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Shogun Blast - The Story: Chapter 0: Blast to the Past

by The AnimeFreak

The AnimeFreak The Prologue; where it all started.
The world was corrupted. Everything went boom boom, the houses went crash to the floor, the screams are unforgettable, everything. I thought it was my fault, but later on, I realised. It was their fault! The world has turned into a battlefield, because of them! The government has been trying to stop this, but it was no use. Where they are now? That is classified for now. I need to fix this, as soon as possible! I must return to the past!

I went on the computer. I decided to write a message, while everything behind me was corrupting the world. I set my computer 10 years into the past and posted on my notes ‘Use the purple and green item you found on the way home. I didn’t get to, but I thought I could change the future. Just eat it.’, and waited.

I sat on my desk, eating all the snacks, with a forcefield around me. I waited for the right time, and then I had to press enter. I noted that it has to be at 7:00am, so I waited. Right when it was 7:00am, I pressed the enter button, but something happened.

My body split in half. I became two people. Shoriki and Gunkuro. Gunkuro hit the ground so hard, he now suffers from amnesia. We became two different people, and we were summoned at different places. Gunkuro is currently an enemy, but…

My eye is green and blue. I am currently Shoriki, and my eye color is green. Green on the left eye, blue on the right. Gunkuro’s eye color is blue, blue on the left and green on the right. I need to meet Gunkuro so our eyes can get fixed, and…

To be able to control my powers. My element is lightning, and Gunkuro’s is fire. If we meet, our eyes are fixed, and we will be able to control my powers. For now, I am using an eyepatch, and Gunkuro is using shades. We need to meet each other again so we can become one again, but there is another goal. To stop the heroes from corrupting the world. The police are corrupting it too when they don’t know it.

You know when the police beat up someone, or arrest someone, when they are actually innocent? The world is sad. If I could fix that as a villain, I could make the world happy. Although it looks like I am a villain, inside of me, I am a hero.