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Pokécharms: Dunsparce Version: Chapter 1, Doctor Oak WHY ARE YOU HERE!??!?!!?!?!!?

by Sylvious

Sylvious A Region Based Off Of This Site! The Pokemon Are Based Off The Members Of The Game. The Legendarys Are Based Off Of Staff. Although The Trainers Are Also Based Off The Members Names. Like This. Pokemon: PikminCommanderJ. Trainer: J.
"Welcome to the Pokecharms region!" Somebody Said. "Im Doctor Oak!" He Said. "OMG WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE?" Player Said. "Well. This is a fanmade region made by Special Mew!" Doctor Oak Said. "Yep. Who are your friends?" Player Said. "None other than Baratron, Demelza, KoL, Linkachu, Magpie, Prof. Cinders, StellarWind Elsydeon, and Teapot!" Doctor Oak Said. "Of course the Pokecharms staff." Player Said. "Ok, are you a boy or are you a girl?" Doctor Oak Said. "Boy." Player Said. "Okay! One more question. Whats your name?" "Uh.... Special Mew." Special Mew Said. "Wow! You are Special Mew!" Doctor Oak Said. "Yeah! The good part is I know everything about this region! Im just going to not know whats going on to keep the story going on for a long time!" Special Mew Said. "Now. Heres your rival! Do you want the default name? Or a creative name?" Doctor Oak Said. "The default name is already creative. I made this but i don't want that." Special Mew Said. "I guess that means the Creative name! Ok.. Omega Mudkip!" Doctor Oak Said. "Okay. Now. Welcome to the world of Pokecharms! This is what we call a charmer!" Doctor Oak Said, Sending Out A PikminCommanderJ. "I research Charmers. And im a Charmer doctor! I guess. But you fellow trainers like to battle with your Charmer. Come to my lab to get a starter charmer! You earned it by reading this work! See you at my lab!" Doctor Oak Said.
  1. Sylvious
    man. How did I uncontinue this. it's really good!
    Nov 29, 2015