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Pokemon: The Kids from Kanto: Chapter 1: A Journey Blooms

by Imperfect World

Imperfect World Laura is a ten-year-old girl, who set off on a journey through Kanto. But what happens when she meets Ash, Misty, and Brock? What adventures will they have? What Pokemon will they meet? Will love blossom, and will dreams be accomplished? Find out, in this exciting, action packed story.
Laura awoke to the sun that shown through her window. Her vision was blurry, as she sat up in her bed, and rubbed her eyes. Her vision became more clear, as she got out of bed. She walked over to her calendar, that was hanging upon her wall. When she saw what day it was, her eyes widened, and her tired frown turned into a joyful smile.

"Yes! Today is the day!" Laura shouted, dancing around the room.

Then she heard a few thunderous stomps come to her room. The door creaked open, as her fourteen-year-old brother poked his head inside.

"Shut up. I'm trying to sleep." Gabe said, as he shut the door harshly again, his stomps echoing downstairs as he went back to his room.

Laura then tiptoed to her closet and picked out her clothes. She quickly got changed and looked at herself in the full-body mirror. Her blond hair was pulled up into a high pony, as her hair fell down to her spine. Her brown eyes matched with her light skin. She was wearing a blue sleeveless sweatshirt, and beige cargo shorts, with lots of pockets. Her socks were white, and covered by her shoes, which were black converse hightops. She quickly tied up her laces, and pulled her dark blue backpack from underneath her bed, and stuffed her pajamas inside. Then she zipped it up, and slung it over her back. She quietly opened up her door, and quietly shut it, as she creeped downstairs. She could't risk waking anyone, so she grabbed an apple, and took a bite from it, leaving the house. The morning was quiet, and Laura took her time eating the apple, as she enjoyed the outdoors. After coming in view of the lab, Laura couldn't hold her excitement, and dashed off in direction of the lab, holding her apple core by the stem. She quickly ran up the stairs, and burst through the doors of the lab.

"I'm here, I'm finally here!" Laura said excitedly, as an old man, probably sixty or so, turned around to see her.

"Ah, you must be Laura. I'm Professor Oak. You must be here for your first Pokemon?" Oak said, as he looked at her.

Oak had white hair, and a red uniform shirt. He wore a long lab coat over it, and he wore khaki pants, with brown slip on shoes. Laura, being nervous around people, hesitated, before nodding her head.

"Right this way, then." Oak said, leading her to a hollow table.

The hollow part of the table was soon arisen from the hole, and three Pokeballs were perched on it.

"However, there are only two Pokemon left. Charmander and Squirtle." Professor Oak said, as he showed her the three Pokeballs.

"Perfect, 'cause I already know who to choose." Laura said, picking up the pokeball in the middle.

"Charmander!" Laura said, as she clicked the button on the Pokeball.

A blue light shown when the Pokeball opened, and the outline of a Pokemon appeared on the floor. As it cleared, a Lizard like Pokemon appeared, with a flame at the end of his tail. It's name was Charmander. Charmander was a small, bipedal lizard-like Pokémon, with a flame at the end of its tail. Laura looked at her buddy, and bent down to pet his head.

"I'm your new trainer, bud." Laura said, as she pet the small creature on the head.

Charmander moved its head a bit, causing Laura's hand to slide down to its cheek. Charmander looked happy to be picked. Laura was happy to be Charmander's trainer.

"We're going to conquer the world!" Laura said enthusiastically, as she put her fists up in the air.

Charmander did the same thing, but turned his head to look at someone. Laura couldn't help but be curious, and turned to the side to see a trainer towering above her, since she was crouched. He wore brown boots with black buckles, and a purple shirt, with a blue and yellow necklace. He had brown spiky hair, and he didn't seem to see Laura, for he tripped right over her, causing her to fall to the side.

"Hey, watch it!" Laura said, annoyed with the spiky haired boy.

Charmander luckily jumped out of the way, so he was unharmed.

"Sorry, but I'm not the only one who should look out." the boy said, getting up and dusting himself off. He didn't even bother to help Laura up, so she got up on her own, an annoyed look on her face.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Laura and Gary, here are your Pokeballs and Pokedex." Professor Oak said, handing Laura and Gary five Pokeballs each, and a single Pokedex.

Rude boy. Gary was his name. Laura thought. Charmander tried to dust Laura's foot off, which Laura giggled at. As soon as the boy had come in, he was out with a Pokeball. Squirtle was the last one left. No wonder that was fast. Laura thought, as she walked outside herself, Charmander in tow.

As soon as she walked out, she saw a large commotion. There was a kid who was in his pajamas, which were made up of a green and yellow T-shirt, and green and yellow shorts. He had black spiky hair, and he was talking to the brown haired boy, who snapped at him.

"None of your business! I got a Pokemon, and you don't." the Gary said, as he twirled his Pokeball on his finger.

"Hey! He just asked what Pokemon you had!" Laura said, stepping in.

"I don't care. He has nothing to do with my Pokemon." Gary said, as he turned to Laura. "I'm off." Gary said.

As if on cue, a red convertible pulled up, with a bunch of cheerleaders on the back. Gary then got in the car, and rode away.

"Smell ya later, losers!" he shouted, making Laura's face turn red in fury.

"Thanks for sticking up for me back there. Nice Charmander." the boy with spiky black hair said. "I'm Ash." he finished, holding out a hand.

"No problem. Thanks. And Laura's my name." Laura said, as she returned the handshake.

"You're late." said a familiar voice, as Ash and Laura jumped and looked behind themselves.

Oak was standing on the steps to his lab.

"I need a Pokemon! Please let me get one!" Ash said, a desperate sound in his voice.

"Pokemon? You look ready for bed, not for Pokemon training." Oak said, sniping him for being in his pajamas.

"I swear I'm ready!" Ash shouted.

"If you say so." Oak said, as he allowed Ash to follow. "Laura, why don't you come." Oak continued, as Laura followed without question.

As they arrived back inside the lab, Ash decided to choose his Pokemon. Laura wondered why Oak didn't tell him they were all gone, but she didn't interject.

"It took a lot of thought, but I decided that I'm going to choose Squirtle!" Ash said, as he picked up the Pokeball on the right.

It opened, but to Ash's surprise, it was empty.

"That's alright, because my starter will be, Bulbasaur!" Ash said, picking out the Pokeball on the left.

But it opened, empty again.

"That means there's no Pokemon left!" Ash said, a sad tone in his voice.

"Well, there is one Pokemon left, but-" Oak said, before Ash cut him off.

"Professor, I'll take it!" Ash said, as he got up in Professor Oaks face.

Oak pressed a button on the side of the table, and in the center of all the Pokeballs was a fourth Pokeball, with a lightning bolt on it.

"I must warn you, there's something...'off' about this certain Pokemon." Oak said, as Ash took the Pokeball.

"I don't care." the black haired boy said. He seemed persistent.

The Pokeball opened, and a blue light shot from it, as a red outline appeared, and a yellow mouse sat in front of them. This yellow mouse had long ears, with black tips on the tops, and it had stubby arms and legs. It had electricity filled cheeks, that were red, and a small nose. It had big black eyes, two brown lines on its back, and a lightning bolt shaped tail, with brown at the bottom, where the tail connected with the body.

"His name is Pikachu." Oak said

"Awe! It's so cute, it's the best of all!" Ash said, as he picked up the mouse Pokemon.

"Not as cute as my Charmander!" Laura said, as she grinned at Charmander, who grinned back.

"Oh, hi Pikachu!" Ash said, as he hugged the Pokemon.

"Pika!" Pikachu said, as a mad expression appeared on his face.

Sparks came from its cheeks, as it sprouted three bolts of lightning, and shocked Laura, Charmander, and Ash.

"Augh!" Laura shouted, as the shock spread through her body.

"Pikachu is also known as electric mouse. It's usually shy, but sometimes have an electrifying personality."

Pikachu then stopped.

"I see what you mean." Ash said, as Laura fell over in pain.

"Shocking, isn't it." Oak said.

Then Oak handed Ash his own Pokeballs and Pokedex.

"Thank-YOU!" Ash said/shouted, as Pikachu started the shocking again.

Laura hid from range, as the shock also transferred to Oak.

"YOUR WELCOME!" Oak said, as Laura and Charmander snickered from behind Oak's desk.


Laura, Ash, Charmander, Pikachu, and Oak soon arrived back outside, as Ash's family had taken the time to get out of bed and cheer for him. It made Laura smile.

"Mom!" Ash said, seemingly embarrassed.

"Oh Ash, I'm so proud of you! Setting off for your Pokemon training...but I..I'll miss you so much, my little boy!" Ash's mom said, trailing off.

Pikachu seemed happier, as it walked up next to Ash.

Ash's mom unzipped a book bag, and reached her hand inside.

"I packed your sneakers and jeans, nice clean shirts and underwear, and your favorite snacks, and some hot chocolate in case you want something hot, but try not to burn yourself, and a pair of rubber gloves, to do your laundry, and a new clothes line to hang it out to dry, and-" she said, naming lots of items, until Ash grabbed his stuff and book bag.

"Mom! Your embarrassing me! In front of all these people. Don't you know I'm a big kid now? Pokemon trainers can take care of themselves." Ash said, a smile and blush on his face.

"I understand." she answered.

But then she looked down at Pikachu, a puzzled look on her face.

"That's your Pokemon?" she asked.

Pikachu managed to say its name once, before Ash spoke up.

"Yup! That's my Pokemon!" ash said, happily, as though Pikachu had never shocked him.

Laura was surprised by his fondness towards Pikachu, after being shocked twice. Laura wasn't so fond of him, even after being shocked once. Pikachu however turned away. If Pikachu were Laura's Pokemon, she would've been mad. However, Ash acted a bit shocked, before quickly recovering. He put a fist out in front of him.

"With Pikachu and Laura by my side, I'll get all the Pokemon in the world!" Ash said.

Laura was surprised when she heard her name.

"Me?" Laura asked, as she saw a bunch of heads turn to her, like they hadn't noticed her before.

"Is that your girlfriend?" Ash's mom whispered to Ash.

Ash blushed.

"What?! No!" Ash said, looking at his mom.

Then he turned to Laura.

"Yeah you. I just thought we were traveling together, since we both have our Pokemon, and are setting out at the same time." Ash said.

Laura nodded, seeing this as a good idea.

Then attention was turned back on Pikachu.

"I thought Pokemon stay inside their Pokeballs. Why doesn't this one?" Ash's mother asked.

"Uh, oh yeah, right!" Ash said, taking out Pikachu's Pokeball. "Alright Pikachu, get in the ball now."

Ash tossed the Pokeball at Pikachu, but Pikachu pushed it back at Ash with his tail. It was like a game of catch, as it happened over and over.

"Oh, you're playing catch! You're friends already!" Ash's mom said, as she looked happily at the two.

"Uh, sure." Ash said, bending down and picking up Pikachu. "Pikachu and I are real pals! Right?"

"But-It's a little weird." Ash's mom said, ticking off Pikachu.

"Pika!!" the electric type shouted, releasing a bolt of lightning at everyone.

"Augh!" Everyone shouted, as they all fell over.

Oak was hiding, and Laura hid behind Oak, snickering.

"Those rubber gloves will come in handy! You see, rubber blocks electricity!" Oak said.

"Great!!" Ash shouted, through getting shocked.


Soon, Ash, Laura, Pikachu, and Charmander were on the road, Ash dressed, this time. Ash was wearing a dark green T-shirt, and over that was a short sleeved Jacket, with white sleeves, a blue base, yellow pockets, and a white collar. He wore light blue jeans that were rolled up at the bottom, and blue sneakers. He also wore green fingerless gloves, and a red and white base ball cap, with a strange looking "L" on it. Unfortunately for Ash, Pikachu needed to be tied up so he wouldn't escape. And to be sure of no shocks, he wore the rubber gloves. Ash stopped walking and sighed.

"Pikachu, are you gonna be like this the whole way?" Ash asked, bending down by the Pokemon.

Pikachu nodded.

"Is it because you don't like me?" Ash asked.

Pikachu nodded.

"Well, I like you a lot! And since you're the Pokemon I'm training, you should go inside your Pokeball, just like to Pokedex says." Ash said, as he looked at Pikachu, a hopeful look on his face.

He opened his Pokedex, and pressed a button, as it started talking about Pokemon going inside Pokeballs.

"While being trained, a Pokemon usually stays inside its Pokeball." the Pokedex said.

"You see?" Ash tried reasoning.

"But Ash..." Laura said, as she tapped a button on the Pokedex.

"However, there are many exceptions. Some Pokemon hate being confined." The Pokedex spoke.

Pikachu nodded at Laura as to say thanks.

"That's why I keep Charmander out of his Pokeball." Laura said, as she pointed to Charmander, who waved at Ash.

Ash smiled at Charmander and gave a respectful nod to Laura.

"Well then, I guess this ought to make it better." Ash said, untying Pikachu. "And I'll get rid of these too!" Ash said, tossing his gloves on the ground.

"How's that, Pikachu?" Laura asked the electric mouse.

But Pikachu still turned away.

"Still not good enough?" Ash said, sounding disappointed.

Pikachu nodded, and Ash frowned. Suddenly the group turned to the sound of tiny footsteps that scampered through the grass. A tiny head poked out of the grass. it looked as though to be a bird, and Laura was on it already.

"Charmander, lets catch it!" Laura said, as Charmander faced the bird.

"Hang on, I want to catch it!" Ash said, standing up.

"Fine." Laura said, giving in easily. "But only because Pikachu won't listen."

"Thanks! Alright Pikachu! Go get it." Ash ordered.

But Pikachu turned away.

"Will you ever listen to me?" Ash asked.

Pikachu frowned, and shook his head.

""But why not?" Ash asked.

Instead of answering, Pikachu ran away from him, and dashed up a tree in the field. Then the Pokemon yawned, and relaxed itself.

"That's okay, I don't need your help! I'll catch that thing all on my own!" Ash shouted, mad.

Laura would've been mad at Pikachu as well, but this was a little to far.

"Ash, calm down." Laura said, grabbing Ash's shoulder. "You've taken this a little far."

Ash shook off her hand.

"I know what I'm doing." Ash said.

He took out a Pokeball, and super-sized it.

"I've pledged to be a Pokemon master. This is my first step. Go, Pokeball!" Ash said. "Enjoy your last minutes of freedom, Pidgey! 'Cause your mine!" Ash said.

Ash then turned around his hat, and threw the Pokeball at the Pidgey.

"Pokeball, go!" Ash shouted.

The Pokeball hurdled at the Pokemon, and once it hit the Pokemon, Pidgey was sucked inside. Ash immediately rejoiced, but then the Pokeball started to wiggle. At the second wiggle, it opened, and the Pidgey flew away.

"Ash, you have to use a Pokemon to weaken another Pokemon before you can capture one." Laura said, matter-of-factly.

"Now you tell me." Ash said, a little sad.

Pikachu had already started laughing, and peeing to, right on Ash's book bag. which made Laura mad. It was one thing to disobey a trainer, but to laugh at your own? That was a very rude move.

"Wait! I've got an idea!" Ash said, as he glanced at his backpack.

Before Laura knew it, Ash had grabbed his pajama, and snuck up on a Pidgey.

"It's okay little buddy, nothing to be afraid of." Ash said, tiptoeing to the Pidgey.

When he was met face to face with the Pokemon, he started to sweat.

"Hi there little friend." Ash said.

The Pidgey blinked once, before Ash went haywire.

"I'm sorry!" he shouted, as he flung his shirt over the Pokemon, trying to capture it.

A small head poked up twice, before the shirt blew up. Not literally, but it went wide, as Ash was blown off his feet himself. He was knocked straight back into Laura, who was pushed off her feet.

"Oh, sorry." Ash said, getting up.

"That was Pidgey's gust attack. Careful. Usually gust attack is follow with a-" Laura said, before she was cut off.

A bunch of sand blew in the direction of her and Ash. Once it had cleared, Charmander was rubbing sand from his eyes, and Laura was rubbing the sand off her tongue.

"Sand attack." Laura said, as she shook off the leftover sand.

"I guess it just isn't our lucky day.." Ash said, as he shook off the sand on himself, before spotting something. "Hey!"

Laura turned around, to see a purple rat eating from inside Ash's book bag.

"Get out of there!" Ash shouted, running over to his book bag.

The Pokedex started talking again, talking about Rattata and how it stole food from stupid trainers.

"That means I'm stupid?" Ash said, dumbfounded.

Pikachu started laughing again, and Laura couldn't help but growl at his behavior. Ash was mad. He saw three Pidgey's, and he picked up a pebble on the ground and threw it at them. He missed, so he picked up an actual rock, and looked at the outline of a bird. He threw the rock, and it hit the bird in the head.

"I got it!" Ash said, pleased.

The bird turned around, and revealed to be a different bird, not a Pidgey.

"What's that?" Ash questioned.

The Pokedex then explained that the Pokemon was a Spearow, a Pokemon with a large attitude. Spearow then got mad, and charged from its spot on the ground and charged at Pikachu, who got worried, and started dodging the Spearow's attacks.

"Hey, leave Pikachu alone, it didn't throw the rock, I did!" Ash shouted.

"Pikachu, jump, I'll catch you!" Laura said, holding out her hands.

Pikachu jumped from the branch, and was caught by Laura, who handed Pikachu to Ash. Spearow was ticked off. Spearow called out some sort of cry, and before Laura knew it, she and Ash were being chased. Charmander was in Laura's arms, and Pikachu was in Ash's. But the Spearow were a lot faster than the two, so they were quickly gained upon. The Spearow started pecking at the trainers and the Pokemon, which was the reason that Pikachu was so beat down. When they outran the Spearow for some time, they reached a waterfall, that led down to a lake.

"I can't go down without Charmander dying!" Laura said, holding Charmander tight.

She took out her Pokeball, and said, "Charmander, Return!" as the Fire type was sucked into the Pokeball.

Then, Laura zipped the Pokeball in her pocket and jumped. It was all she could do at the moment. Ash quickly followed. Laura opened her eyes under the water, trying to swim to the surface. When she arrived at land, she started coughing, and ringing out her hair. Then she took the Pokeball out and released Charmander, who was definitely mad he was being confined in a ball, even if it meant death or life. She looked to the side and saw an orange haired girl, who was wearing a side ponytail. She was wearing a light yellow crop top, and red suspenders, with short jean shorts. Her line went straight, as she realized she had something on her line.

"I caught something! It must be a big one!" the girl said, pulling on her line.

She must've been very strong, because what she pulled from the water was surprising. She saw Ash and Pikachu fly from her line, and onto the ground. Laura quickly dashed over to Ash, who was coughing. The orange haired girl beat her to them.

"You poor thing, are you alright?" she said, as she looked sad.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Ash said, as he smiled weakly.

"Not you, the Pokemon!" the girl said, as she hit Ash. "Is it breathing?" she said, becoming calm.

"I think so." Ash replied, looking at Pikachu.

"Well don't just sit there, it needs medical attention right away! There's a medical center not far from here." the girl said, swatting at him.

Ash then stepped up.

"You mean there's a hospital?" Ash asked, seemingly relieved.

"Yes, for Pokemon!" she said.

"It's called a Pokemon Center." Laura said, stepping in.

"Which way do we go?" Ash asked, worried.

"That way." the red haired girl said, pointing in the direction of what looked to a small path.

Then Laura turned around, jumping to see what was flying in the air.

"The Spearow are back! Quickly Ash!" Laura shouted, jumping and waving her arms from fear.

Ash dashed up to the small orange bike, with a basket. He set Pikachu down in the basket and hopped on the seat.

"Quickly, c'mon!" Ash said, holding out a hand.

It was a one person bike, but Laura grabbed his hand anyway, and he pulled her on. All se could really do was sit on the hood of the back wheel, hoping it would't collapse.

"Hey, that's my bike!" the red haired girl said, storming over to them.

"We'll return it someday!" Laura shouted, as she held onto Ash's torso, Charmander in the middle, clinging to Laura.

Then Ash peddled away on the small path, trying to escape the Spearow that hat caught up to them. Soon the clouds got dark, and thunder was heard from above, and that was when Charmander and Laura feared worst. A few droplets fell from the sky, and soon, it started to rain like crazy, as Laura tried to cover up Charmander's tail with all she could do. Lightning and thunder could be heard, as the Spearow got closer to the two trainers and their Pokemon. But soon enough, the Spearow had caught up completely, and started pecking at the to trainers on the bike. Ash lost control of the bike after getting pecked multiple times, and the drop up ahead was unseen, so naturally, they flew off the bike, and onto the muddy ground. Laura, although hurt, forced herself to get up and crawl over to Charmander, protecting it from the rain with her backpack.

"Pikachu!" Laura heard Ash shout, as she turned around.

Pikachu was beat. He looked so sore, and his eyes showed as though he couldn't hold up any longer.

"This can't...happen." Ash said, tears in his eyes as he set a hand on his Pokemon.

Then Ash took out Pikachu's Pokeball and super-sized it.

"Pikachu, get inside. I know you're afraid of going in there, but if your inside, maybe I can save you. Please, it's the only way." Ash said, hopefully.

But Pikachu refused it. Ash then set the Pokeball next to Pikachu, to let him decide what to do. Then Ash weakly stood up, and stood in front of Pikachu, and Laura and Charmander.

"Down here, Spearow!" Ash shouted, which made Laura look at him.

What is he doing? she thought, as she covered the weak Charmander's tail.

"Spearow, I am Ash Ketchum of pallet town, and I pledge to catch all the Pokemon in the world. I will capture and defeat all of you, you hear me! Now come and get me!" Ash shouted, making Laura's eyes widen.

"Ash, stop!" she shouted, as she put out a hand, trying to reach Ash's shirt.

But she was far from it, and the Spearow dove down. Tears entered her eyes, but they disappeared as she saw Pikachu dashing towards Ash. Pikachu jumped up his shirt, and onto his shoulder, before jumping off, in attempt to attack the Spearow. Then, a lightning bolt came from out of the sky, and supercharged Pikachu, who let off the biggest electric attack Laura had ever seen. It blew her away. Literally. The lightning came in her and Charmander's direction, and they were blasted off the ground. That was all Laura remembered, before waking up next to Ash, Charmander asleep. The flame on his tail was still bright and alive, which was good. She sat up, and saw Ash wake up, happy everyone was alive.

"We did it!" Ash said, happy everyone was okay.

"We did." Laura said.

Suddenly, there was a strange happy moaning sound coming from the sky. Ash looked up and gasped, and Laura quickly followed his eyes. They saw a giant bird, flying over the horizon. It looked gold from the sunlight, and it was shaped differently.

"Whoa." Laura said, as Charmander awoke.

Charmander was weak, so laura picked him up and cradled him. Laura was also pretty weak after all of what had happened. Ash got up, holding the very weak Pikachu, and holding out a hand to Laura.

"Ready?" Ash said, as Laura took his hand and stood up.

"I am." she said, as she nodded to him.

And together they walked to the city seen nearby, as they cradled their Pokemon in their arms.
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  1. Imperfect World
    Imperfect World
    Jul 21, 2018
  2. Keleri
    @Yellow.lol Ahhhhh that's fair! If it's third person omniscient then it's what you the author want to tell us, which might include other characters thoughts and feelings. Third person limited can be restricted to just what the POV character sees.
    Jul 21, 2018
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  3. Imperfect World
    Imperfect World
    @Keleri Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to look into that! And it isn't Laura who is telling the story, it's in third person view. So Misty's description was a given, not what Laura was thinking herself.
    Jul 21, 2018
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  4. Keleri
    This is cute, I can tell you had a lot of fun writing this and really getting into the story! Your spelling, grammar, and paragraph breaks are good which makes it very readable.

    One thing you can do is read a bit closer to watch out for homophones (to instead of too, peddled instead of pedaled) and punctuation mistakes ("I am." she said should be "I am," she said. The dialogue is actually part of the same sentence as the speech tag). It helps if you can use a word processor with a spell check, although it's good to add Pokemon and their names to the checker so it isn't always calling it out.

    A more advanced consideration is when it's good to describe things and when to leave it out. For instance, you give a long description of what Misty looks like just after Laura falls in a lake and has to worry about Charmander getting wet. It might make more sense to have her think less from her point of view about Misty and more about her own soaked clothes and supplies and how Charmander's doing.

    Good luck!
    Jul 20, 2018
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