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Ferrine Chronicles: Chapter 1: A Humble Beginning!

by EeviumZ


Welcome, one and all, to my first Creative Corner work!

I’m not going to give away too many details in this summary. But I will denote a couple things.

  1. This is an SYOC story. Though I have the entirety of my main cast, I’m looking for minor characters. If you wish to submit your OC, visit this link. (WARNING: there will be plot spoilers in the thread. If you don’t want to read the entire thread, then just copy the character submission sheet and PM it to me.
  2. This story will be styled similar to the anime. When I say things like “sparkles appeared in her eyes”, I mean sparkles actually appeared in her eyes.
  3. Profanity will be little to none in this story, and there won’t be a whole lot of romance. There will be some violence in the form of Pokemon battles (obviously).

With that said, let’s begin!

Chapter 1: A Humble Beginning!

It was a peaceful morning in the small and quaint Viola Town. The town was the definition of picturesque, sitting on a rolling plain. This was also the town where Professor Aurora of Ferrine resided, making it a perfect place for new Trainers to start their journeys.

Most of the citizens of Viola Town were already awake, as it was already fairly late in the morning.

Well, except one.

In a cottage-like home, thirteen-year-old Allie Silverstone rested in a top bunk. She was fast asleep.

“Allie, wake up!” a voice cried from the door.

Allie jolted awake at once, although she may have been a bit too fast. She accidentally fell off her bunk, crashing to the ground with a loud bang.

“Ugh… my head…” she groaned, rubbing her forehead.

Suddenly realizing why she had been woken up, she immediately got up. “Oh, oh, oh! I’ve gotta go!” She blew past the source of the voice before, Allie’s mother Katlynn.

“Allison Minerva Silverstone, you are not leaving in your state! You haven’t gotten dressed, brushed your hair, or even eaten breakfast!”

Allie groaned, and turned around. “But Mom, I’m becoming a trainer today!”

“That doesn’t mean you can leave looking like a mess!”

Sighing in resignation, Allie walked back into her room. She pulled out a set of clothes from her shelves, and entered the bathroom.

Minutes later, Allie emerged from the bathroom, placing her pajamas into a hamper. She now wore a blue t-shirt, a black skirt and vest, white leggings, and black running shoes with blue laces.

Katlynn gave Allie a disapproving look. Allie rolled her eyes, and reentered the bathroom. Within a few seconds, Allie came back out, her previously bed-head hair neatly tied in a ponytail, only to receive the same look. She rushed back into the bathroom. The sound of a shower was heard for a few seconds, followed by a hair dryer, before Allie bolted back out, winded.

Katlynn smiled. “That’s better.”

Allie returned the smile. “Can I go now? I’ll be back soon, once I get my starter Pokemon.”

“But you haven’t eaten breakfast! I was thinking of preparing something special…” Katlynn hinted, giving Allie a playful wink.

Realization dawned on Allie, and without another word, she bolted down the hall and into the kitchen.

Shortly after, Allie sat at a dining table. Katlynn approached, holding two plates. Both had delicious-looking waffles on them, made even more appetizing by fruits and maple syrup.

Sparkles appeared in Allie’s eyes. “You weren’t kidding!”

Katlynn chuckled, and set one plate down in front of Allie. She sat down at a chair, setting the other plate in front of herself. The pair began to eat.

Katlynn’s Cottonee, Cauli, floated around Katlynn joyfully. “Cott-nee!”

Allie laughed. “Hello, Cauli.”

Katlynn decided to make conversation. “So! What exactly do you plan on doing on your journey? There’s a lot of routes you could take.”

Grinning, Allie answered her question. “I’m going to challenge Ferrine’s gyms, and probably do some performing on the side. And above all, I want to be a Pokemon Master. Wait - not just a Pokemon Master, I wanna be the Pokemon Master!”

She took another bite of her waffle. “Mom, this is really good! Probably one of your best yet!”
Katlynn smiled modestly. “Thank you, Allie.”

Allie gave her a smile in return, before finishing. She pushed her chair out, grabbing a napkin to wipe her face.

“Alright, I’d better get going. See you in a little while, Mom!” Allie got up, and rushed out the door.

Katlynn chuckled to herself. “Some things never change.”


The Pokemon Lab was the largest building in Viola Town, slightly bigger than even the Town Hall. It was the place where all new trainers of Viola Town began their journey.

Allie burst through the doors, and into the lab. “Hello? I’m here to see Professor Aurora!” she called.

A young woman looked up. She had long dark hair, and wore a shirt and skirt. She approached Allie, with a smile on her face.
“Hello. My name is Mako, and I’m the professor’s assistant. You said you wanted to see her?” the woman questioned.

Allie nodded. “Yes. My name is Allie Silverstone. I’m a new trainer, and I need the starting kit for all new Trainers.”

Mako smiled. “Good!” She turned, looking deeper into the lab. “Professor Aurora! A certain Allie Silverstone is here to see you! She’s a new trainer!”

Another dark-haired woman, this one wearing a lab coat, looked up from a scientific-looking device. She got out of her chair, and walked up to Allie and Mako.

“Hello! I am Professor Aurora. You’re here for the trainer’s starting kit, I presume?” the professor asked.

Allie nodded. “Exactly!”

Professor Aurora smiled, and motioned for Allie to follow. Allie did so, and they moved further into the lab.

Soon, they got to a table. On the table were several bags, some being cross-body satchels, others being backpack-style.

Aurora gestured to the bags on the table. “Each one of these contains everything you will need to begin. You may choose which one you would like.”

Allie smiled, excitedly. She looked at the bags for a minute, contemplating, before settling on a black backpack with a purple Pokeball motif decorating the back. She pulled it onto her back, adjusting the straps to fit. It was slightly heavy, from the objects inside.

“I’ll take this one, Professor,” Allie proclaimed. Suddenly, she remembered something, and tilted her head. “But what about my starter Pokemon?”

Aurora nodded. “I figured you would ask that. Here are the Pokemon available to choose from.” She walked over to a shelf. Twenty-one Pokeballs were lined up on seven shelves. Each shelf had three Pokeballs on it, and a small decal beside illustrating the Pokemon that it contained.

No sooner had Allie began looking through the Pokeballs then a loud crash was heard from the entrance to the lab.

The professor looked up, worriedly. “If you’ll excuse me, I have to go see what’s going on.” She ran off, towards the source of the sound. Allie followed.

When they got to the lab’s entrance, it was approximately what Aurora and Allie had expected. The door had a hole in it, seemingly broken by an attack. Documents were haphazardly strewn across the floor.

A brown blur dashed in front of them.

Allie looked down, at the Pokemon that had seemingly caused this mess. Allie might not have had a good knowledge of Pokemon yet, but she knew exactly what this Pokemon was.

“An Eevee!” she gasped.

Professor Aurora glanced down, and groaned in frustration. “Eevee, what did you do?”

Allie was confused at this statement. “You know this Eevee?”

Mako stepped forward to explain. “It’s a wild Eevee, but she stops in at the lab every day. She tends not to make much trouble - as she’s just looking for attention - but it looks like she was in a rush today.”

The Eevee glanced around, noticing the professor and Mako, but her eyes landed on Allie. She looked at the young trainer inquisitively. “Vee-eevee?”

“Yes, Eevee. This is a young trainer beginning her journey.” Aurora smiled faintly at the Eevee’s antics.

The Eevee’s eyes remained locked on Allie. Suddenly, the Pokemon cried out excitedly, and leaped up onto Allie’s head, a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “Vee!”

“Well, what do you know…” Aurora muttered.

Allie glanced at the professor. “What do you mean?”

“Eevee hasn’t really liked any of the new trainers, up until you. She seems to like you quite a bit.” She couldn’t hide a chuckle, seeing the Eevee on Allie’s head.

Allie lifted the Eevee off her head, and put her down on the ground. She bent down to Eevee’s level. “Is that true?” she asked curiously.

“Vee!” Eevee replied, a wide smile on her face.

Allie’s smile grew even bigger. “Do you want… to come with me on my journey?”

Eevee nodded vigorously. “Vee, vee-eeee!”

Allie pulled a Pokeball out of her bag. “Are you su-”

She didn’t finish her question, as Eevee tapped the button on the Pokeball with her nose. Instantly, she was sucked into the ball. It shook three times in Allie’s hand, before producing an audible click.

Quickly, Eevee popped out of the Pokeball. “Veeeee!” she cried joyfully, climbing back onto Allie’s shoulder.

Allie pumped her fist in the air. “All right! I just caught an Eevee!”

And... done! I felt that this would be a good place to leave off. Please leave your feedback in the comments.

And now, for crediting OC creators:
Allie Silverstone - me
Katlynn Silverstone - @SwiftSwoobat
Professor Aurora - @Slatzsly
Mako Maso - @Slatzsly
  1. RenzFlintrock
    Love it! Look forward to seeing more...
    Jun 28, 2019
  2. ThePlayfulFox
    Love it! Can't wait to see more! Feels a little rushed though, might want to slow it down a little, maybe take more time to do stuff, enter the character's minds some more. Maybe add a small description of the used character. Other than that amazing!
    Jun 14, 2019
  3. TheJustinMan
    Looks like a good start!
    Jun 13, 2019
  4. Slatzsly
    I love it so much!
    Jun 11, 2019
  5. ManyAchievables
    Yes... I like this first chapter. Looking forward to seeing the rest!
    Jun 10, 2019
  6. Red Gallade
    Red Gallade
    Not a bad way to start off the work, nicely done. :)
    Jun 10, 2019