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Shogun Blast - The Story: Chapter 1: Dino X

by The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak He came to the world of the past, but he has to do the first step to saving the world as a villain.
I entered the past 10 years ago. Exactly 10 years ago. I remember all the Jurassic Park posters I had, I loved Dinosaurs. “A great memory to hold.” I said to myself. I was happy, but the heroes stopping everyone, probably killing people, or defeating people; maybe they're innocent! Maybe they’re not! No matter what, I must stop this.

My parents moved to Hawaii, and I am stuck alone in Japan. “Man, I gotta clean up my room.” I said to myself. I put everything in place one by one, I even used my powers to put everything where it belongs. I went outside of my room to see the police on front of my door. What did I do? Did I kill someone?

The police came in with handcuffs and they put it around my hands. Oh yeah, apparently in the past, you must never cosplay, because of “copyright”. “You’re under arrest for copyright.” They said. I don’t know why copyright is such a big deal, so I broke the handcuffs, punched the police, and headed out.

I found a helmet outside my house, so I picked it up, ran over the walls, and ran away to hide. I put the helmet on, and it made some sort of effect. I felt like I was strangled, it tried to identify me. I said my name “Shoriki”, but then it didn’t work. I had to think of something, something that might fit. It gave me hints.

‘Your room’s wall tells all, while 24 is the letter.’ it said, but I don’t know! I started to think of my room, and then I saw. Dino. 24? I kept thinking. I saw the word letter, so I started to think. A, B, C… X! “Dino X” I said, and it was identified. I started to go identified as Dino X. I took the helmet off, and bought some clothes, cape, and went to a badge-making factory and asked them to make a badge.

While they were making it, I went to a lab, and stole a memory-wiping device. Once it finished, I retrieved the badge, then I wiped off their memories about me. All they remember is the badge. I put the device back where it was, then I put everything on. The helmet set everything up once I did everything, and it said “Welcome…”

“...you have now become Dino X. Congrats”