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Dragon Ball X: Chapter 0: Prolouge

by Sunlight Isekai Overdrive

Sunlight Isekai Overdrive The shortest chapter of my book.
-Five Years Earlier-

I pulled a full power sprint out of nowhere, I was struggling for air as I felt like I was going to die. Which almost seems better than being caught again. I continue running to safety. Not that anywhere is safe nowadays, ever since the rumors of a Runaway android came about, everyone is Superstitious that someone might be a Android, Which, That android..is, quite a hard Question, Its someone you wouldn’t think is one, Me, go Ahead, say i’m not, if you look at me. You’ll think I was a Human, Until you look Inside me. I Was once a Human, But that's another story, As I was running, Someone with Black hair, just like mine, appeared in front of me, “You’re little free time is Over, Android.” He said, “And remember the name, Tomoko.” As he Blasted me with Energy, and Knocked me Out.
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