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Pokemon: Terabithia: Chapter 02 - A Step In An Optimistic Direction

by Novalune

Novalune Our hopeful protagonists, Leslie and Wendell, enter Professor Glacebeau’s laboratory in Mirrosauga Town. Professor Glacebeau, a long-time friend of Leslie’s and Wendell’s, welcomes them with open arms. Leslie and Wendell choose their Starter Pokemon. Afterwards, Leslie and Wendell decide to go to the Bellemeau Cafe to celebrate their individual milestones of becoming novice Pokemon Trainers. During their visit to the Bellemeau Cafe, Leslie and Wendell are reintroduced to an early childhood friend that they used to go to school with at the Corrinelia Academy.

In addition, Leslie and Wendell are confronted by a mysterious individual that they have never met before. The mysterious individual congratulates them on becoming new Pokemon Trainers. This was only for a moment before having to leave the Bellemeau Cafe by saying that they are taking care of someone in their family who is feeling ill at home.

Subsequently, Leslie and Wendell leave the Bellemeau Cafe to go back home to Corrinelia Town. During their complacent walk through Route 400, Leslie captures her first wild Pokemon in Synchroma. Eventually, Leslie and Wendell make it all the way back home to Corrinelia Town, and they momentarily decide to visit Leslie’s Father first.

What Starter Pokemon did Leslie and Wendell choose to bring along with them on their adventure?

Who is this “early childhood friend” that Leslie and Wendell reconnected with at the Bellemeau Cafe?

What was the wild Pokemon that Leslie had captured successfully on Route 400?

Please stay tuned for more Pokemon Terabithia. Thank you all so much for reading. May you all have an enjoyable reading experience, and a splendid day!
Chapter 02
A Step In An Optimistic Direction

Glacebeau: Good morning, you two! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to be here. It has been quite a long time since I have seen you, Leslie and Wendell. How are you guys doing these days?

Leslie: You have grown up a lot since the last time that I have had a conversation with you in person, Professor Glacebeau. Thank you so much for allowing Wendell and I to become novice Pokemon Trainers today.

Glacebeau: You are more than welcome, Leslie. You do not have to call me Professor Glacebeau, though. My name is Delsie, after all!

Wendell: Oh, Delsie! You still have such a neighbourly beauty to this day. You have not changed a bit since the last time that I had spent some time with you. May I ask, what is your precious secret?

Glacebeau: I am quite flattered to hear you say that about me, Wendell. As much as I would like to tell you about my “neighbourly beauty”, I am going to let you figure that one out for yourself.

Wendell: Of course! I would not want to aggrieve you in any way.

Glacebeau: Do not worry about it! I was just fooling around with you, Wendell. I believe that my neighbourly beauty is actually a gift that I have had since I was born into this world. Nevertheless...

Glacebeau: Leslie, when I heard from your father about his decision to have you become a Pokemon Trainer today, I was absolutely amazed. I have been waiting a long time for this day. I have been waiting for a day where you would start your own adventure around Synchroma as a novice Pokemon Trainer.

Leslie: You have been waiting for such a long time for this day to arrive...I should not be surprised, Delsie. For as long as I can remember, you have been a true cordial friend of mine since we were young infants. We have practically grown up together. I just want you to know that I am so honoured to be standing here in your laboratory today with you and Wendell.

Glacebeau: I have been waiting for such a long time to hear you say something like that. Leslie, I had a feeling that you were going to say something compassionate to me someday. When you were a little girl, I can remember that you were growing up like a social butterfly. The way that you had communicated to other people was something extraordinary.

Wendell: She always had a way with words. When Leslie’s father had talked to me a couple of days ago about his decision to allow Leslie to finally become a Pokemon Trainer, I was just enthralled. During that moment in time, I had never felt so delighted for Leslie before in my life.

Leslie: Wait, what? My father had reached out to you to talk about his promise?

Wendell: You are correct! Your father had told me about his promise to you. Moreover, I believe that he asked me if I would be willing to come along with you on an adventure around Synchroma.

Leslie: That must be why my father had asked you to come along with me in the first place. He did not want me to go on an adventure on my own.

Wendell: I suppose you could call me your rival, or your guardian angel. After all, I am a man on a mission. My mission is to make sure that you are successful in accomplishing your dreams as a Pokemon Trainer. I will do whatever I can to help take care of you and to keep you safe and sound.

Glacebeau: Hahahaha! This is quite a surprise. I was not expecting a Pachirisu to have followed the both of you into my laboratory.

I had turned around to see for myself, and I was utterly astonished to find out that it was a Pachirisu. However, it was not just an unfamiliar Pachirisu from anywhere in town. I started contemplating silently to myself with a worried look, “Why did you follow me all the way out here? I was not expecting you to have walked all the way out here from Corrinelia on your own.” It was from Murphy! It was my Pachirisu. There was no doubt about it. The Pachirisu was wearing a lavender scarf around its neck.

Wendell: Hold on! This Pachirisu looks lonely. Hey, Leslie! Do you happen to know who this Pachirisu belongs to? This little guy seems oddly familiar to me.

Leslie: Believe it or not, this adorable Pachirisu standing before you belongs to me. He had followed me all the way out here from my house in Corrinelia.

Wendell: Wait for just a second...MURPHY? You have got to be kidding me. Why wasn’t I able to recognize Murphy so easily? That lavender scarf is just so enchanting, stylish, and iconic!

Glacebeau: I was honestly holding back my laughter when I saw Murphy walking into the room. This is probably going to be a memorable highlight of my day. Thank you so much for your appearance, Murphy.

Glacebeau: Ehem! With that being said, I would like to begin the selection with you, Leslie. Please choose one Starter Pokemon that you would like to have as your first companion on your adventure through the Synchroma Region.

Leslie: My, oh, my! There are so many distinctive kinds of Pokemon to choose from. This is going to be a significant decision for me to make. Excuse me, Delsie. Would it be alright if I could contemplate to myself for a moment?

Glacebeau: Absolutely! Please take your time, Leslie. Wendell and I will be here for you. Choosing your Starter Pokemon is an imperative decision that novice Pokemon Trainers such as yourself will have to make at the beginning of an adventure.

I still do not know which Starter Pokemon that I should choose to tag along with me on this journey. I had not given a lot of thought about my selection for a Starter Pokemon. I have been doing a lot of reflecting, haven’t I? Well, if I were to choose a Pokemon from the laboratory, I would have to go with either Piplup, Rowlet, or Cyndaquil. Which one of those three Pokemon would I bring along with me on a quest around Synchroma?

From an unexpected place within my conscience, it was as if my imagination was hit by a lightning bolt! There was a particular Pokemon in the room that truly motivated me to choose them as the first member of my team. I had looked deeply into their eyes, and I could see that they had an eloquent aspiration to join me on this quest.

Leslie: Good news, everyone! I have made a courageous decision. This may come to you as a surprise, but I am confident with the Pokemon that I have chosen for my journey. I have decided to go with the one and only...Murphy! My beloved Pachirisu.

My announcement was received well by Delsie and Wendell. At first, they could not believe that I had chosen my own pet Pachirisu instead of the other Pokemon in the laboratory. I had a feeling that Delsie and Wendell may have realized that my relationship with Murphy was intimate and strong. That is why I had selected Murphy to come along with me. There was no way that I was going to go on an adventure without Murphy by my side. I just do not feel comfortable with leaving him behind at home.

He may not be able to evolve any further, but I still love him so much. I want to continue taking exceptional care of Murphy. I want to continue watching him flourish up in this world like an alluring white dahlia. I look forward to spending more time with him on this newfound adventure of ours. There is still so much that I would like to do with Murphy, and I would like to be his Pokemon Trainer. After I had selected Murphy to be my Starter Pokemon, it was Wendell’s turn to choose his Starter Pokemon.

Glacebeau: A fascinating choice! Alright, Wendell. Now that Leslie has chosen her Starter Pokemon, I believe that it is time for you to choose your Starter Pokemon. Please choose one Starter Pokemon that you would like to have alongside you on your adventure.

Wendell: Thank you, Professor Glacebeau! Uh, I mean, Delsie. Anyway, I have been thinking about my decision for a while now. I believe that I am ready to choose this particular Pokemon.

Glacebeau: I am looking forward to whichever Pokemon that you choose to bring along with you.

Wendell: I would like to choose Torchic as my Starter Pokemon, please! I just could not turn down this chipper little chick. I would like for this Torchic to become my companion.

Glacebeau: You have made a splendid choice, Wendell! You have selected Torchic, the Chick Pokemon. This is a Pokemon that is primarily found in the Hoenn Region.

Wendell received his Starter Pokemon, Torchic!

Leslie: Oh, wow! Torchic is looking rather pleasant. What a coincidence, Wendell! You and I have both chosen adorable Starter Pokemon.

Wendell: Haha! You are not wrong at all. Well, my Torchic is way more attractive than your Pachirisu. Before you can say anything about my Torchic, I would just like to say that there is nothing that you can say to change my amorousness for him.

Leslie: Well, the joke is on you! I am certainly not going to disagree with you on that one.

Glacebeau: Please remain civilized, you two. Now that the both of you have Starter Pokemon, I would like to give each of you a handful of Pokeballs for your adventure.

Leslie received a handful of Poke Balls from Professor Glacebeau!

Wendell received a handful of Poke Balls from Professor Glacebeau!

Leslie: Thank you so much for the PokeBalls, Delsie!

Wendell: How convenient! Now I do not have to purchase any PokeBalls at the Pokemon Marketplace. Thank you so much Delsie!

Glacebeau: You are so welcome! There is another thing that I would like to give out. I would like to allow both of you to collect as much information as you can about every living Pokemon in the Synchroma Region. This nifty, invaluable device that I am about to give you both is called a PokeChronicle.

Leslie: Excuse me, Delsie. I am not sure that I know what a PokeChronicle is. Could you please tell me what a PokeChronicle is? What does a PokeChronicle do exactly?

Glacebeau: Ah, yes! Please allow me to explain. A PokeChronicle is a technological encyclopedia device that gives information on a considerable amount of Pokemon within an extensive database. For instance, if you were to take on a Pokemon that you have never faced before in a battle, or if you were to capture a Pokemon that you have never caught before, a brand-new entry is created in the PokeChronicle.

Wendell: Sounds like a nifty invention. The PokeChronicle must be designed to record, and retain data on every Pokemon that we encounter along our adventure as Pokemon Trainers.

Glacebeau: The PokeChronicle device also features a map of the Synchroma Region, a music player, and a component that allows you to check the stats, nature, health condition, and moves of every Pokemon in your party. Please do not lose, damage, or sell your PokeChronicle. These devices are quite expensive to purchase. It will be your personal responsibility to take care of your PokeChronicle.

Leslie received a PokeChronicle from Professor Glacebeau!

Wendell received a PokeChronicle from Professor Glacebeau!

Glacebeau: Before you all leave to go back home, I would like to say thank you so much for visiting me here at my laboratory today. Leslie, Wendell, if you are ever in need of assistance, I will make a personal commitment to be there for you guys. Please take good care of yourselves! You have now become Pokemon Trainers of Synchroma. Do not be afraid to take a step forward, and make the most of your constellation ahead.

Wendell: Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement, Delsie! I would like to wish you the best of luck with your studies.

Leslie: Thank you for having us, Delsie. I look forward to visiting you again someday. This may be a momentary goodbye for now, but I have a feeling that we will be seeing each other again soon.

Glacebeau: I’ll take your word for it, Leslie! Farewell, you two! Please take good care of yourselves. Please do not get yourselves into any sort of trouble! Remember to move forward with optimism, and with eagerness!

When Wendell and I had left Professor Glacebeau’s laboratory, I could not have felt any more brightened with confidence. Becoming a novice Pokemon Trainer has essentially become a step in an optimistic direction. Now that Wendell and I have a Starter Pokemon of our own, I was thinking that we could take on each other in a battle soon. It would be a lot of fun if I could just take on Wendell and his Torchic in a riveting battle.

Wendell: Time to head on over to the Bellemeau Cafe for a celebration! You and I have finally become official Pokemon Trainers here in Synchroma. How does that sound to you, Leslie?

Leslie: Of course! I would not want to turn down a monumental celebration. This is an important milestone for both of us. We have grown up so much to get to where we are now.

Wendell: That was the cheerful response that I was looking for. Well, then! I look forward to our celebration later this afternoon. I am already starting to get an optimistic impression on our adventure so far. This is truly the beginning of a promising, and worthy adventure.

I had followed Wendell over to the Bellemeau Cafe later that afternoon. When we had made our way inside the cafe, Wendell and I were confronted by a waitress who was standing courteously behind a podium. She had looked to be in a pleasant mood today.

Waitress: Good afternoon! Welcome to the Bellemeau Cafe. How can I help you two today?

Wendell: Hello there! I was wondering if my friend and I could get a table for two, please.

Waitress: Sounds good! I believe that we do have a table available for you two in our dining area. If you do not mind, could you guys please state your names for me, please?

Wendell: Why, of course! I’ll go first. My name is Wendell Gallonmont. You may know me as a charming Casanova. I tend to think that I am one of those flamboyant youngsters who grew up in Corrinelia. You know, I was wondering if you were interested in-

Leslie: Well said, Wendell! I believe that it is my turn to introduce myself. My name is Leslie Clarinoka, and I just became a novice Pokemon Trainer today.

Jemma: Leslie and Wendell. It is so nice to meet both of you! Please follow me to your table. My name is Jemma, and I will be your waitress today.

Jemma? She seems like a civilized young lady. I could have sworn that Jemma had gone to the Corrinelia Academy with me when I was a young child. If this is the same Jemma that I am looking at now, then she has grown up a lot since the last time that I have had a conversation with her in person. Wendell and I continued following Jemma to our table in the dining area.

Jemma: We have made it to your table. Please have a seat. I would like to point out that there is a cafe menu on the table that you can browse through. Please feel free to ring the bell on the table if you need assistance with anything.

Jemma: Hold on, before I forget, I would like to thank you Leslie and Wendell for visiting the Bellemeau Cafe today. I have not forgotten about you two from the Corrinelia Academy. We may have all graduated from the Corrinelia Academy a long time ago, but I still remember the heartwarming memories of when we all used to hang out together at the academy.

Wendell: It is so nice to hear you say that, Jemma. It has honestly been a while since I have spoken to you. Thank you so much for being our waitress at the Bellemeau Cafe today.

Jemma: That really means a lot to me! Thank you so much, you guys. I will be back with you guys in just a moment! Please have a look at the menu for anything that you may like to order.

After Jemma had walked away from our table, Wendell and I looked at the menu that was provided for something to eat and drink. Hmm...I was thinking about getting a meal consisting of two-piece fish and chips, along with a fresh cup of Moomoo Milk for lunch. I wonder what Wendell would like to have for his lunch?

Wendell: Hey, Leslie! I may have found something scrumptious on the menu that I could have to eat. You may already know about this Sunday special, but I would like to go for the turkey dinner meal with turkey, stuffed dressing, gravy, garlic roasted potatoes, carrots, and turnip.

Leslie: You have quite an appetite, Wendell. Are you sure that you are going to eat such a nourishing meal? That is a lot of food that you will have to consume on your own.

Wendell: Absolutely. Well, I could always share a hot turkey dinner with you. Nonetheless, you know who I am, Les. I could never turn down a hot delectable turkey dinner. Now that I mention it, I have not had a turkey dinner for a while now. My mother is the only one in my family who could make a traditional turkey dinner. There is nothing out there in the world that could top my mother’s homemade turkey dinner.

???: Pardon me! I do not mean to be an inconvenience, but I was wondering if I could ask both of you something.

Wendell: Huh? Hey there. Do I know you from somewhere?

From out of the blue, an ambiguous individual approached our table. It was none other than a young man who looked to be in his early twenties. I could not understand it at first glance. I am feeling as though I have met this young man in the past. Although, I am still not sure. I do not recognize him at all. What does this guy want to talk to us about? Who is this guy?

???: You probably have no idea who I am. My apologies for intruding on your conversation. I was just wondering if you and your friend were novice Pokemon Trainers?

Wendell: Well, yes, we are novice Pokemon Trainers. My friend and I became a novice Pokemon Trainers. We went to Professor Glacebeau’s laboratory earlier this morning.

???: Well done, you two! Congratulations on becoming novice Pokemon Trainers. You know, I can remember being filled with so much exhilaration when I became a novice Pokemon Trainer three years ago.

Leslie: You have been a Pokemon Trainer for the past three years? That is quite impressive!

???: Why, of course! For the past three years of my life, I suppose you could say that I have gained a considerable amount of experience from being a Pokemon Trainer. I have had many memorable opportunities to explore a lot of different sceneries in Synchroma and become good companions with many Pokemon.

Wendell: You sound like you have accomplished so much on your own. Why did you want to become a Pokemon Trainer in the first place?

???: You have asked such a gleaming question! I would love to answer that question for you. Before I answer your question, I was wondering if you could tell me your name. It would make it so much easier for me to remember your face if I were to know your name.

Wendell: Oh, okay. I can understand where you are coming from. My name is Wendell Gallonmont, and I am hoping to become an eloquent Casanova someday.

???: Oh, my! An eloquent Casanova? I would not be surprised. I could see someone like yourself having the personality, glamour, and the appearance to be a ladies’ man.

???: Now that I have become acquainted with you Wendell, I would like to know what your name is, young lady.

What does this guy want from Wendell and me? I don't even know who this guy is. His presence here at the Bellemeau Cafe is making me feel skeptical about him. Nevertheless, I am just going to have to continue playing along with this guy until he leaves me and Wendell alone.

Leslie: Alright then. My name is Leslie Clarinoka, and I hope to one day achieve my aspiration of becoming a prestigious Champion of the Synchroma Region.

???: Woah! That was a phenomenal answer! I can already tell you that you would like to reach far for the stars. Thank you so much for introducing yourself, Leslie. Why would you like to become a Champion of the Synchroma Region?

Leslie: Well, I would like to become a Synchroma League Champion someday for my family back home in Corrinelia Town. I have made an impassioned promise to myself that I would grow up to be a compassionate, and respectable Pokemon Trainer for the people of Synchroma.

???: Make no mistake, Leslie. You have a beautiful ambition that is worth living and aiming for. You have truly warmed my heart with that response. From the bottom of my heart, I shall appreciate your dream of becoming a Synchroma League Champion. I believe that you will have what it will take to become Champion someday.

Leslie: That was one of the friendliest compliments that anyone has ever said about me. Thank you. Pardon me, but what is your name again?

???: Oh, right! I do not recall introducing myself to both of you. My apologies. My name is Faizal Normond. If you are ever in need of any sort of assistance, I would love to lend you guys a helping hand.

Faizal: Unfortunately, as much as I would like to continue conversing with you all, I have to go back to my household now. My little brother is not feeling the best at the moment. He is feeling rather ill, and I had promised him that I would come back home soon. Thank you Leslie and Wendell for having a conversation with me. I look forward to seeing both of you again someday.

Wendell: Oh, alright! Farewell, Faizal! Please tell your little brother that I hope that he is feeling better again soon.

Leslie: Please take good care of your little brother, Faizal. I am hoping that he will feel much better soon.

Subsequently, Wendell and I had left the Bellemeau Cafe with a lighthearted experience. Reconnecting with Jemma was something that brightened up my day. However, leaving the Bellemeau Cafe felt rather outlandish after being introduced to Faizal. I have never met the guy before in my life. Something within my consciousness gave me a surreal impression that Faizal already knows a lot about Wendell and me.

The meal that I had at the Bellemeau Cafe was quite scrumptious. The two-piece fish and chips filled me up with satisfaction. Not to mention that the Moomoo Milk was refreshing. Wendell had consumed his hot turkey dinner with cheerfulness. Jemma had made sure that we were fulfilled at our table. She had done a respectable job at the Bellemeau Cafe today, and I would like to compliment Jemma for her exceptional service. After Wendell and I had paid for our meals, Jemma had thanked us for stopping by. She had not forgotten to wish Wendell and I the best of luck on our adventure as novice Pokemon Trainers. Thank you for your kind words, Jemma.

Wendell and I had decided that it was time to walk back to Corrinelia Town later that evening. From my own perspective, I could not wait to go back home to show my Starter Pokemon to my father. Although, I have been thinking about my decision again. What is my father going to say to me when he realizes that I have chosen to bring along Murphy on my adventure? What is my father going to say to me when I tell him that I have chosen Murphy to be my Starter Pokemon?

Oh, what a relief! We had made it back to Corrinelia Town in one peace. We have made it back safely and soundly. During our way back home through Route 400, I could tell that Wendell was feeling a little weary from our adventure today in Mirrosauga. We have been through quite a bit today. From receiving our Starter Pokemon at Professor Glacebeau’s laboratory to having our inspirative celebration at the Bellemeau Cafe.

During our complacent stroll through Route 400, I had encountered a wild female Marill in the tall grass. After thinking about the encounter for a moment, I had decided that I would like to capture the wild female Marill to have on my team. With determination in my eyes, I had sent out Murphy (Pachirisu) who is already growing nicely on this adventure so far. I had weakened the wild Marill with a couple of quick attacks. Once the wild Marill’s health had reached the yellow. I had thought to myself, “Here is my opportunity to capture this wild Marill!

The Pokeball had shaken once. The Pokeball had shaken twice. The Pokeball had shaken for the third time. The capture was successful! I had caught the wild Marill blissfully. Wendell had looked over at me with a contented look on his face. “Well done, Leslie! You have captured your first wild Pokemon! ”

This was an uplifting experience. Now that I have a Marill on a team, I am on my way to becoming a stronger Pokemon Trainer. After I had caught Marill successfully, Wendell and I left Route 400 with convivial grins on our faces. As the sunlight continued to fall below the horizon, Wendell and I had returned to Corrinelia Town. Wendell and I had decided that we could both go to visit my father at my home. Before I had left Corrinelia earlier this morning, I can remember my father telling me that he wanted to see my Starter Pokemon.

What is my father going to think when I tell him that I have chosen Murphy as my Starter Pokemon? Well, I am hoping that he is not going to be too upset with me. After all, Murphy had clandestinely followed me and Wendell all the way out from Corrinelia Town to Professor Glacebeau’s laboratory. Please, father...Please let me bring Murphy along with me on this adventure of a lifetime.