I hope you enjoy your stay.” The speakers went silent after another crackle.

“WAAAAAHHHH!!!!” cried a little girl with short mostly brown hair with pink bangs dressed in a bright pink and white sailor schoolgirl uniform with black leggings underneath the skirt. Based on her small height, my guess is she’s about ten or eleven. “This isn’t the boat to the Resort Area!? I wanted to go to the Ribbon Syndicate!” she wailed.

“Pipe down!” bellowed a brawny sailor. “It’s too late to turn around now, so you’ll have to make do with what you’ve got.” He then got a sly grin. “I think we should battle if you got Pokémon.” The girl stuck her tongue out at the sailor with a childish ‘mmnn’ sound.

“My Pokémon are only for show, not battle.” she said defiantly. If she won’t then I will. I’ve always loved the thrill of battle!

“How about I battle you?” I challenged stepping forward. The sailor turned his thick head to me. He looked me and Axel over to see if we were worth his time before getting his sly grin back. I guess we passed.

“Sure, I’ll take you on. I think I could have some fun with you boy.” he said pulling out a red and white sphere. From it came a tall pink Pokémon with a scaly tan belly, a stupid look on its tan face, and a large grey spiked shell for a tail.

Uh uh! No way am I fighting a Slowbro. Pick someone else.” demanded Axel.

“You act like I was going to pick you.” I said sarcastically. Slowbro can best Infernapes on both offensive and defensive so there was no way I was going to use Axel. No, I had a better idea on who I was using. I readied a Great Ball and sent out the Snover I caught last week. The Pokémon looked like a snow covered evergreen with its legs a wood brown color, tree green hands and tail, and a bright white head. The moment he appeared, the clear sky was covered in white clouds that began dumping clumps of ice onto the ship.

“Start us off with Mist Snover!” I called. The Frost Tree Pokémon stretched out his hands pulling together the water vapor in the already cold air to create a fine mist around himself and Slowbro.

“Dammit, I can’t see anything!” complained the sailor. “Slowbro! Hit it with Water Gun!” Slowbro looked to the side like it was distracted; then a gear must have turned in its head because it decided to comply with its Trainer’s command. Slowbro opened its mouth wide shooting a powerful stream of water at Snover who just shook the attack off as a refreshing bath. A golf ball sized chunk of ice fell from the sky and hit Slowbro in the head. The Hermit Crab Pokémon didn’t even seem to notice.

“Let’s do this Snover! Razor Leaf!” I commanded. Several blade edged leaves fell from the cone on Snover’s head and made their way toward Slowbro. Slowbro put its hands over its head crying out in pain having finally noticed the strike from hail. It then crossed its arms in front of itself to block the leaves that were no longer coming. I couldn’t help but to laugh at this situation. Another chunk of hail hit Slowbro, this one smaller than before.

“He’s makin’ a fool of you Slowbro! Teach ‘im a lesson with Headbutt!” ordered the sailor. Slowbro lumbered over to Snover and smashed his head into my Pokémon’s head. Slowbro then cried out having once again had a delayed reaction to the hail strike.

“Now Snover! Powder Snow!” I called. Snover waved his arms and summoned the hail storm into a steady blast at the Hermit Crab Pokémon freezing it solid. “Unless you want to wait for Slowbro to thaw, it looks like this battle’s over. If you don’t have an Ice Heal, you can use one of mine.” I offered.

“No thank you. I’ll take care of this myself. I don’t need your pity.” he said bitterly. The sailor called back his popsicle Pokémon and went inside the ship. I hope Slowbro will be alright. Suddenly I heard clapping and cheering all around me. I guess our battle drew some attention. As usual I was too focused to notice the crowd.

“Yay Onii-chan!” cheered the little girl from earlier. What the hell? Onii-chan?
  1. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    If you're confused, then read the rest @natethenin. The story starts to make more sense within the first five chapters. :)
    Sep 27, 2016
  2. natethenin
    Sep 27, 2016