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Chapter 1: An Unexpected Friendship!

by Nero21

Nero21 Denko the Elekid dislikes having a partner to go through the dungeons with him because of his huge ego, but then finds the perfect partner but he didn't know that the first time they met, Atsuma a cowardly Magby who gets bullied by much bigger pokemon on a regular basis. His dream is to make a pokemon rescue team but lacks the self-esteem. They seem like perfect partners to cross the dimensions
Denko fainted.....
The next morning.
"Owwwwwww" Denko winces in pain and then looks around to find out where he is, and realizes hes in the hospital........ again. He notices three other pokemon in the room with him but he doesn't really care. Then a Wigglytuff walks in the room, her name is Dr.Wiggles.
She goes over to a Toxicroak to see how hes doing, then cheaks up on a Hitmontop and gives her some dizzy pills, then she walks over to the next pokemon a Magby who looks like hes in pretty rough shape. "Oh dear, what did they do u to u this time darling?" Dr.Wiggles said in a concerned voice. The Magby grunts and turns around facing Denko ignoring Dr.Wiggles. "Oh come on, it couldn't have been that bad, their just a bunch of no good bullies, so don't let them bring you down."
Magby turns back around and looks at Dr.Wiggles. "How am I supposed do defend myself against a Hydreigon, Houndoom, and a Dusknoir! they are all just so strong for me, yet they insist on picking on me" Magby says trying not to cry. Dr.Wiggles hugs the Magby.
"You poor thing. Don't worry, someday im sure you will beat their sorry butts into next week for ever messing with you." Magby sniffled and turned back around.
Dr.Wiggles then made her way over to Denko "Oh my, my, my. Denko when will you ever learn you cant do dungeons by yourself, you need a partner."
Denko sighs "psssshh i dont need no partner, im just not trying hard enough thats all."
"Yeah, not trying hard enough to get yourself killed it seems" Dr.Wiggles chuckles thinking she was quite clever. "But seriously go find a partner." Then Dr.Wiggles leaves the room.
The Magby gets up and walks over to Denko "Hey my names Atsuma, I hear you need a partner to help you out with the dungeons? I have always wanted to form a resc~"
"Forget about it alright!." Denko interjected "I dont want or need anyones help, so leave me alone I can take care of myself, Im much stronger than you anyway so just go away, im not interested." Denko looked away into the distance.
Atsuma started to shake "Oh, well ahh okay then, i guess i will go now." He said walking away sulking.
Atsuma left the hospital and started walking home, but trouble was waiting for him. "see I knew he would be here. I could smell him coming from a mile away." said the Houndoom proudly.
"Perfect, now we can get him real good" said the Hydreigon with excitement "cant wait to hear the little baby try to cry out for help again." He gave an evil smirk and laughed.
"Alright here he comes." the Dusknoir said alerting the other two.
Atsuma was walking home and came past an alleyway when "WHOA" he gets pulled in and shuved up against a wall "Ow stop you're hurting me!" He cried.
"Awwwww the little baby wants his soother." the Houndoom snickered.
"Why wont you guys just leave me alone!" Atsuma said sniffling with tears building up in his eyes.
"Why dont you just man up and fight back. Stop being such a coward!" the Hydreigon said pushing Atsuma harder against the wall." And then tossed him into some trash bags and hit him with a dragon pulse.
"GAAAAH" Atsuma shouted, and then when he opened his eyes he saw a bright light moving fast towards them and then.
"THUNDER PAWNCH" someone shouted and Hydreigon got launched over Atsuma and hit the brick wall at the other end of the ally. Then the pokemon hit the Houndoom with a Low Kick and Dusknoir with a Thunder Wave. "Dont tell me i came and saved your life for you to just sit there, or are we gonna get going" the pokemon gave out a hand to help Atsuma up. It was Denko.
Atsuma grabbed his hand and Denko pulled him up. "Did you just say Thunder...Pawnch?" Atsuma gave him a weird look.
"Yeah, what does it matter to you. RUN!" So the two ran, where they were going was a mystery, they were just running, then they came across a dungeon.
"Th-that looks k-kinda scary" Atsuma said shaking in fear.
"MAAAAAAAN" Denko exclaimed "your a wussy, c'mon its not even that scary i could beat it by myself." He said.
"How about this" Denko said with a smile "if we go and we beat this dungeon, i think i could consider us being partners in a rescue team, what do ya say?"
"Umm it will still be scary u will probably have to do all the work." Atsuma said still a little scared.
"No sweat, I was planning on it" Denko said proud of his strength walking towards the dungeon entrance.
Atsuma took a deep breath. "Okay, i'll do it!" and they both entered the dungeon.
  1. Nero21
    Thanks, i didn't do my best though i just wanted to see what people thought. but if i get enough likes then i guess i will continue the story and make it ALOT better because not to much happend in this chapter mainly just character devolopment. BTW this is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon story so thats why its all pokemon
    Aug 27, 2015
  2. EspeonTheBest
    Oops! I forgot to like this earlier! This looks great!
    Aug 27, 2015