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Before: Chaos Bringer Ch. 1 Part 2

by obey_jaidon

Zezanna was on the edge of a small cliff on the side of the mountain, where the castle had been resting upon. She had been beaten, trembling on the hard, rocky surface; as the draconequus, levitating in the air, beaten as well.
"Zezze!" Luna yelled, in complete fright.
Zezanna didn't look back, instead, she flew towards the creature, pushing him to the side of the mountain. Dust and debris fell down on the top of them, where they weren't seen for several seconds. When is cleared, Zezanna had just flown out of wall, leaning a bit. Her artificial wing, the one that Obsidian had chosen out for her, had been falling off.

Zezanna had quickly ordered, "Luna! Get Celestia now! Go right now!" and she had turned her attention back on the creature, which had been stuck on the side of the mountain, because the falling debris had fallen of one of his back hoofs. He had been knocked out, which Zezanna thought it would be the perfect time to call a friend. Pursuing her muzzle, she whistled a loud and specific tune, which then, in a couple of seconds, a loud and close roar bellowed.

Behind the side of the mountain of which the draconequus had been trapped, a large creature escalated, flying into the sky, then coming back down, faster than the speed of light. It was Nelarth, that had grown five times then what he had been before; and landed next to Zezanna.

"Hey buddy." Zezanna muttered under her breathe, and Nelarth had his wing escalate her onto him.

Celestia and Star Swirl had shown up at the site, and Luna came running towards them, along with Obsidian. But it already had been to late, Nelarth left with Zezanna, and the draconequus, had vanished. ~