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The Ry Burst Chronicles Retold: Chapter 1: A New Adventure Begins

by Ry_Burst

Ry_Burst Hey guys. So I've noticed how my Ry Burst Chronicles have had some bland points. Chapter 1 for example is very small, and I don't think it's very good overall. So I've decided to rewrite the Ry Burst Chronicles and do it much better. To keep things fitting though, I'm having anyone subscribed to the old series, subscribed to this one. Also I'm going to tag @Lunar Emperor, because when looking though his critique he did for me, I decided to do this.


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"Lucario, use Bone Rush!" shouted Maylene, a young gym leader who headed the Veilstone city gym. Her Lucario obeyed and a white bone shaped bo staff formed at his palms. As he stretched his arms apart the bone began to grow until it was a good size for combat.

A trainer with brownish red hair and in a training gi smiled. "Fuego, counter with Fury Swipes!"A Monferno with a crooked smile, much like his trainer, charged towards Maylene's Lucario. The two Pokémon traded blow for blow. Each a very strong fighting type Pokemon, but where oth nearing exhaustion.The boy couldn’t help but smile, as he was reminded of how Fuego’s new form was powerful. His brain quickly flashed to how Fuego had evolved.

About a year ago, Maylene had told one of the gym trainers to practice with speed on him. So they met outside and the boy’s Monferno, who was only a Chimchar at the time, was up against the gym trainer’s Meditite.

“Focus Palm!” The man commanded as Meditite rushed forward delivering another heavy blow. Fuego was too slow and tears had begun to well up in the younger trainer’s eyes, as he helplessly watched as Fuego took hit after hit. But as much as the boy tried to have Fuego give up, the move the fire type refused. Then as it looked like Meditite was about the reliever the finishing blow, Fuego's body had begun to glow. His shape, form and size all began to change. And within a second, he had evolved into his next form, a Monferno.

Quickly remembering the moves he had learned about Fuego’s Evolution, the boy shouted, “Mach Punch!” With lighting fast speed and a glowing white fist, he deflected the attack and pushed the Meditite, back giving the boy, room for the possibility of a comeback.

While he didn't win that battle, he wa assured he would win this one. The boy’s name was Ry Burst and he is our protagonist for this story.

"Time for our special combo! Flame wheel and spin!" Ry commanded, moving his hand across his chest. His Monferno hit the ground and burst into flames, beginning to roll forward at a high speed. Then as he neared Lucario, who was now in a fighting stance, Fuego tipped and slip sideways, slamming into Lucario’s legs, as he wasn’t expecting an attack from below.

As the Lucario began to tip over, he made a backflip and landed a few feet behind where Fuego stopped. “Lucario!” An angry cry escaped the Fighting and Steel type’s throat. He was somewhat annoyed by this attempt at trickery. However Maylene knew that he was a bit impressed by the creativity. Maylene felt the same way, but it would have been better if Ry had pulled it off.

"It didn't work," said Maylene giving a chuckle. “It was a surprise attack, but it failed. Maybe aim a bit inherent when you attack or put more power in it.”

The boy smirked. "Check again." Maylene raised an eyebrow, and turned to Lucario who gave a shrug. Then he was engulfed in quick flames, dealing a bit of damage. “Lucario was burned by that attack. I knew it would. My gut told me. And if I remember what my mom told me, a burn not only deals the occasional bit of damage, but also lowers your attack. Which is a huge weakness for fighting types who use physical attacks.” Ry said informing Maylene what he had learned.

Maylene began to laugh. “I'm glad to see you do your homework, and it was a good move. However it was pure luck. Not to mention, all moves Lucario knows are Physical moves. Like this one for example. Use Aura Sphere!” Lucario pressed his palms together and formed a ball of bright blue energy. Then he pressed it for ward, firing it.

"Counter with Mach Punch." Ry shouted, off put by Maylene’s Aura Sphere. He ad totally forgot about that move and it messed up his plan completely. Fuego swung his fist at the Aura Sphere, and tried to break through it. However it was still too strong. It smashed past Fuego’s punch, sliding around it and slamming square into Ry’s chest.

Ry fell to his knees as Fuego collapsed, unable to battle. Ry was breathing heavily. He slammed his hand against the ground. “No, I was so close!” He shouted under his breath. He was upset, especially after the week he had spent training and studying for this sole battle. He raised his arm and returned Fuego to his Pokeball and stood up, with his head held low.

Maylene and Lucario crossed the battlefield to face him, pacing her hand on his shoulder. “Don’t beat yourself up. You did a good job and had thought things through. But you didn’t follow your gut fully. In the end, you hesitated, and that is how I won in the end.” Maylene said softly. “Go get changed and hand me Fuego’s Pokeball. I’ll heal him.,” she said pointing to the changing room. Ry gave a faint smile, a nod, and walked towards there after handing Fuego’s Pokeball to her.

After fifteen minutes, Ry was showered and change, and was feeling much better. The general upset about the loss had faded, and shifted more into excitement. Today was the day he would begin his journey to collect the eight Sinnoh Gym Badges and enter the Pokemon League. And he was determined to get stronger and win. As he stepped outside, he was now wearing a black t-shirt, a red open hoodie, dark blue jeans and red sneakers.

"You look ready to start your adventure," commented Maylene smiling when she saw him. In her hand was Fuego’s Pokeball and Lucario stood behind her, fully healed.

He couldn’t help but smile as she handed him Fuego’s Pokeball. "Thanks for everything," As she reached out to offer Ry a handshake, Ry sent out Fuego was looking in much better shape. Ry took her hand and shook it as Fuego shook Lucario’s hand. "I'll be back soon to win my gym badge from you." Ry said giving a goofy grin. “And you can bet that I will win.” She responded with a nod as they said their final goodbyes.

After exiting the gym, Ry and Fuego walked along, heading north east. His eyes scanned the city as he walked examining the city of stone as it would be the last time he would see it for a while. Probably not until he was strong enough to challenge Maylene.

When Ry and Fuego reached their home, they were greeted by Ry's mother's faithful partner Budew."Budew," she squealed as Ry entered the door. Ry smiled and gently patted the Grass and Poison type’s bud.

“Ry, are you back from training with Maylene?” His mother called from another room. She stepped out into the living room, and saw her son. He lips formed to a smile as he held up a single finger. “Stay right there. I have something to give you.” She said walking back into the kitchen. She was ready to accept that her son was leaving to go on an adventure. After his father’s death 6 years ago, he seemed to have more purpose, but she didn’t know why. Not to mention that his life had been more involved with the world of Pokemon. But it didn’t matter and Sarah knew James would have been proud of where his son was today.

She exited the kitchen now holding a large brown notebook. It was thick and tabs stuck out from various sides. “This is your Pokedex. It is filled with information on various information on Pokemon and things I’ve learned about with my years as a breeder. And I want you to add anything new that you encounter to it.” Sarah said as she held it out for him. She had spent these last few years, teaching her son all she knew about Pokemon Breeding, from cooking to Pokemon healthcare.

Ry nodded and took the notebook from her. “Thanks mom.” Ry said softly, shocked by what she had gave him. She had compiled so much information into this book. It was amazing. When he looked up from the book, he saw his mom beginning to cry. He gave her a big hug and said softly, “Don’t worry. I’ll be back soon.”

When they let go of each other, they shared a nod. After a few final goodbyes and a bit of reluctance from Sarah's part, Ry and Fuego were on their way, with the book safely in a green backpack his mother had handed him. She had insisted on packing it. They left the house and headed west, toward the west gate. There was Route 215, which led to Solaceon Town. There he knew there was a daycare which his mom had often talked about and occasionally visited. As they began to leave, both Fuego and Ry knew one thing for sure. They’re journey was just getting started.
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